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Best Dehumidifier Reviews (Dehumidifier Buyers Guide)

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If you’ve been searching for the best dehumidifiers in the market to get rid of humidity in your home, this post is all you need.

Dehumidifying your home is a chore that is necessary to keep your home in good condition by eliminating all sources of unwanted humidity. Now, one of the best ways to achieve that without going through much stress is by having a humidifier. It is imperative, then, to have the best home dehumidifier that will make the chore fun and easy for you.

A dehumidified environment is a clean environment that supports good health. It makes you feel comfortable living in your home without the fear of developing respiratory or other related diseases. No wonder, then, most people are so fond of dehumidifying gadgets.

Granted, you may want to go through the available dehumidifiers in the market to pick a choice which will obviously be challenging and strenuous, to say the least.

Fortunately, to save you some time and stress, this article will give you an honest dehumidifier reviews and buyer’s guide that will be useful in making the best choice when you go shopping for a home dehumidifier.

Now, you might be wondering – how do we intend to achieve that?

The answer is pretty simple; this article will take a look at some of the best humidifiers in the market, explaining their pros and cons, and other relevant information you may need to make the right choice.

These are the best rated room dehumidifiers of this year that are selected based on some important yardstick such as the capacity of the dehumidifier, the size of the place it can conveniently dehumidify, the dehumidifier ratings, and some other important features.

Just understand that this is a very reliable dehumidifier reviews. Our primary aim is to make it easy for you to get a very durable and reliable dehumidifier for your home.

Why you should dehumidify your home

Now, before we get to the main point, I will like to attend to the two most popular questions people often ask before buying a room dehumidifier:

  • What is a dehumidifier?
  • What size dehumidifier do I need?

1. What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a household appliance/gadget which decreases the level of humidity in the air, usually for comfort or health reasons, or to get rid of musty odor. That's not all; big sized dehumidifiers are equally used in commercial buildings like indoor ice rinks to control the humidity level in the building.

By their mode of operation, dehumidifiers extract water from the conditioned air. The water removed (usually called condensate) is generally not meant for drinking but is often disposed of.

Some designs, like the ionic membrane dehumidifier, discard of excess water in a vapor form rather than liquid. The energy efficiency of dehumidifiers can most times vary widely.

2. What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need?

Now, after you've made up your mind you'll like to buy a dehumidifier, the first (and most critical) question you should ask yourself is "What size dehumidifier do I need?" The good thing is that answering this question is simple once you have the right information at your fingertips.

Now, when I talk about size, I don't mean its physical size, but its effectiveness and capacity at extracting excess moisture although the two typically go hand in hand.

When you're checking the capacity of your desired dehumidifier, it is usually rated in pints of moisture removed on a daily basis, or 24-hour period. For instance, when you see a "40-pint dehumidifier," you're looking at a model that is capable of removing a total of 40 pints of moisture per day.

A dehumidifier's capacity mainly shows how large of space it will cover in square feet. Therefore, if you already know the square footage of the area you'll like to dehumidify, you can get a basic idea of the capacity you will need.

Watch the short video below to for a better understanding of what I'm talking about:

Best Dehumidifiers 2019 | Comparison Chart

The best dehumidifiers this year are listed below:

Depending on the place you want to dehumidify and your budget, you can choose any of the products listed on the dehumidifier comparison chart below. 

That said, here are some of the best rated room dehumidifiers:

Best Dehumidifier Reviews 2019

Here’s a list of the best dehumidifiers 2019, which we have chosen based on the factors we talked about earlier:

This is simply one of the best dehumidifiers you can get anywhere. With some appealing attributes, rest assured that you have a reliable ally to rid your home of humidity with a safe home dehumidifier.

Some experts even consider this product to be the best dehumidifier in the market. This can’t be faulted if you consider its many positive attributes -- and it's also one of the best frigidaire dehumidifier in the market.

Now, in case you don’t know, excessive humidity may lead to difficulty in breathing by some air-borne bacteria. All the bacteria in the air causing such difficulty will be completely removed through the routine dehumidification of your home with Frigidaire FFAD product.

That’s not all, this appliance is designed to easily and completely get rid of excess moisture in your home – which is usually the culprit behind mildew and mold.

Apart from that, it also contains a control lock and an on/off timer that is available for use throughout the day. With this timer, you can set the machine to turn off at a given moment of the day, even if you are not physically present to manually do that.

