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Best Ceiling Fans That Will Instantly Colorify Your Room [#5 is Dope]

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Table of Contents

    This is a list of the best ceiling fans in the market, and I bet you’ll need one of them in your room, or don’t you think so?

    Let’s be honest for a second…

    …Sleeping in a hot, sweaty room can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially when you are unable to have the required amount of sleep for the night all because of discomfort.

     We have already done a market research for you and have selected the very best ceiling fans that can bring you succor and at the same time add color to your room.

    Being drenched in a pool of sweat can be even more discomforting. But thanks to some smart manufacturers who have devised a way of making us sleep like babies even when the weather is hot.

    Yes, I understand that having an air conditioner will solve the problem too, but what if you can’t afford an air condition? Or even if you can, having a ceiling is also necessary as you might sometimes prefer it to the air condition.

    Therefore, we sure need a fan under such circumstances but should we just go for any available ceiling fan because we want to calm ourselves? The answer is an emphatic “NO.”

    Not all ceiling fan would suit our purpose hence; we have to be careful while making our purchase.

    You may be one of those people whose home is tantamount to an oven and thinking of the exact type of ceiling fan to reduce your suffering; you don’t need to worry because we’ve got you covered.

    Best Ceiling Fans | Comparison Table

    good sleep

    1. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF144WW (Best Indoor & Outdour Ceiling Fan With Halogen Buld)

    The Emerson Ceiling Fan CF144WW, Curva Sky, Modern Low Profile Hugger comes with three weather-resistant white ceiling blades and Opal Matte glass.

    Two 50-watt mini-candelabra base halogen bulbs are included to add distinctive color to your room. This fan does not only help in fighting the heat, but it also adds some luxury to your home.

     Some of the features of the fan include:

    • Three white blades and Opal Matte Glass
    • A 6-speed remote control that includes a receiver
    • Incorporated light fixture and a plate white ceiling fan (without light)
    • 50-watt mini-candelabra halogen bulbs (two)
    • It can be regulated from any part of the room using a remote control
    • It is weather-resistant
    • It adds beauty and luster to your room
    • It has a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty
    • It can be used outdoors.
    • The halogen bulbs can get hot easily
    • Installation requires special skill
    • Installation requires special skill

    Our take on it: The fan is suitable for buyers on a moderate budget who are in need of a fan that is not bulky, yet able to perform its job efficiently. It is highly loved by the majority of the users, and we are sure it will serve your purpose.

    2. Minka-Aire F518-WH Ceiling Fan (Noiseless & High​​​​​ly Efficient)

    317fdNO9X6L. SL500

    This is another lovely fan that beautifies your ceiling even as it assures you of a sound night sleep devoid of unnecessary heat and sweating.

    Some of the features of this fan include A 100-watt Mini-Can Halogen bulb which has white Opal Glass, 3 Veneer White blades; a blade sweep diameter of 44” x 14⁰ Blade Pitch, white body, and a Flush Mount Canopy.

    • Can be regulated with a remote control from any part of the room
    • Can be regulated with a remote control from any part of the room
    • It includes a halogen bulb that helps keep your room illuminated
    • It is light-weight and as such easy to move
    • It has 1 year warranty for body defects and lifetime warranty for the motor as long as the fan remains with the original purchaser
    • The halogen bulb produces excess heat
    • Bulb gets burnt easily
    • Installation can be a little challenging
    • The light is not bright enough for the room

    Our opinion: This fan is a good buy any day. The lifetime motor warranty is a seal of guarantee regarding its quality. The price is moderate, and the quality is good. We highly recommend it for those running on a small budget and in need of a product whose quality has not been compromised even at a lower price.

    3. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF152WW (Best Ceiling Fan For Wet Locations)

    21OI5eI5UML. SL500

    This aesthetically alluring fan serves dual purposes – it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The strongest selling point of this fan is that it can be used in wet locations.

    Another plus for it is that it has a detailed user manual that teaches everything you should know about the features and how to install it.

    The inclusion of a remote control makes it easy to operate the fan from anywhere in the room without having to walk down to the control switch, provided you have the remote with you.

