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Best Storage Baskets, Boxes, Tubs, Containers, Totes & Bins

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    Your office files, clothes, linens, office waste and other valuables can now be neatly tucked away – courtesy of the best storage baskets, boxes, tubs, containers, totes and bins. With the best storage tubs at your beck and call, you no longer have to throw things all around the house.

    An organized environment is a safe environment. Having your files stored in one box makes it easier to work as fast as you can. And having your dirty linens and clothes kept in storage tubs or bins also keeps your home from microbes and ensures a healthier living for the entire family members.

    We know how important and urgently you need these storage materials. That’s why we took the time to research and come up with the best ones for you. You don’t need to over stretch yourself therefore in trying to shop for what is needed. All you need do is to go through our list and pick the right one for you.

    Best Storage Baskets, Boxes, Tubs, Containers, Totes & Bins

    To make things easier for you, we have helped you select the best that are available in the market. What yardstick did we use in making our decisions?

    We looked at the material the products are made of, weight, customers’ rating, durability and portability. So, here are our best picks.


    Types of Storage Materials For Home and Office

    Here is a rundown of the few storage materials that you may easily need in your home or office for the safe keeping of your files, dirty clothes, dirty linens, solid wastes, etc.

    • Storage baskets
    • Storage boxes
    • Storage tubs
    • Storage containers
    • Storage totes
    • Storage bins
    • Storage Ottomans

    Reviews of the Best Storage Tubs

    Below, you will find individual review of the best storage totes, baskets, ottoman, boxes, tubs, and containers mentioned on the product comparison chart above. This will further give you more idea of what the products are made of and what we think about it.

    Our aim of doing this is to enable you make an informed decision towards purchasing your very own storage basket. Good enough, most of the tubs storage mentioned here are also among the best mold proof storage containers in the market, so you have a lot to gain.I do hope that all the products included among this best storage baskets will also make the list in years to come.

    1. Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote 31 Gal Pack of 6, Rugged, Reusable, Stackable, Container, Dark Indigo Blue

    419HzQqW0iL. SL500

    The Rubbermaid’s Roughneck totes are sturdy storage materials that can be trusted any day because they are manufactured in line with industry’s standard practice.

    A lot of their features make them stand out from the packs. Made from polyethylene material, they are able to withstand a range of temperatures from cold to hot.

    With Roughneck totes, durability and strength are combined to give you peace of mind. Not only that, you also have a range of designs and colors to choose from. What are the other features that contribute to put this product on our ‘best 10’ list?

    This product is able to withstand harsh temperature that range from cold to hot, lie basements, storage sheds and attics. Similarly, With polyethylene, you are sure the product would last you for a very long time. Your money isn’t wasted.

    The built-in handles enable you lift a filled-to-capacity tote without the fear of dropping. Another fascinating thing about this storage container is that it’s made of high quality materials which prevent it breaking easily when it falls.

    With secure lids, there is no fear of spilling contents. The contents of the tote are also protected from household pests and contamination as it’s one of the best pest proof storage containers out there. It also come in a range of colours and sizes, giving you the freedom of choice.

    It is easy to see the state of the content without having to first open the tote. You are able to monitor items that are liable to spoilage.

    However, while some love it for its transparent nature, others hate it because it robs them of privacy. The tote has a capacity to contain a lot of things at the same time because of the spacious interior.

    Finally, it come in a pack of 5, which means you have a product that can serve extra years. There’s replacement in case one is broken. The only complaints from customers is that the lids don’t latch perfectly.

    • Withstands temperature
    • Lasts longer
    • Built-in-handles
    • Break-resistant
    • Lids snap securely
    • Come in different varieties
    • Can monitor what’s inside
    • Accomodates many things
    • Come in a pack of 5
    • It’s transparent (No privacy)
    • The lids don’t latch perfectly

    2. Sterilite 19909804 116 Quart/110 Liter Ultra Latch Box, Clear with a White Lid and Black Latches, 4-Pack

    319pN0WiCAL. SL500

    Sterilite 19909804 116 Quart/110 Liter Latch Box is another quality container that can take care of your domestic or office need. Produced from heavy duty plastic, this product is able to withstand wear and tear more than other plastic products.

    It is the ideal container you need for storing crafting supplies, clothes, accessories, paperwork or any other thing that is important to you.

    There is no doubt that this product is able to last long because of the strength of the heavy duty plastic from which they are made.

    Just like the storage container already mentioned above, the Sterilite Ultra Latch Box is highly transparent making it quite easy to see the content of the box. It also has white lids with black latches to keep it securely closed. This helps to prevent contaminants getting into the contents.

