Safest Bath Chairs for Disabled Adults & Handicapped

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If you have decreased and painful mobility challenges, and as a result, find it very difficult stepping into the tub for a proper bath, consider it not a problem anymore.

We have compiled a list of the best bath chair for disabled adults. These bath chairs offer a much comfortable and safer way to enter and exit the tub or shower. You can sit the whole time, and never worry about falling –100% guarantee!

I used to be a nurse in the ward, and each year about 200,000 thousand old patients are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.

Most of the casualties suffer a hip fracture and head injury. Falls are dangerous and costly, trust me, you don’t want to be a victim.

For this reason, we have done all the research and testing. We only listed the best bath chairs on the market known for high-quality material and efficiency –both offline/online.

These products are the perfect bathroom aid if you have limited mobility challenges. They all combine safety, functionality, and styles for reliable in-home security and comfort bath.

Best Bath Chair for Disabled Adults

What Is A Bath Chair For Disabled Adults?

A Bath chair is a safe, comfortable and stable chair for disabled people to sit while getting into a tub for a bath.

It is well-constructed and easy to clean and to assemble. A bath chair has adjustable legs; you can adjust the bench to your desired height. Also, it is equipped with suction cups to the legs, for an accurate balance.

Why Buy A Bath Chair For Seniors And Handicapped?

Why Buy A Bath Chair For Seniors And Handicapped

The seniors assigned to using a wheelchair might suffer more than just limited mobility. They can find it quite tiresome depending on other people to help them do the little things –like bathing.

This sense of dependency can hurt their quality of life. However, a bath chair offered freedom for the seniors and handicapped to bathe on their own with ease.

All bath chairs are comfortable to control. Besides, you can even operate single-handedly.

Also, a bath chair can swivel smoothly from many desired angles, with its custom padded backrest for comfort. For this reason, you will enjoy a relaxing bath with greater feelings of independence.

Who Should Use a Bathing Chair for Disabled?

A bath chair is essential to those with limited mobility and the handicap in general. Potential users are anyone with an ankle, knee, and leg injury.

Also, people who are recovering from a spinal or back injury that uses crutches can as well use a bath chair.

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Types of Bathing Chair

We have various types of bath chair, but let’s take a look at the most commonly used ones below:

  • Shower Chair with arms: This type of bath chair offers additional support and stability, with the help of its pivoting arms
  • Bariatric Shower Chair: A bath chair under this category has a round design with no edges. The rounded design contributes to the comfort and safety of the user
  • Rolling Bath chair: It’s the best choice as it remains the most flexible type of bath chair. Ideal for flexible moving from place to place
  • Corner shower stool: This kind of shower chair for the injured are often convenient in size, thus best for cozy bathroom
  • The Folding shower chair: Best choice for only temporary use, after recovery you can easily discharge the shower chair without using any tool
  • Reclining Shower Chair: These are combo bath chairs with padded leg extension, lumbar/footrest support, a commode seat, and whatnot. The best choice, without any assistance

Safest Shower Chairs For Disabled Adults Reviews

I purchased the EagleHealth Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bench 77762 for my mother, who has a hard time standing while stepping into the tub for a bath.

However, with the help of EagleHealth 77762 Tub-mount, she is able to have a comfortable and safe shower without my help.

She sits the whole time comfortably, and all it takes to get into the tub is to lift one leg at a time. Besides, it provided her with the safest way to enter and exit the tub/shower whether the bathroom ground is wet or not.

This bath chair has been beneficial to my mom; enabling her to wash independently.

So without wasting much time, below we have nine of the best bath chair for disabled adults from the most trusted brands in terms of quality and performance.

41XyaWOmWPL. SL500

This bath chair is a premium padded bath with pivoting arms that can be raised, lowered, and locked. The full aim reset serves as a leverage point get you into and out of the chair.

The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench has an effortless sliding feature that safely glides you in and out of the tub/shower.

The secret is, thousands of nursing homes, and hospitals around the world are currently using this platinum health product. Although, this chair might be expensive, however, if you value quality, convenience, and safety over price this bath chair is absolutely for you.

Moreover, with a padded seat, back, and armrests, you can relax comfortably. The chair provides a warm touch, safe, and slip-resistant padding on the bench, back, and armrests. Thus, you never have to worry about sliding or falling anymore.