    The main features of the fan include:

    • Approved for wet locations
    • It has a six-speed LED remote control
    • It comes with three all-weather blades
    • It is kitted with light fixture which makes use of two 50-watt mini candelabra halogen bulbs
    • It also has Optional light cover plate
    • User manual included
    • It can be used in both indoors and outdoors. It is specially certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for use in wet locations
    • It can be used in both indoors and outdoors. It is specially certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for use in wet locations
    • Quiet and durable: This fan is relatively noiseless and durable. The motor has been specially made to last longer.
    • Quiet and durable: This fan is relatively noiseless and durable. The motor has been specially made to last longer.
    • It is easy to assemble
    • It is too windy for some users as they find even the lowest setting disturbing.
    • The halogen produces excessive heat, which increases your room temperature in the long run
    • The remote requires frequent resetting to give you the desired result
    • You need to manually hold the light button to increase or reduce the intensity of the light

    Our take: Our conclusion on this fan is that it is best for those who need fans that produce strong wind, especially those who live in scorching weather. The lowest speed can be a problem for some users because it is even higher than the highest speed some fans can offer.

    4. Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196 Alsace Fan D’lier 26″ Ceiling Fan (Reclaimed Wood)

    41b SwBjCPL. SL500

    Made of White Etch Glass, the Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196 Alsace Fan D’lier 26” Ceiling Fan, Reclaimed Wood is designed to be used indoor or covered outdoor settings like a porch.

    This appliance is sturdy but completely silent at the lowest speed, though produces some noise at the highest speed.

    With a mixture of metal and glass, this fan is an embodiment of beauty and ruggedness. The riveted iron details encase the source of integrated light, a Reclaimed Wood finish, and chestnut blades.

    A few of its features include:

    • Finish type: Reclaimed Wood
    • White Etch Glass: This makes it fitting for both indoor and covered outdoor setting such as a balcony or porch.
    • Voltage: 120 volts
    • Maximum Compatible Wattage of 75 watts
    • Switch Installation Type: Downrod
    • Type of bulb: Halogen
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • It can be used both indoor and covered outdoor setting
    • It is sturdy and durable
    • It makes you cool in the summer but warm in the winter thereby enabling you to save some money on energy
    • It makes you cool in the summer but warm in the winter thereby enabling you to save some money on energy
    • Beautiful construction
    • A bit noisy on the highest setting
    • The fan is a bit weighty
    • The fan is a bit weighty
    • The light bulb is not bright enough when used over the room

    Our take: The fan is highly durable, and the blades are resistant to corrosion. Its beauty and sturdiness make for an ideal fan worth its money. We highly recommend it for users who want to save money on energy throughout the years.

    5. Minka-Aire F502-BCW Ceiling Fan (Elegant, Charming, & Very Effective)

    51Z4UlwLAPL. SL500

    This indoor fan is made with a Belcaro walnut body and fitted with Dual Three Bladed 17” Turbofan Heads Adjustable Up & Down Blades.

    It produces a full blast of air to keep the entire room aerated. Apart from adding luster to your room, it also comes with a halogen bulb that helps to lighten up the whole room.

    The features of Minka-Aire F502-BCW, Traditional Gyro, 42” Twin Turbofan, Belcaro Walnut include the following:

    • (1) 100 Watt T4 (E11base) Halogen bulb made of Belcaro Walnut Glass to enable it function at an optimum level of 100 watts.
    • Dimensions: The ceiling to the bottom of the fan measures 23.9” including the downrod.
    • The fan has 4.5” & 12” Downrods and Angled Ceiling Adapter for proper mounting.
    • It also comes with a Three-speed wall control (WCS212). This aids in producing a full-range dimming of light as well as reverse function
    • Dual 3 Bladed 17” Turbofan Heads Adjustable Up & Down Blades.
    • The body is made of wood, and it has a rustic style and an iron finish.
    • It is rust free
    • It is alluring and adds beauty to your room
    • The blades can be easily adjusted up and down for practical result
    • It produces high level of wind to get the entire room circulated
    • The adapter makes it possible to mount it up to 21⁰
    • It adds brightness to the room with its halogen bulb
    • Easy assembly and installation
    • Lifetime warranty is available
    • It is UL listed for only dry locations
    • It is UL listed for only dry locations
    • It is a bit expensive for some buyers
    • It does not come with a remote
    • Like a lot of others, its bulb is not bright enough

    Our take: If you are considering a fan that would serve more people in one room, then this is your best bet. Though the price is on the high side, over 80% of users awarded the fan a 5-star rating out of 5.

