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Netgear Arlo PRO 2 Review (Best Home Security Camera)

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In those moments when you are away from home, an affordable security camera system could provide extra watchful eyeballs over your home. And so in this Netgear Arlo PRO 2 Review, we’ll look into the core features that were built on the Arlo pro 2 camera to help you protect your home.

In comparison to preventable or recoverable losses that often occur in people’s homes, home security camera cost seems lower in most cases.

But my question is; would you wait until it happens before you begin to think of preventive actions?

The answer is now.

And I guess that’s the exact reason why you are here. Probably you are looking for an alternative security camera to replace the brand or model with the limited capacity you have experienced already.

I say this because most people don’t look for a specific product brand by accident. On the other hand, it could be that you are following the expert recommendation or positive user testimonials from people you trust.

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Whatever the case, this Netgear Arlo Pro 2 camera review will help to make your purchase decision easier.  Before proceeding, just be informed that this is the best home security camera among the most expensive ones.

Arlo PRO 2 Reviews | Key Features

Arlo Technologies 2 Home Security Camera System (3 pack) with Siren, Wireless, Rechargeable, 1080p HD, Audio, Indoor or Outdoor, Night Vision

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The 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8-inch Arlo Pro 2 Camera is almost identical physically to the main Arlo Pro. Both demonstrate Netgear’s signature design of a curved, smooth, ovoid body with a black face and lens. Here is a compact camera that has no legs or stands but presents a comparatively unobtrusive low profile.

A small round magnetic mount that screws into the wall is included with the camera. Other mounting options are available from Netgear and third-party vendors too.

Aesthetically, the compact design looks really attractive from a distance.

Depending on your choice, there are packaged offers with four and two cameras respectively. This camera comes mostly in bright white color. Similar to the Arlo Pro, Pro 2 features 8 night-vision infrared LEDs surrounding the lens.

Wireless Capability

Arlo Pro 2 biggest edge over Nest is that it can be used wirelessly. With Arlo, you don’t have to worry over where there are power outlets or how power cables can be connected to the cameras. This gives you a significant flexibility in where you fix or mount the Arlo Pro 2 cameras, which equally saves in the time needed for installation.

With Nest (specifically the Outdoor Cam), you’ll perhaps be required to drill holes in order to connect the power cable to the nearest power outlet. This won’t only end up being a big trouble but will equally look aesthetically bad.

Video And Audio Quality

The Pro 2’s 1080p video, 130-degree field of view and glass lens captured very well, crisp daylight video, in both wired and wireless modes.

Details were pretty easy to discover, with good exposure and color when viewed on our Android and iPhone smartphone. However, when viewed via the web portal on a big computer screen, highlights were blown out.

By comparison, the original Pro’s daylight video was somewhat smaller (because of the lower resolution), but had better exposure and contrast on all screens – same with the 1080p Arlo Q.

Furthermore, the Pro 2’s night vision makes use of the same eight 850 nm LEDs for night vision just like the Pro. However, we saw some vital differences.

Similar to the daylight videos, the Pro 2’s night videos were crisp with very good contrast and detail when viewed on some test phones, and has a better distribution of light toward the frame’s edges than the Pro.

Battery Life

When getting a security camera with batteries, one of the numerous questions that usually pop up in the mind of most people is whether it will be required to charge the cameras on a weekly basis. Well, there’s a good news – according to Netgear, their Arlo pro2 will last for about 3 to 4 months when fully charged, which is pretty fantastic if you ask us.

From what we have observed in case of Arlo Pro 2 cameras thus far, the company is not making false claims.

Additionally, an indicator LED (equally on the lens bevel) blinks and changes colors which signifies battery charge, firmware updating, and syncing.  Also, this 4.8 ounce indoor and outdoor camera is IP65-certified weather resistant.

You can use it plugged in or wire-free (powered by the included 2440 mAh rechargeable battery). The 76-inch power cord goes into a mini-USB port located at the back and into a reasonably small USB/AC converter brick.