Besides, the product features a closed-cell molded polyurethane padding. It means your seat never absorbs any water. You can as well assemble the chair in less than 6 minutes.

  • Easy to mount
  • Safety belt for falling prevention
  • Free safety e-book included
  • Easy and comfortable bathing experience
  • Easy to get in and out of the tub/shower
  • It’s somewhat expensive

2. Medmobile Bathtub Transfer Bench

31 8wj1ickL. SL500

The second bathing chair for disabled adults on the list is medmobile transfer bench. It’s a great bath chair with adjustable seat height, lightweight, durable and sure-griped legs. The seat is wide and comfortable.

In detail, this combo bath chair is highly flexible, and can adjust the seat height from 16 1/2″ To 20 1/2″. Besides, it features five levels of seat height adjustment, and each increment is 1″.

Furthermore, the sure-grip legs offer additional stability and safety. The overall dimension is about 29”(L) X 16”(D) X 25” give or take.

Another accurate measure medmobile transfer bench has is (24″ X 15″) Seat that is perfect for easy transfer from wheelchair to the bath seat.

Also, you can assemble the seat to face either left or right. That said, MedMobile bench is another top-rated portable shower chair that is less expensive.

  • 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Durable and easy to clean plastic
  • 5 levels of height options
  • Hard to assemble

3. Moen DN7105 Home Care Bath Safety Transfer Bench

31oZSpFzdAL. SL500

The Moen bath chair takes your bathing experience to a whole new level. Moen Moen DN7105 Home Care offers you a stable and comfortable transfer in and out of your tub or shower.

The chair measures 33 by 18 inches and can support up to 400 pounds weight. One of the coolest features this product has is an adjustable height between 16.5 and 21 inches. It fits a wide variety of tub sizes.

Also, it has a non-slip surface, with white glacier finish all over that adds beauty to the bathroom.

Additionally, the basket organizer servers as a perfect place to store bathing essentials and toiletries.  The basket organizer is so reachable, so you have everything you need while taking a proper shower.

The chair is highly flexible and has a right and left-facing feature. It only takes 5 minutes to assemble. Besides, you are covered with a limited lifetime warranty against, drips, leaks and finish defects –enjoy!

  • Lifetime warranty
  • User manual included
  • Reasonably priced
  • ADA specifications design
  • It’s bulky

4. Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair

41B0yySHNTL. SL500

The product is simple, yet efficient. It’s lightweight and uniquely stable. The weight is only 4 Ibs but can support 250 Ibs. There is no point sacrificing your comfort for safety when Dr. Kay’s adjustable bath chair can easily provide both.

When it comes to maximum height, Dr. Kay’s adjustable bath chair beats competition hands-down with its incredible adjustable capacity (12.5″ to 18.5″.)

Oh! I almost forgot to state the obvious; it fits every tubs and shower whether small or larger. The anti-slip platform has a large base which gives the stool maximum stability.

In addition, the non-slip rubbers around the feet ensure that the stool stands firm on a slippery area. Unlike other baths/shower chairs, Dr. Kay’s heavy-duty anodized aluminum seat has hand-saving wing-tipped screws that require no tool.

It’s easy to install and flexible to place almost anywhere. Also, you can easily lift the chair with built-in side handles. Dr. Kay considered every way possible to make your life easier.

Tall or short, you can adjust the chair to the height that is convenient for you.

  • Lightweight and fits in small places
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and reliable
  • Not friendly with on uneven surfaces
  • Not for people with severe limitations

5. The DMI Sliding Transfer Shower Chair

41gc0Piiw8L. SL500

This product has a heavy-duty non-slip aluminum body. It’s the best-selling sliding shower chair that has an adjustable plastic seat and cut out access holding.

If you use wheelchairs or crushes, you can easily transport yourself in and out of the tub or shower with a single slide at a time.  Besides the chair minimizing physical strain; thus, making it the ideal bath chairs for you.

This sliding bath transfer bench is easy to install with detailed instructions. Also, installation is tool-free.

You have tons of safety features such as blow-molded seat/ backrest, rust-resistant aluminum frame design, suction cup rubber anti-slip feet, nylon strap locks hold the seat, handle for extra stability and removable cutout and more.