    6. Fanimation Levon Ceiling Fan (Suitable for Both Summer & Winter)

    31h2S31JtQL. SL500

    This eight-bladed fan is one of its kinds, with the capacity to produce an extra volume of air needed to take out the trapped heat in your room.

    With its three-forward and reverse speeds, you never have any issues with heat or cold as the fan can handle each condition in its own special way.

    This fan is designed to be used in dry locations, and it comes with a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty/1 Year Labour.

    Its eight wooden blades and the inclusion of a pull chain make it distinct from the rest of the fans we have reviewed.

    The features of Fanimation FP79100B Levon Ceiling Fan include the following:

    • Eight walnut finish blades
    • Can adapt to the slope of the ceiling up to 30 degrees
    • It features three reverse and three forward speeds, making it suitable for both summer and winter periods
    • 1-inch diameter x6-inch downrod
    • Three-speed pull chain which has manual reversing switch on motor
    • Designed to be used indoors only
    • It has a 63-inch blade sweep
    • Extra blades for extra speed and air volume
    • Ability to adapt to both winter and summer conditions thereby helping you to save money on energy
    • Resistant to corrosion. This is lacking in some of the fans with metal blades
    • It has airflow efficiency of 84 cubic feet per minute per watt…simply unbeatable.
    • The motor is silent, which means you can enjoy your sleep without undue disturbance
    • It includes a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty
    • It does not have a remote control
    • It does not come with light, though there’s a provision for you to install light on it
    • It is a bit heavy
    • The price is above moderate for some buyers
    • It is only made to be used indoors

    Our opinion: The fan does not have the convenience that others have because of the lack of a remote. You are going to incur a little more expenses trying to install a light on it. However, if your primary concern is to get an extra volume of air, you can settle for it.

    7. Minka-Aire F519-WH (Best Ceilin Fan With Light & Remote Control)

    31X6hJdCvZL. SL500

    The Minka-Aire F519-WH, Concept II, 52” Flush Mount Ceiling Fan comes in a snow white color and is aesthetically designed to fit perfectly to your ceiling.

    This three-bladed fan has a blade sweep diameter of 52” as well as three-speed held remote (RCS212) for easy control.

    The fan may not look bogus, but it has an airflow capacity of 4600 CFM, making it able to distribute the volume of air you need across the room without difficulty. It is designed for a general purpose usage.

    Some of the many features of this fan include:

    • (1) 100 Watt Mini-Can Halogen bulb including a White Opal Glass which has a wattage of 100 watts (maximum)
    • It is made of white body with three Veneer White Blades
    • From the ceiling to the fan’s bottom measures 11.5.”
    • It comes with a blade sweeping diameter of 52” with 14⁰ Blade Pitch
    • It has a three-speed remote (hand-held) and has a full-range light dimming as well as reverse function
    • It comes with Flush Mount Canopy and therefore, not fit to be installed on angled ceiling
    • It is designed to be used indoors
    • It is suitable for low ceilings which have a total hanging depth of 10½ inches, with or without the light.
    • It is remote-controlled, which makes it easy to regulate from anywhere in the room
    • It has a three-speed fan control in forward and reverse. This is why it can serve you cool air in summer and then use the reverse to circulate the warm air that is trapped around the ceiling thereby keeping your room warmer.
    • It comes with a halogen light that keeps your room lit
    • There’s the inclusion of a coordinating solid cap in case you choose not to use the halogen light
    • The fan is noiseless at the first two levels
    • It is produced to serve even larger rooms
    • The light produces heat and does not last long
    • The fan is a bit heavy
    • A bit noisy at the highest level
    • It’s a little pricey

    Our Verdict: This fan is quite nice, with the option of using the halogen light or not. With the remote, it is easy to control the fan from anywhere in the room, and it is also designed to enable you to save money on energy all through the year.



    We have done our genuine reviews of the top 7 ceiling fans based on the materials they are made of, the dimensions, customers’ rating, and some other criteria using our sound judgment as experienced users. We believe our opinion will guide you in making an informed decision when shopping for the right ceiling fans to buy for your home.

    However, our opinions are not intended to be the final guide; you are free to do your independent surveys before buying. We only feel the job we have done so far is enough to save you the time you would have spent trying to do the research yourself.

     Get in touch with us through our contact page or leave a comment using the comment box below if you still have any concern. One of our team members will respond to you as soon as possible.

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