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Other wonderful attributes of Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 that you might find interesting are:

  • It uses a standard 115 electrical outlet to generate the right power daily for efficient dehumidifying
  • It operates at a temperature of 41oc, a shallow temperature that guarantees reduced energy which in turn leads to reduced electricity bills
  • It's one of the best energy efficient dehumidifier and it's durable. These attributes make it a good choice for you if you need one to rid your home of unwanted humidity
  • Despite its enormous size, it is relatively noiseless and easy to handle, a rarity among massive machines
  • It can remove moisture faster than other humidifiers in the 70-pint range – and, the faster, the better
  • The Frigidaire dehumidifier also contains an electronic control that can be readily selected to read humidity digitally
  • It is versatile and can handle an array of cleaning tasks without hitches
  • It is Energy Star Certified and listed by UL, an evidence of the fact that the dehumidifier meets every requirement to top our list of best dehumidifier 2017
  • The quiet dehumidifier comes with a gravity drainage adapter to improve its overall performance and efficiency

This dehumidifier comes with some appealing advantages you will find useful in making your choice. Some notable dehumidifier pros and cons:


  • It is noiseless and can be used easily without being a nuisance to people – especially if you have a baby in the house
  • It is energy efficient, a necessity for reduced bills
  • It is the best of all the dehumidifiers in the 70-pint range, making it a reliable and efficient dehumidifying machine
  • Its versatility makes it available for use for dehumidifying different objects in the home
  • It is certified by the appropriate body as a result of meeting the basic requirements for an efficient dehumidifier


  • It may malfunction in less than a year under certain conditions by displaying the “FO” error message. This can be annoying considering the attractive performance of the dehumidifier
  • The customer service may not be encouraging, considering the experiences of some consumers

This dehumidifier is a highly efficient machine that packs a lot of power and efficiency in its mid-size build. For a relatively large space, use the Ivation product as a room dehumidifier with a thermo-electric power to dehumidify your home.

The Ivation IVADM35 dehumidifier is powered by the reliable and highly competent Peltier Technology that supports building objects in small sizes. This is responsible for its small size, although it is very powerful.

You don’t have to worry about shutting off the device at full capacity. When it has reached its capacity, the indicator will light up the automatic shutting off of the device.

This dehumidifier is equipped with an auto humidistat that gives you the freedom to set whatever level you want.

Furthermore, It is durable. The long lifespan makes it appealing for most people as it will save them from replacing a dehumidifier every now and then. It can remove unwanted humid water by squeezing about 25 oz. of water daily from the moist air in your home.

It's also one of the best medium sized dehumidifier out there. Below are some of the other compelling features of this product:

  • Its versatility makes it useful in bathrooms, bedrooms, antique cars, laundry rooms, and boats
  • It can work at a temperature above 860f and a relative humidity of 80%
  • It can dry up your rooms by removing all the moisture, no matter how musty they are
  • Its auto humidistat is available for use to set the best RH levels for you
  • As one of the cheapest dehumidifiers on this list, the Ivation IVADM35 sells for quite a low price
  • It is of a moderate size, measuring just 13.75 inches * 7 inches * 8.58 inches

This dehumidifier is also handy with its significant benefits that will add to the value of the product. Consider these dehumidifier pros and cons:


  • It is durable and can serve you for a long time and give you real value for your money
  • It is compact and can easily be transported from one place to another without difficulty
  • It is very affordable
  • Its efficiency is proved by its use of little energy despite its high performance
  • It is very versatile, and its application covers bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and other places in the home


  • It may not be efficient in dehumidifying large areas
  • It under-performs if used for a long period of time without a break

This portable dehumidifier comes with some attributes that make it rank among the best dehumidifiers you can get for your domestic use. The portable dehumidifier is one of its kinds, with so many endearing features.

It can easily extract about 45 pints of water from the humid air within 24 hours. This is an amazing feat among its contemporaries and a bonus for the user too.

It can be transported easily with its castors and a handle that is designed to make handling easy. Considering the size of the dehumidifier, this is a welcome development as you don’t have to include the fear of carrying a heavy weight to your concerns.

Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly refrigerant in the R410a class that will make you feel comfortable using the product without contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer.

It can perform its functions without hitches within a temperature of 41 to 89.6 degree Fahrenheit. The low energy required makes it energy- efficient and a delight for the user who doesn’t need to worry about high electricity bills. Also, Its speed fan is calibrated to give you different options. They are HIGH/MED/LOW which you can use to adjust the speed according to your preference.