The DMI Sliding Transfer Bench fits most standard bathtubs/showers.

  • 100% safe in slippery areas
  • A safety belt that prevents slipping
  • Comfortable metal handle for extra stability
  • Takes up space

6. HydroGlyde Premium Heavy Duty Sliding Bathtub

41Q+hM8ib7L. SL500

The HydroGlyde ensures safe and easy transportation to and fro, with the help of its effortless sliding mechanism. It is made out of high-quality materials of robust aluminum components, yet lightweight. No matter the years, it will never rust!

The product is durable in construction and helps prevent shaking/tipping or any unsteady side-to-side motion. Moreover, this bath chair is 100% flexible and reversible.

Also, the seat has a snap-in insert section that can be removed or added to the seat if need be.

Never worry about technical installation. You can assemble the parts together without any too in 5 minutes.

In addition, the padded assist-handle helps gliding smooth. Unlike the old-style bath benches, HydroGlyde eliminates any danger of shuffling across the bench. You can smoothly glide without skin tears, hip and knee joint strain or fall.

Lastly, with the HI-contrast color feature, you can easily locate the exact spot the chair is. This feature is extremely helpful for those vision-impaired people.

  • The seat is cut out
  • A safety belt is included
  • Smooth gliding in and out
  • Easy to assemble, clean and use
  • Not ideal for tubs with wide edges
  • Doesn’t swivel

7. EagleHealth Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bench 77762

31dT86eGSmL. SL500

Eagle health Swivel Sliding Bench 77762 reduces the risk factor for people with mobility challenges. The product provides a secure and comfortable bath with the help of a multi-functioning bench.

Stressless about falling, accidental slips. The Eagle health guarantees original swivel sliding transfer bench.

The comfortable back with a textured finish and molded plastic seat reduce body aches and strain. Moreover, the seat has drainage holes which is pretty much easier for cleaning and disinfecting.

Also, the entry side of bench clamps save space and fits perfectly in the most tub. You can as well assemble the bench to face either right or left, and still sit comfortably with the support of the side panel handlebar.

I highly recommend this heavy duty sliding bench anytime. It is made of aluminum, and rust-proof. Also, lightweight.

  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Anti-slip rubber tips included
  • The seat turns 360° but can lock every 90°
  • Safety belt included
  • Height-adjustable bench
  • The left safety arm isn’t firm enough

8. Moen DN7100 Home Care Premium Adjustable Shower Chair

41lJz12mVBL. SL500

Moen DN7100 Home Care qualities are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Also, Moen sets a standard for exceptional innovative designs that are aesthetic and reliable.

Aside from that, Moen DN7100 shower chair combines style, functionality, and durability so you can be satisfied.

Moen has set an exciting record of meeting the American with Disabilities Act’s standards, in terms of comfort and safety for the impaired.

Thus, the Moen DN7100 is a multi-functional shower chair that is made of high-impact polypropylene, and a non-slip curved seat for better balance and comfort.

The legs are highly adjustable. Besides, the legs are of 6063 aluminum with rubber feet of 15-21-inches in height to match many tub/shower styles.

Lastly, this shower chair can support up to 400 pounds.

  • Drainage system Non-slip seat surface
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Suits any tub or shower
  • Easy, yet flexible in use
  • Accessories sold separately

9. OasisSpace Shower Stool

31mJ4NBZqjL. SL500

This is a heavy-duty adjustable shower chair with added free grab bar. The free grab bar is an exceptional feature that is rarely found in other models.

Let me elaborate. First and foremost, installing or removing the grab bar from your bathroom walls is pretty much easy. The suction cup design works perfect on any fiberglass.

Secondly, the grab bar supports up to 250 pounds –best supports for the elderly and injured.

The shower bench is FDA cleared. It’s secure, comfortable, easy-to-use and the best in medical shower stool standard.

Also, installation is tool-free and can be easily assembled in 2 minutes. The 6 height setting makes the stool highly adjustable.

The angled legs offer stability for the shower chair. Besides the feet are also capped with anti-skid that helps prevent sliding, on the other hand, enhance safety.