    With 116-quart capacity, it’s safe to say that the product is large enough to contain a lot of your items. That’s not all, It equally come with a pack of 4 totes, meaning you should have some reserve. This also means you are not going back to the market for a new buy in the nearest possible time​.

    However, not much a thing of great concern, but the transparency feature of this storage tub is both advantageous and disadvantageous depending on the purpose of buying it. The transparent simply means your items are exposed to all eyes​. 

    The only thing i frowned on about this item is that most times, either the container or the lid is been broken after purchase, this is because the item is not as strong as to be able to survive a serious fall​. Overall, this product offers best value for your money, and you need to check it out.

    • Can monitor what’s inside
    • Lids with latches
    • Large enough
    • Comes with a pack of 4 totes
    • Your items are exposed to all eyes
    • Easily broken if not careful

    3. Dorel Living Chevron Storage Ottoman

    512WT ovN1L. SL500

    Do you need a storage container that would stand the test of time? Then consider going for the Dorel Living Chevron Storage Ottoman which is made of sturdy materials to last longer. You can store whatever you wish to and simply go to sleep without any worries.

    The container has ample space to take whatever you wish to store. Additionally, Chevron storage Ottoman is well-padded to provide you comfort while moving the container. There are no rough edges or dents to give you any concerns.

    The product is quite durable due to the strength of the materials employed in making it. It’s fitted with 4 weight-bearing legs to help take up its weight and also reduce direct contact with surfaces in the room​.

    Apart being used for storage, the Dorel living chevron storage ottoman can also be used as a bench for sitting​. The provision of a well fitting lid with hinge makes it quite secure for keeping valuable items like shoes, files, toys, etc. 

    You must agree with me that this storage ottoman is so wonderful. However, one of the things i don’t like is that Chevron Storage Ottoman looks quite bulky and consumes a lot of space in the room.

    Apart from that, it’s also very heavy, 36.7 pounds is no joke. By the time you add your items, you’re going to contend with a heavier weight.

    Furthermore, if you’re going to be using this container as a bench, you need some carefulness as the legs may occasionally disappoint​. Though the quality of the product is not in doubt, the price is an issue to contend with.

    But this is a clear picture of the saying that you’ll get what you paid for. So, i don’t really see the price as a problem. 

    Finally, Not all parts of this box are ready. You need to fix the legs or wheels (the wheels are provided and there are drilled holes to fix them into).​

    • Very spacious
    • Comfortable
    • Lasts longer
    • Has multiple usage
    • Come with a secured lid
    • It’s very bulky
    • Its heavy
    • Unreliable legs
    • Not all parts are assembled on arrival

    4. Bankers Box 00724 R-KIVE Max Storage Box, Legal/Letter, Locking Lid, White/Black (Case of 12)

    4183sUr03mL. SL500

    If you’re looking for the storage bins and totes, then you really need to consider this one.

    Bankers Box R-Kive Heavy-Duty Storage boxes offer you another variety with their triple end, double side, double bottom boxes made of highly corrugated cardboard.

    Don’t let name deceive you. Though made from cardboard, it is corrugated to improve its strength and make it able to withstand stress, frequent handling, and wear and tear.

    Aesthetically, the Bankers Box is a beauty to behold. With it, your files are secure.

    Though made from recycled materials, standard manufacturing procedure has been followed to ensure that quality is not compromised. This is why the product is durable, and it’s trusted by buyers. The reinforced tear-resistant hand holes make it easy to lift without any tears.

    The lift up lids provide some level of security for the content. This prevents spillage of content and easy contamination.

    The good thing about this storage boxes is that It can be used for storing food stuff apart from being used for clothes, linen and other materials.​

    • Smooth edges
    • Can be used for different purposes
    • Secured lid
    • Lightweight, easy to lift
    • Durable
    • Requires assembly
    • Can only take about 55 to 60 pounds load each

    5.Sterilite 18689004 Storage File Box, 4-Pack

    41KuosgTVRL. SL500

    Having a light-weight plastic container for your domestic need is a way of making things easier and storing your files without worrying about the extra exorbitant prices for other containers like polyethylene and wood.

    Sterilite 1878 Black file Box is easy to lift, flexible to handle, secure, spacious and specifically fitted with inside rims for folders. We’re happy to talk about some of the features that make this container the ideal companion for office owners.

    The box comes with a lid which makes it easy to protect the files from pests like cockroaches, ants and termites. Interestingly, It comes with inside rim for holding folders, which is why it remains one of the best containers to take care of your files and legal documents.