Other captivating features are:

  • To get an accurate operating temperature, it comes with an adjustable thermostat that is equipped with digital display
  • Continuous drainage is possible to support its 8.5-pint bucket capacity
  • A 24-hour timer is another feature of this fantastic dehumidifier. You can take advantage of this to automatically set the machine to switch off at the specified time without needing to be at home to manually do that
  • Most of its functions are automated. It can shut off, restart, and defrost automatically
  • Its adjustable humidistat can work with a relative humidity of 30-90% -- the humidistat has a LED digital display
  • It has both auto frost and auto defrost features that can be used to enhance the performance of this awesome machine
  • The device is also equipped with a humidity setting that can be adjusted for living areas, bedrooms, basements, or for continuous use
  • It is also environmental-friendly, posing no threat to your environment but contributing positively to it

This 45-pint portable dehumidifier has some merits that support its efficiency. A couple of them are:


  • It is environmentally friendly, making it the ideal machine that poses no threat to your home or health
  • Its ability to extract 45 pints of water every hour is unique
  • Most of its functions are automated, a great relief if you are busy somewhere, and you still want to multitask by simultaneously dehumidifying your home
  • Its continuous drainage feature is ideal for keeping the operating environment clean and dry
  • It’s calibrated fan gives you different options to choose from depending on your preference


  • It cannot be placed against a wall due to the location of the air intake on the back of the dehumidifier

Sometimes, you may have a large area of space to dehumidify. This may require getting a dehumidifier with the capability to handle such herculean task effectively. When other dehumidifiers shy away from taking such a task, the Ivation 70 dehumidifier is the ideal one for the job.

​As part of its efficiency, it is Eco-efficient as certified by Energy Star, has auto-restart and auto-defrost systems, and casters for mobility. When you combine these attributes, you will get yourself a machine that will work effectively to satisfy you.

Furthermore, with this giant device, you don’t need to worry about the cost of maintenance. It is very easy to operate and maintain – you only need to plug it in and select the right settings for you. The engine will help you empty about 1.3 gallon reservoir.

Spaces that are up to 4500 square feet can be kept in good condition by using this dehumidifier to remove any humidity in the space. This will make you feel comfortable in the place.

Other features are:

  • It is powerful enough to remove 70 pints of moisture daily effectively
  • To rid the air around you of any pollutant, the dehumidifier is powerful and can prevent mildew, allergens, mold, odors, and dust
  • It has a bright LED display for indicating the different operations of the dehumidifier such as the setting, timer, humidistat, filter alert, and many others
  • The dehumidifier is a bargain for its awesome features and top-notch performance


  • It is eco-efficient. Using it presents the environment with no challenge
  • It is one of the low-maintenance humidifiers around – you don’t need to spend a fortune maintaining it
  • Its certification by Energy Star is a proof of credibility
  • It has both auto-defrost and auto-start features that make using it relatively straightforward and easy
  • It is quite affordable


  • Although it is an efficient machine, it is noisy
  • It sometimes leaks water on the floor

Many dehumidifiers have issues with the accumulation of ice on coils. When the weather is cold, this problem may become a source of concern for you. However, a dehumidifier with the ability to overcome this problem is the Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier. It can remove about 14.2 liters of water in 24 hours.

Frigidaire is a noiseless humidifier that will spare you the stress associated with noisy humidifiers. As a result, you will find using this product with humidity settings that are adjustable to suit a specific purpose.

Additionally, this dehumidifier works on a well-grounded 150 Volt 60 Hertz circuit with a 15 ampere fuse serving as the protector. The alternating current is polarized and branched for the prevention of any accidental electrical problems.

This dehumidifier is Frigidaire Smart Appliance app compatible. And it features full tank alert system once your water tank is close to capacity. Furthermore, it'll continuously drain your dehumidifier to avoid you emptying the water bucket.

And interesting feature is that it has a removable, washable filter that'll help to reduce room odors, bacteria and other related airborne particles for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

With this electronic appliance, issues with ice are prevented as it is equipped with a de-icer system that is automatically controlled to negate the potential destructive effect of accumulated ice on the device.

Below are some interesting attributes of this humidifier:

  • Under the ideal condition, it can work efficiently on an area of about 2500 and 4000 square feet without any problem
  • It has a direct drain system that will make removing the extracted water easy and make continuous operation possible
  • It is Energy Star compliant, a proof of its high-quality efficiency
  • This dehumidifier has a LED display that is controlled electronically
  • It is environmentally friendly as an R410a refrigerant, posing no threat to you and your home
  • A removable air filter is fitted to it to make it a better air dehumidifier. The air filter is easy to maintain and clean
  • The system can operate until it reaches a temperature of 41of because of one of its features, the low temperature

Frigidaire 70-Pint dehumidifier, like other dehumidifiers, also has some pros and cons. These are a few of them:


  • You don’t need to worry about the environment when using this dehumidifier because the environment is safe with it
  • It has a removable air filter for improved performance
  • It is equipped with a de-icer system that prevents the accumulation of ice in the machine – this will make it last longer.
  • It is a noiseless high-performing machine that will return sanity to your home without negating its efficiency with a disturbing noise
  • Energy Star certified


  • Emptying its bucket drawer may be a bit tricky
  • It is not as silent as some other products

You can maintain the right humidity level in your home with the EdgeStar 70 home dehumidifier. This 44-pound machine has what it takes to give you what you want.

