Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews (Definitive List)

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Are you planning to remodel your kitchen with the best kitchen faucets? Thinking of the best kitchen faucet to choose?

There are lots of kitchen faucet brands out there to choose from, and this is one of those this things you cannot afford to ignore.

Let me tell you: 

It does not matter how small or how big your kitchen is, you sure need a kitchen faucet.

However, the problem is not usually to buy kitchen faucets, but to know which faucet brand is best and which one will serve your desired purpose.

Therefore, to save you the trouble of finding the best faucet for your kitchen, I have come up with the best ever guide of the best rated faucets 2019.

After carrying out excessive research on the internet and testing some of these kitchen faucets, I’ve shortlisted the six leading faucets that you can buy right now. I also hope they will make our list of Best Kitchen Faucets 2020.

Enjoy reading the best rated faucets for kitchen and choose the most desirable option for you.

By the time you’re done reading this super-duper guide, you will be able to know the:

  • Different styles of faucets
  • 6 Leading Kitchen Faucet brands
  • A comparison table for easy choosing of the best faucet for your kitchen
  • Individual reviews of each faucet brand
  • The ultimate buying guide for kitchen faucets

Best Kitchen Faucets 2022

Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

Honestly, it is difficult to list the different styles of faucets as they are available in different number of styles when you go to the market.

Although, style does matter and you will always want a faucet which suits best in your kitchen and will give you a nice look.

To make things easy for you, I have categorized these faucets in 6 different styles, which are explained in bullet points for your easy understanding:

1. Pull out Faucets
  • Comes with one handle
  • Easily adjusting of the water flow
  • Longer spray head for easy filling of larger vessels
  • Not suitable to fill out longer vessels
  • Best suitable for limited space near your sink
2. Pull Down Faucets
  • Pretty much same like the above in design
  • Varying spray options which makes easy rinsing or filling of the utensil
  • Ideal for deep sinks
  • It doesn’t have the ability to move from sink to countertop unlike pull out faucets
  • Only one fluid movement i.e. downwards
3. Commercial/Fusion Faucets
  • All round usability (360° rotation)
  • Fantastic looks
  • Inexpensive with high recommendation
  • Brings a sense of professionalism to your kitchen
  • Can also become the decorative statement for your kitchen
4. Separate Spray Faucets
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Can be operated by one hand
  • Comes with a side spray for easy operation
  • Some sprayers starts leaking as they are made up of plastic
5. Motion Detection/Touchless Faucets
  • No need of touching the faucet
  • Sensate your hands passing and water starts flowing
  • Avoids spreading of the germs
  • Keeps your kitchen hygienic and clean
  • Most up to date technology
6. Two Handle Faucets
  • Separate handles for cold and hot water
  • Control on temperature and flow of the water
  • Long necks to fill larger pots

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

With thousands of options available in Faucets Brands, it is easy to get confused while trying to make a choice, and to think which brand is worthy of your investment. A good brand is that which gives you best services at affordable prices.

So, I have solved this problem by writing about the 6 best faucet brands starting with a comparison table. I hope this will help you to opt for the best brand for your kitchen.

Choosing the best rated faucets for your kitchen is always a tedious work mainly because of the wide variety of options in the market. You have to understand that all the kitchen faucets out there are good, it all depends on your budget and expectations.

In order to help you make an informed decision let’s go ahead with this kitchen faucet reviews. We’ll focus on the kitchen faucets listed on the table above so you will have a more understanding of what you’re buying.

Best Rated Kitchen Faucets Reviews

1. Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless

41ek0yJplTL. SL500

Delta is one of the leading and reputed brands dealing in kitchen faucets. With their upmost technology and perfection, they have produced leak proof kitchen faucets. Their utmost sincerity in giving good faucets to the consumers made them #1 in the market.

Delta is famous for producing its products with their own technology; like the Diamond Valve.

It has not only a longer life and durability but it also comes with a feature of showing off to your friends with the help of its modern designing as a beautiful piece of art and the brass coating making it to look attractive and expensive.

It is manufactured in such a way that the flows of water looks like a smooth flowing stream unlike some faucets which have the flow of water like a spray making the whole sink and its counterpart dirty.