    A mere 3 pound weight is quite light and easy to move from one position to the other. The only thing I’m not so comfortable with is that the hinges are barely reliable, and it’s not as sturdy, so they are not able bear heavy weights.

    • It is lightweight
    • Ideal for file holders
    • Easy to lift
    • Well secured
    • The hinges are barely reliable
    • Not sturdy

    6. Fashion Embossed Paisley Flower File Organizer Tote with Classy Purple Faux Leather

    51vFA1PD qL. SL500

    This lovely item that serves the purposes of a file holder and handbag comes in variety of colors of make a choice from. This PU leather product is a deviation from the plastic, polyethylene or cardboard materials out there.

    It can easily be used to store files on your desktop and add extra beauty to your office. The combination of PU leather (outer fabric), cotton-poly (lining fabric) and medium-density fiberboard core gives it its sturdiness and accounts for the durability.

    Fashion Embossed Paisley Flower File Organizer Tote is a light-weight container but highly respected for its weight bearing capacity and the presence of tabs for your file folders. You may love to know the features that endear this tote to its users.

    Jamie Raquel file tote is durable as a result of the quality of the materials used, it could also easily go for a lady’s handbag. It is a beauty to behold. Apart from having handles, its weight is very light, making it possible to be moved by anyone even children.

    Furthermore, this file tote can be kept in any part of the office. Can easily be used as an organizer on the desktop and make your job easier and smoother. It can also serve as a carrier for your laptop, pencil, check book and stamps.

    That’s not all, variety is the spice of interest, this popular saying applies to Fashion Embossed Paisley Flower File Organizer Tote also which comes in variant colors and gives you options to make your choice from.

    However, this product also come with a few minor faults. The open top does not allow for exclusive privacy for those who would prefer to keep their files away from public view. Also, the handles begin to crack with time.

    • Durability redefined
    • It is aesthetic
    • It is portable
    • Come in different varieties
    • It is very flexible
    • The handles begin to crack with time
    • The open top does not allow for privacy
    • Easy access for household pests

    7. Ziploc Flexible Totes, Jumbo, 1 ct

    51TT+TMtSbL. SL500

    If you are searching for something that would give you a transparent view of the contents, you may consider settling for the Ziploc flexible Totes. The plastic provides you an opportunity to monitor the content of the tote without having to open it.

    What again? It comes with a lovely design that is visually appealing and stackable to enable it take more content without giving way. It can easily be stored in basement, bedroom, car trunk, attic and the garage.

    We added this product to our list of the ‘top 10’ because of the qualities it posses. It comes with quick carry handles that enable you move it about effortlessly.

    A weight of 4.2 pound shouldn’t give one any reason to panic. Should it? It is one of those bags that do not add extra load to what you have. That’s not all, this container is striking and that is why it attracts a lot of buyers. With a zipper, it is easy to keep the contents of this tote secure.

    Finally, the Ziploc flexible Totes is made of sturdy material which account for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

    • The security of your items is assured
    • It is beautiful and stunning
    • Easy to lift
    • It is stackable
    • Not pest-proof
    • Not moisture-proof
    • Dust easily settles in to make the tip layer dirty

    8. JJMG Stackable Storage Box Polka Dots Oxford Cloth Steel Frame Shelf Quilt Clothing Blanket Pillow Shoe Holder Container Organizer

    51MiW68luaL. SL500

    This is typically one of the best storage bins for clothes. JJMG brings another dimension into the world of storage bags through durable foldable fabric steel shelf lidded storage box with see-through window.

    The JJMG Stackable Storage Box is overlaid with waterproof coating to make it damp-proof and mould-proof. These sterling qualities help to keep your documents and valuables from moisture and dampness and improve their lifespan.

    JJMG is tough enough to guarantee longer life and prevent breakage. What more? It’s internally braced with 4mm iron shelf to ensure sturdiness and make it able to maintain its shape.

    With JJMG Stackable Storage Box, size is never a problem as you have over ten different sizes and volumes to choose from. Whatever you want to store, there is a size that’s right for your need.

    The addition of a card slot also adds to its versatility as you can easily add some notes to remind you of the exact content of the box. The JJMG Stackable Storage Box a good buy any day, any time.

    These boxes never keep you limited in terms of choice as there are up to 10 different sizes and volumes to make your choice from. Small, medium and large sizes are available to handle whatever you wish to store.

    Typically, you don’t have to be afraid about your items growing mold because JJMG has taken care of your concern by overlaying the cloth with waterproof coating to help keep dampness and mold far away from your stuff.

    ​Furthermore, This storage box comes with a card slot that makes tagging the content of the box a reality. Anyone can easily understand what you have in the box by simply taking a look at your tag without having to open the box.