This is another portable dehumidifier with a capacity to remove 70 pints of moisture. It can remove this water in a space covering about 4,500 square feet of space. The 7.5 liter water bucket attached to it is removable.

It has an auto de-icer feature which helps to prevent the accumulation of ice in the machine. This feature will also improve its overall efficiency in addition to prolonging its lifespan.

The construction is great with internal components that are durable making it the ideal dehumidifier in rigorous environments where other brands will not dare to operate.

Also, It has an auto-restart mechanism for automatically restarting when power is restored after a power failure. So, be rest assured that your work will be completed without hindrance. 

Furthermore, it has an auto-restart mechanism for automatically restarting when power is restored after a power failure. So, be rest assured that your work will be completed without hindrance.

Other amazing features of this dehumidifier include:​

  • The precision humidistat can be controlled electronically to put the machine in a setting that will let you maximize its features
  • It’s range of humidity is between 35-80% of relative humidity
  • When in the manual mode, it can operate at a low temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This will impact positively on your electricity bill
  • EdgeStar 70 operates without noise pollution and is energy star certified
  • It has an auto start/stop function timer that works throughout the day
  • This dehumidifier can be transported from one place to another easily because of its caster wheels
  • It uses the gravity drain system although some versions of the dehumidifier use a pump system, e.g. the DEP700WP model
  • The Edge 70 dehumidifier is one of the dehumidifiers that can be bought on Amazon for an affordable price


  • It is very quiet without becoming a nuisance due to unnecessary noise
  • An adjustable humidistat for regulating the machine boosts its performance
  • Portable and can be transported easily without problems
  • Can remove 70 pints of moisture daily
  • Its auto restart feature is beneficial for restarting after the restoration of light in case of power failure


  • An “EC” error code may pop up after prolonged use
  • Ice may build up on the filter when the weather outside is cold

This is a good dehumidifier from Keystone. It can compete with the others effortlessly because of its attributes.

With this system, you can ensure continuous draining by using a hose to remove the extracted water, giving the container enough space to collect the extracted water from the moisture.

For a room that is about 3000sq. ft. in size, this dehumidifier is highly efficient – this is uncommon for most humidifiers as most of them can be used in places that are far below this in size.

It has different settings such as Turbo, Normal, and Auto-Defrost – you can use each of the settings according to your preference.

This keystone product is speedy at removing moisture than other dehumidifiers. This makes the job being done more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, The dust filter is removable and easy to clean, thereby contributing to its low maintenance claims.

Now, when you combine the efficiency of this low-temperature dehumidifier with its low cost, you have a perfect machine that meets all your needs for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.​

Other features are:​

  • Energy Star, in 2014, certifies it as a result of the efficiency of the machine
  • It can remove about 50 pints of moisture from the surrounding air daily
  • Keystone dehumidifier is highly energy efficient, making it one of the best dehumidifiers with that feature
  • The 50-pint dehumidifier is portable due to its lightweight frame in contrast to large humidifiers
  • It is less expensive than most dehumidifiers – this makes it the preferred dehumidifier among experts
  • It has a defrost mode for operating under low temperature


  • It can be used to effectively dehumidify a larger area than most dehumidifiers
  • It meets all the criteria for certification by Energy Star
  • It is cheaper than most dehumidifiers despite its record of efficiency
  • It can work at a low temperature with its defrost mode
  • It is effortless to maintain without unnecessary hitches


  • The instruction manual is not informative enough as you may have to contend with many questions begging for answers
  • The dehumidifier has its own share of noise

This dehumidifier reviews won't be complete without mentioning this product. This 12.5 inches dehumidifier is a beast among its contemporaries. You need to see its properties to appreciate the power packed in this product – you can easily move it from one location to another. If you have a good number of the device, you can easily transport them with a hand truck.

One of its strength is its ability to cover a wide area of space – It happens to be one of the few dehumidifiers that can cover about 7,000 square feet of space. Apart from that, it also enjoys the support of a built-in humidistat that can display both the humidity and temperature conditions.

One of the things I love is that maintaining the Revolution dehumidifier is easy as it requires no special maintenance routine. It is compact and not a heavy-duty product. Despite its size, you can easily handle it due to its compactness.

