Best Convertible Baby Cribs | Why Your Baby Needs One

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Convertible baby cribs can at first glance seem like a fantastic idea because, when you are expecting a new baby, the budget required to purchase everything which is needed to welcome him/her into the world can seem overwhelming.

However, buying one of the affordable and best convertible baby cribs out there could see your new arrival through from six months to five years old.

That being said, there are some things to consider before going for this type of crib, and fortunately, we’ve endeavored to address them here.

What Is a Convertible Baby Crib?

The convertible toddler crib is similar to a regular cot or baby crib. It is sometimes known also as a cot-bed. But, they are larger in size and of stronger construction than a traditional crib as they have the ability to be converted to a full-sized child’s bed as the baby grows.

Most of them feature fixed sides, and this is due to safety reasons. They also have a base that can be made higher or lower depending on the age of the baby or child and the height of the parents or carer.

What Are The Benefits Of a Convertible Baby Crib?

These sturdy pieces of furniture can mean that new parents only need to purchase one product in which their baby and child can sleep from the age of six months to around the age of five years.

This apparently means that the need to spend lots of money, at a time when cash-flow might be challenging, is reduced.

Also, as this type of crib is built with longevity in mind, they are often of much better build quality than cots or cribs which are designed to be used for a much shorter period.

This type of crib tends to be very flexible regarding raising and lowering the height of the mattress base offering more options than a traditional crib which may only offer two or three mattress heights. A convertible model will often allow the mattress to be set at four different heights.

For parents who advocate co-sleeping, a crib of this type is a fantastic choice. The baby crib can be pulled up next to their parent’s bed and the mattress height adjusted to the same level.

What Are The Benefits Of a Convertible Baby Crib

This allows the baby to sleep close to its parents yet still be enclosed on three sides which provide security. Parents too can sleep soundly knowing their baby is close by but will be somewhat protected in its own enclosure.

Are There Any Down-Sides To Convertible Baby Cribs?

While only having to purchase one crib which will last for around five years may save money in the long run, convertible baby cribs tend to have a higher price tag than traditional baby cribs.

Additionally, although the crib will last, mattresses in different sizes will need to be purchased as the crib is been expanded.

If a family is considering having two children in a reasonably short space of time, a convertible baby crib may still be in use by baby number one when baby number two comes along. This will mean either purchasing two convertible baby cribs or finding another solution. This too could be costly.

Furthermore, If the decor of the baby’s room is to be changed regularly, the style and look of the convertible baby crib will need to be as neutral as possible so as not to limit interior decor options.

While some cribs come with all parts required to convert them to a toddler and then full sized child’s bed, some do not, and this aspect should be checked before purchase, so the buyer is aware of any additional spending required in the future.

What Styling Options Does This Type Of Crib Offer?

As with many products aimed at babies and children, most convertible baby cribs are neutral in design and color making them suitable for both boys and girls. Most are made from wood, either solid, veneer or a mix of the two and most cribs have at least some parts which are manufactured from plywood or a similar material.

Many convertible cribs come with a choice of finishes, all of which should be non-toxic. It goes without saying that the safety record for any model considered should be thoroughly checked before the purchase.

DaVinci, the well-known American brand, manufactures a wide choice of convertible baby cribs. For example, the Kalani crib features nicely curved rails which are stunning to look at and touch.

An excellent example of a convertible baby bed which features smart additional benefits is the Storkcraft Portofino. This clever and innovative crib features a fixed changing table, which will surely be of great interest when it comes to those midnight diaper changes.

Also, Storkcraft offers a range of complementary furniture which matches the Portofino Crib making the task of kitting out the nursery simple.

Another more innovative use for a convertible baby crib is to transform it into a small seat for use in any room in the house. The styling on the back of the Serta Hanover lends itself beautifully to being utilized in this way. The seat would not look out of place in an older child’s bedroom.

Which Mattress Should Be Used With a Crib Of This Type?

There are many types of mattress which can be used with a convertible crib for baby. A simple sponge type with a waterproof cover should suffice for when the baby is tiny.

However, If the convertible crib is ever used for a second child, this first mattress should be discarded and always replaced with a new one, safety experts strongly recommend this course of action.

When the crib is converted to a toddler bed, a firmer mattress with a sprung interior should be used. When changing the crib again for use as a child or full sized bed, a third mattress, again with a sprung interior should be purchased.

If the convertible crib is to be used as a small sofa or seat, a piece of plain foam, cut to size and covered with fabric which complements the decor of the room will provide a comfy place to sit and can be enhanced with cushions. Covering the foam with fabric is a simple task and can be carried out easily at home as a fun DIY project.

When considering the best convertible cribs for babies, the choice of products is varied. However, if some time is spent looking at the requirements for the future of the new convertible crib, it should be a simple task to decide which is the correct product to buy.

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