    It equally comes with a durable double zipper to improve its security. You can keep the content secure by zipping the box if you wish to.

    JJMG Stackable Storage Box adds neatness to your room, dormitory by ensuring things are neatly packed, clean and tidy. It is also foldable, making it to occupy less space when not in use.

    Finally, the box is sturdy enough to make it stackable when being loaded. This ensures it accommodate more items without tear.

    • It is damp-proof
    • Comes with a soft handle
    • It is foldable
    • You can easily stack it so it can contain more items
    • You can tag it so people will know what’s inside
    • Zippers sometimes get damaged
    • You need to assemble it yourself

    9. Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman, Gray

    516qbLCMlYL. SL500

    As the name rightly suggests, Convenience Concepts Designs-4-Comfort 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman is a product that will give you convenience, security and peace of mind.

    This multipurpose Ottoman is not only useful for storing documents, shoes, linens, toys and other personal items, it equally serves as a seat. You can therefore use it for sitting in your room while it conveniently stores your valuables.

    This Ottoman comes in various shades of colors to add grace to your living room. It is firmly secured with a reliable lid which makes the deep storage box the ideal for your home. It is made of quality wood covered with gray fabric which accounts for its durability.

    We are not the only ones who love this box; the 4.5 star rating it enjoys from hundreds of buyers shows that this product meets the expectations of the buyers.

    Ottoman is made of highly trusted wood which is the reason behind its durability. It lasts longer than plastic and some other materials. It does not only serve as a storage box, it’s also helpful for sitting in your room and as table for other materials in the room.

    The designers did not end at building a product with wood, they went further to pad it with quality fabric to make it more visually appealing. It’s fitted with a hinged lid, making it quite possible to keep your valuable safe and protected from intruders.

    The major downside of this storage ottoman is that the lid does not open up to 90 degrees. This is a little limitation that you have to deal with while loading your Ottoman. ​

    • It is highly spacious
    • It is a multipurpose ottoman
    • It will very secured
    • Lasts longer
    • The lid does not open up to 90 degrees
    • It is considered to be heavy
    • It is fairly expensive

    10. BirdRock Home Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman | With Safety Hinges

    51P6PceL5mL. SL500

    The BirdRock Home Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman brings yet another definition to the world of storage boxes by building this particular product with woven seagrass to make it unique. This is a piece of creative art that is really admired by a lot of people.

    This Ottoman is beautiful and sturdy, with the capacity to handle a lot of your living room clutter like toys, blankets, pillows, TV remote and magazines.

    The hinged lid gives it some security assurance as you are able to store your items and keep them securely closed. With the added wooden legs, it mean you can stand it anywhere in your room.

    Again, we trust our initiative and believe you will love this treasure. But before you make your decision, let’s shade more light at this storage ottoman.

    The use of seagrass file boxes is a deviation from what others are using to build their tubs containers, storage bags, boxes, baskets, containers, totes, tubs and bins. The weaving is simply magnificent.

    The hinged lid stays open while the box is being loaded and can easily be closed by simply pushing it from the top. The lid also aids in keeping the content protected from rodents like rats.

    This ottoman also comes with 4 wooden legs which enable the Ottoman to stand firm in the room and prevent direct contact with the floor.

    However, while the Convenience Concepts Designs-4-Comfort 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman serves an additional use as a seat, this seagrass Ottoman is not strong enough to be used for similar purpose. Also, It can’t be stretched beyond its boundary to accommodate any extra material.

    • It’s elegant
    • Comes with wooden legs for easy standing
    • It is spacious
    • Protected from rodents like rats
    • It is not stackable
    • It is fragile
    • Serves only a single purpose

    Best Storage Baskets | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


    Are you planning to buy the any of the best storage baskets, container, tote, box, tub or bin soon? Well, it’s a good dream. But before going ahead to make a buy, you may want to know the kind of product that is right for you.

    Here’s where our buying guide comes in. you do not need to do all the research work before you can buy a product as simple as a storage container. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money either.

    We have been in the business for long and we understand what makes a good storage container, box or ottoman and that is why we have created a guide that should assist you in buying your product without wasting your precious time.

    So, now that you’ve decided to make a purchase, what should you look out for? Below are the things you should pay attention to first before bringing out your wallet.

    1. Weight

    You don’t want to buy a product that would break your back, do you? When shopping, you must put the weight of the product into consideration because they add up with your items to give extra load.

    The product needs to be highly portable. The weight shouldn’t be more than 8 pound when empty. Some of the plastic, PU leather and 600D Oxford cloth we have on this list meet this requirement.