  • Free gift shower handle
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Corrosion-resistant surface
  • Support up to 300 pounds
  • Suitable for all tubs/showers
  • Some users say it cannot bear the weight of 400 lbs

What to Consider When Buying a Shower Chair for Handicapped

What to Consider When Buying a Shower Chair for Handicapped

It’s essential to do a little research before purchasing for a bath chair. There are certain key component and features to look for when buying a bath chair for handicapped.

Without wasting time, we want to point out some of the essentials a good bath chair should have.

1. Weight Capacity

You are very much welcome to opt for a bath chair that supports Bariatric weight feature. However, these models might be expensive.

But you do not want a shower chair with less weight capacity. It’s unsafe! Even more dangerous compared to bathing without a shower bench.

I urge you should select a heavy-duty chair with more weight capacity. Read the capacity descriptions before purchase.

2. High in Safety and Comfort

The million-dollar question is what makes a shower chair safe and comfortable? And without these two benefits, the disabled will experience a terrible bath.

The essence of buying a bath chair is to help provide security and comfort support for those with limited mobility.  Isn’t it?

For this reason, let’s take a look at the necessities a bath chair should have below:

  • Legs made of molded plastic material or rust-resistant: This provides slip-resistant that grip firmly on any ground surface
  • Adjustable Height: A good shower chair should give room for height adjustment. Consider opting a model you can enjoy customized height experience
  • Compartments: It’s very crucial to choose a shower chair that gives room for toiletries storage. Moreover, it should be easier to reach without stretching, to avoid high chances of falling or slipping
  • Seat and back support: The seat, armrest, and back should be padded, so you can relax comfortably. Also, the padding should be slip-resistant and molded polyurethane in nature –never absorbs water or slips
  • Other accessories: Extra support you need to look out for are handles, grab bars and bath mats

Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors and Handicapped

I take it by now you have gotten your ideal shower chair for elderly. Meanwhile, in this section, we are going to talk about safety tips and other recommendations that are helpful for the bathroom. So pay attention.

1. Non-slip Bath Mats

For safety reasons, it’s crucial to have a non-slip bath mat inside the tub or shower. The non-slip bath mat helps give your feet traction on wet tub/shower.

This feature reduces any chance of trip, falls or slips. I recommend you use a microfiber mat like the ones here.

2. Grab Bar Installations

Grab bars serve as a guide that gets you in and out of the tub. If your tub or shower has grab bar, you can have a secure bath without any helping hands. Besides, you can hold onto the grab bar if you accidentally slip.

Please note, it’s not advisable to grab onto the toilet paper or towel rack –the bolts are not firm enough to withstand accidental grasp.

3. Weighted Shower Curtain

Another important tip to bear in mind is a weighted shower curtain. Often times, when we take our bath, water might splash outside of the bathtub, as a result of making the bathroom floor wet.

Again, the goal is to eliminate any agent of fall, slip or trip occurrence. So it is best to install a weighted shower curtain. Also, the curtain should be movable so it covers a lot of space to prevent water from reaching the round.

4. Put a night light

If you are impaired, you might get disoriented in the dark. Thus, it’s wise to use gentle LED night light to illuminate the bathroom. Besides, a night light enhances visual at night that helps prevent slipping and falling.

Watch this video for more bathroom safety tips for seniors:

Frequently asked questions about Bath Chairs for Seniors

1. How do you adjust a shower chair?

Press the spring button in a leg extension and simply slide the leg either up or down. However, you should adjusted legs should of equal height.

2. I’m not impaired, do I need a bathtub bench?

No, you don’t. However, if you have mobility issues or health is declining, you need a bath chair.

3. Should I opt for a bath chair with a padded or unpadded seat?

These two types of seat differ in terms of price and comfort. But if you are on a budget, you can settle for an unpadded bath chair.

On the other hand, a padded seat provides a higher level of comfort compared to an unpadded seat.

Best Shower Chairs for Elderly | Conclusion

Opting for any of the bath chairs for disabled adults on our list is the move to make. Why? Because we have keen eyes for the models that have earned a good reputation for trustworthiness and innovative features.

In addition, the products above provide safety and support both in and out of your tub/shower. You can avoid falling and slipping injuries. Besides, it’s wise to adhere to the recommendations and safety tips we have laid down.

Although, it is quite tricky to choose the ideal model as there are many products within your reach. However, if you follow our guide; picking the ideal bath chair won’t be a problem.

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