It can also extract about 80-pints of moisture daily, another feature unique to this product because most of the available dehumidifiers can extract from 70-pints daily downward.

Other remarkable features of this dehumidifier are: 

  • It has a control panel for the display of outlet and inlet temp as well as real-time display of RH
  • Due to its small size, you can store it in small spaces like bathrooms or stairwells without the fear of being damaged
  • This little dehumidifier can remove about 80-pints of moisture every day


  • It is lightweight making its use within the home very easy
  • Its ease of maintenance is another thing to write home about. Without undergoing excess stress, you can put it in good shape always
  • Its scope of operation is about 7,000 square feet. No other dehumidifier on this list can cover that much space
  • It comes with a humidistat, a feature that helps the user to know the current temperature and humidity


  • It is expensive as it available on Amazon for a staggering sum
  • It cannot be used in basements and other crawl spaces in the home where enough space is needed for adequate performance

One of the challenges of most dehumidifier is the need to empty the dehumidifier manually several times a day. That can be challenging unless you have the Edge Star 70 product that has a fitted drain dehumidifier pump.

Its versatility makes it useful almost anywhere in the home. Whether you want to humidify your bathroom, bedroom, and other humid places in the home, you will find this machine readily available to get it done for you.

With this appliance, you can expel moisture to about 16 feet away from you as a result of the presence of an internal drain pump – this ensures that your environment is always clean and dry.

It has a frost guard that protects it from frost. Its auto-defrost functions also support an operation that is fully functional at the right temperature of 41 df. Also, this appliance automatically shuts off when the right humidity level is reached. The shutting down of the fan and compressor will lead to reduction in noise around you.

Portability is achieved with its mobile casters which remove the responsibility of carrying the device from one place to another. The combination of all these functions will keep your house clean, comfortable, and healthy if you can use this machine that ranks among the best dehumidifier with pump.

Other great attributes of this device are:​

  • It can conveniently cover an area of 800 sq. ft. in your home
  • It can extract as much as 70-pints of moisture from the humid air around you within a period of 24 hours
  • It conserves energy and reduces your monthly electricity expenses
  • It also has an electronic LED display function for ease of reading the humidity pressure in your home
  • Like others in the group, the 70-pint dehumidifier has an adjustable humidistat and a polypropylene filter that is washable anytime


  • It is energy-efficient and reduces your bills because the machine doesn’t require too much energy to function properly
  • An electric LED display for accurate display of humidity
  • It is a versatile dehumidifier that can be utilized for dehumidifying several places in the home
  • With the aid of its mobile casters, transporting it from one location to another is not a challenge
  • It is very cheap


  • The EdgeStar 70 pint humidifier has no known cons as of writing
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We have successfully given you an honest review of the best dehumidifiers this year. The reviews are based on the features and attributes of each of the products to offer you a platform that will help you understand how dehumidifiers work and make the right choice.

Best Home Dehumidifiers Buyers Guide

When shopping for a reliable dehumidifier, some factors you should have in mind include:

The efficiency: You must take into account how efficient the product is in taking care of your need. If it can’t conveniently dehumidify your home in a matter of minutes and do it well, then it is not worth it.

The scope of operation: The mode operation must be understood. A complex product may not be able to serve its purpose as far as you are concerned because you are not going to hire a professional to operate it for you. You’re the one that’s going to make use of it on a regular basis; so, it has to be simple for you to understand.

Effects on the environment: Does the product have an untoward effect on the environment? Your immediate surroundings are not the only thing to consider, your health and that of your family are equally important.

Price: You should also consider the price. No matter what your budget is, you will always find a product that can fit into your budget and provide value for you. A thorough research will give you that. When doing such research, you will find this buyer’s guide valuable because it touches the different factors that are critical to getting what you want.

Durability: Don’t forget to consider the durability too. This is essential because a durable dehumidifier will not only dehumidify your home, but it will also save you from high-maintenance cost and the need for constant replacement of products or their parts.

Dehumidifier Reviews | Conclusion

In this dehumidifier reviews, we've tried to cover everything you need to buy a good home dehumidifier. No matter what, this is one of those gadgets you cannot afford not to have in your home to ensure safety and good health of yourself and your loved one.

Perhaps you have used one of these products; you can share your experience and contribute to the post and assist people who want to know how to dehumidify a room.

What are the useful tips you can give others to make the right choice when shopping for the best dehumidifier from your personal experience?

If you also find this article useful, you can contribute your little quota to make some improvements that will make the list more informative for others too.

You can also help us spread the message by sharing the information with your friends and families. Do you have other suggestions? We expect them in the comments section.

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