    2. Stacking

    You should also consider if the storage bag or container is stackable and accommodate extra load without being torn apart. If you get a stackable material, that would be an added advantage, no doubt.

    The Orolay durable Oxford foldable fabric steel shelf lidded storage box with see-through window, Rubbermaid’s Roughneck clear storage container and a few others possess this quality.

    3. Lid

    You need to be sure the item possesses a lid that is easy to close. If you are buying the box or container for your office files or important valuables, they need to be able to protect their contents against household pests, rodents, dust and moisture.

    If there is no lid, the purpose is defeated. Sometimes you may not need the ones with lid though, but be sure that you actually get what is right for you. Beauty, space, sturdiness, durability and portability alone cannot make a good buy. The lid plays a vital role and so, it must not be neglected while making a buying decision.

    4. Space/Volume

    There are many products with different colors and designs out there. But not all of them will serve your purpose no matter how beautiful they are. You must always consider what you want to use the storage material for before parting with your money. The items you have determine the size of the container to buy.

    If you make the wrong decision here, you are going to end up spending more money to get additional containers. There should be small, medium and large sizes or volumes to choose from. A file container for instance, should conveniently accommodate your file without hassles.

    5. Price

    Take it or leave it, price still plays a role in whatever you buy. The money that would be enough to buy multiple items shouldn’t be spent on a single one that’s hardly worth it.

    The value of what you buy must be worth the price. You don’t expect to buy a plastic container for over $100 and still think the price is fair enough. You need to weigh the price against what is being offered.

    6. Durability

    Money is hard to get and so it must not be wasted too. Think about the product you are about to buy if it has the capacity to last long.

    A product that gives you value for your money is that which would last for some years before it begins to show signs of deterioration or start needing replacement. Products made of materials that easily break up are no good buy.

    When thinking of durable storage containers, think of polyethylene, heavy duty plastic, wood, steel and PU leather. They have the capacity to be durable and save you a lot of money in the long run.

    7. Handle

    Since storage containers are supposed to be lifted, they need to have handles for that purpose. They make it easier for the container and the items they contain to be moved from one place to the other. Remember that some of these materials are quite heavy and weight over 20 pounds.

    If they have no handles, they are going to give you extra burden and even make you susceptible to back injuries and the rest. If you can’t lift them alone, there should be handles that make it easy for two or more persons to jointly lift it. Don’t ignore this.

    8. Variety

    Does the product give you a choice in terms of color, design and use? You may need to use a stone to kill two birds by purchasing a container that performs dual or more purposes.

    For instance, some of the container can serve as benches, tables, stools, etc. If you are on a lean budget, it may be wise to get something that can serve multiple purposes for you.

    The Dorel Living Chevron Storage Ottoman and the Convenience Concepts Designs-4-Comfort 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman are good examples of a storage containers that serve multiple purposes.

    9. Moisture-Proof

    Some items would certainly need to be protected from moisture. This is why you need to consider whether or not the container you are about to buy is moisture-proof.

    You may need it for storing flour or other items that can easily be destroyed by moisture. Such container must have a tight fitting lid. So, ability to protect your materials from moisture or water is a feature you have to watch out for.

    10. Pet-Proof

    Some pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders and termites can be nasty sometimes. They can destroy your books, toys, shoes, pencils, rulers, clothes and other important household item in a matter of weeks.

    When buying a storage container, therefore, it is good to be sure that they are pest-proof if they are to be used for storing items that are liable to be destroyed by pests or insects.

    Best Storage Totes | Conclusion

    Congratulations for reading through to the end of this post. We are sure you’ve gained something tangible from the post. You’ve seen our best picks and why they made our list. Now, it’s time to decide what to buy.

    We’ve successfully enumerated the types of storage containers, the best 10 you probably need, and also showed you the buying guide to enable you take the right buying decision.

    We advise that you should not make any purchase until you’ve thoroughly understood everything we said. It will save you a whole lot of headaches and help you not to waste your hard-earned money.

    We understand how hard it is to earn money these days, hence we’ve presented you with all that is needed to avoid any nasty or ugly experience.

    Now over to you

    Have ever used any of the items on our list? If yes, which of them? What was your experience using them? We would love you to share your experience with us using the comment box below. Your comment is welcome and would be really appreciated.

    If you notice there are items that should have made this list but were omitted, please bring them to our notice. Sometimes such can be omitted by mistake, nit because there are any personal reasons for doing so.

    If you find this post helpful in any way, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and relations. We would really appreciate it if you check on our blog for future posts.

    We shall be back shortly with our next post. So, don’t fail to ask questions or share your concerns with us. We promise you that someone will get in touch with as soon as possible.

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