Motion Detection

Both the web portal and the mobile apps have amazing, almost similar controls (called Modes), which is meant for setting up customized sound and motion detection. Again, the default Modes are Schedule, Geofencing, Armed, and Disarmed.

And the Schedule Mode is pretty flexible, letting you create different time periods for each day, and to easily repeat them on specific days.

Therefore, unlike several other security cameras in the market, you can turn on or off the Arlo system throughout the night from one day’s evening to the next day’s morning.

Geofencing, which can only be set via the mobile app, turns your system on when you, and your phone leaves the property and then off when you return to it.

Cloud Storage

Now, imagine that you just bought your surveillance camera and you’re done setting up everything, you are excited about your decision, and you suddenly get to know that in order to view your storage, you’re required to pay more.  That is precisely the situation many individuals who buy surveillance cameras faces nowadays – they frequently overlook the aspect of video storage.

Interestingly, most companies charge their customers a monthly fee for them to watch or download the recorded videos from earlier days.

This is the case with Nest Security Camera as well. You can watch the last 3-hours of the video but you’ll have to subscribe to their paid plan for more storage.  However, Arlo offers you a free video history for a whole 7-days, which should be more than enough for most users.

Apart from that, Arlo also allows you to additionally save the video recording locally – that can be done by simply connecting an external USB hard drive to the base station. Apparently, in case you need a recording of over 7-days, Arlo equally offers paid plans. The seven days storage gets overridden with new footage so you always have the last seven days of history.

  • Free seven days rolling cloud storage
  • Simple fast installation
  • Very easy and flexible scheduling
  • Impressive daylight video quality
  • Geofencing system
  • Intelligent operation interface
  • One device login at a time
  • Motion detection tools and setup section are separate
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Home Security Camera Buying Guide | The Key Considerations

Whether this is your first time or not, there are some important considerations to be taken into account when you are ready to buy a home security camera. Practically, understanding these factors will make it possible for you to choose the best camera that suits your own peculiar need. In other words, this is something no other person will do for you.

Night Vision: Security of your home ought to be around the clock affair. Night vision here refers to the capability of a camera to deliver optimum visibility during night hours when you are not at home. While a whole lot of competing products in this area offers night vision, actual performance differs from one brand or model to the other.

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Field of View: This one is all about the distance that your coverage by a security camera. In most cases, field view ranges between 90 to 140 degrees. Like in most other features, this often differs as well from one camera to the other. When you want to cover a relatively long distance or large rooms, then you should go for longer field view.

Motion Detection: Having a good home security system in place is good. But what is even more important is preventive prompt action. And that is where motion detectors come in. Whether it is a delivery man, vandals or animal, you should be able to get prompt alerts when unexpected movement is detected within the set field view area. Expect 90 – 270 degree in most cameras.

Storage Plan: Does the manufacturer offer cloud storage plan? That’s the key question here. Obviously, this storage provides access and real view into activities that might have taken place in your absence.

Other key considerations in this Netgear Arlo Pro 2 home security buying guide include audio quality, resolution, power source, app support, and cost.

Where To Buy Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Camera Online

Looking for where to buy Arlo Pro 2 online, look no further; just click one of the relevant links with the product name in this review. You’ll be taken directly to Amazon, the #1 trusted online retailer in the US and many other countries. And if you a prime member, you should already have access to their 24-hour free shipping offer.

Netgear arlo pro 2 review | Conclusion

Just by clicking in to read this Netgear Arlo Pro 2 review, you already that the security of your home shouldn’t be left for a second chance though. So in the case that your existing security camera system got damaged or thing else happened, do not leave replacement to chance.

On this product, you’ll get one year warranty.

As for price, this one can be judged to be among the best home security cameras under $600. To take it further this should help think through your budget and then to make the best purchase decisions.

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