Its highest selling model is Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland which is a Pull out Faucet adding the finishing touch to your kitchen. The reason I choose this model for review is because of its stunning looks and functionality as you can see below:


This model comes with a look of a teapot which might sound unconvincing at first but after having a look at its art and styling, you will want it for your kitchen.

You can choose from the 5 color variants manufactured by the company according to the theme of your kitchen.

You can see this masterpiece in Classic stainless steel, Arctic stainless steel, Chrome stainless steel, Champagne bronze and Venetian bronze where all these 5 variants comes in their own styling and charm.


It is exclusively made with stainless steel and its traditional style comes with a modern Touch20 Technology which allows you to turn on and off the faucet with a single touch and Reflexive Technology to give its spout complete 360° rotation for easy accessibility all over the sink.

Not only the exterior is remarkable but its interior too is a work of appreciation as Delta Diamond Valve Technology is used to strengthen its interiors with help of diamond sealing.

When it comes to the water flow then, you can be fully assured as it comes with easy adjustment of the flow of water and also you can control the temperature as you wish. It also comes with a magnetic spray which is crafted such that it can be held to a place without any issue.

It is little bit hard to install but if you have a bit knowledge about plumbing then its installation will not be a challenging task for you and you don’t have to spend large amount of bucks to the plumber as well.

Overall this faucet is the most attractive one in the market which will add style and charm to your kitchen. An easy to clean and leakage proof faucet has become everybody’s choice and it is easily available with great price offers at

  • Has a hard plastic rocker switch, which is much more durable than the soft rubber types
  • It cleans easily and shows no signs of chipping, scratching, fading, etc
  • Comes with expandable spray head.
  • The plumbing components that are included with the faucet were not of high quality
  • The plastic retainer for its extension hose can snap off if not careful
  • The sprayer hose does not retract well on it’s own
What We Like
  • Has a hard plastic rocker switch, which is much more durable than the soft rubber types
  • It cleans easily and shows no signs of chipping, scratching, fading, etc
  • Comes with expandable spray head.
What We Don’t Like
  • The plumbing components that are included with the faucet were not of high quality
  • The plastic retainer for its extension hose can snap off if not careful
  • The sprayer hose does not retract well on it’s own

2. Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless (7594SRS)

319oklZOs5L. SL500

Styles of this brand stand outside the box. Similarly, its control in water pressure and uniqueness in design makes it to stand second in the list.

Moen is the leading brand which delivers less water per second than any other brands which is because of its Water Sense Technology as named by Moen. Its innovation in designs has made lives easier.

The 3 new styles; modern, transitional and traditional has won many hearts. Modern style stands for the elegant styling for uncomplicated space.

Transitional stands for exquisite grace which can match any type of interior and the last, Traditional speaks for those timeless designs which give a soothing comfort.

Faucets by Moen comes with latest technology of One-piece Washerless Catridge which means no washers, springs or discs causing those annoying drips which makes the kitchen sink look dirty.

Moen 7594SRS is the highest selling model from the house of this brand. Its decorative styling with a little curve of the spout gives it a complete stunning look. Classified under Moen Arbor line, this pull down single handed lever makes your life easier.


There is no doubt that it is the most stylish to which the manufacturers has given a modern and sleek look. If you look at its pull down then the demarcation line is faintly visible when given a closer look.

This one comes in 4 vibrant finishes, namely, Spot resist stainless, Chrome, Matte Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze. So you have a different variety to choose from and match it with your kitchen theme.


This steel constructed faucet is leakage proof and ensures you with a long run and durability. It is made from a technology which resists water and fingerprints spots, both, leaving your faucet clean every time.

It comes with a Duralock quick connect system which means that it can be installed easily without the help of any plumber. It also gives you a spray mode to resist wastage of water.

Fully loaded with modern features, it also comes with a feature of Microban which gives 24*7 protections from germs. Its pause button is another modern technology which can pause the flow of water.

Now, this faucet is highly recommended because of its handle which can be positioned anywhere, easy up keeping, its Water Sense technology allows zero splashing and spattering of water around the sink and the most important one is its long lasting warranty.

A famous and respected brand name in Europe is now heading to spread in the markets of America with its affordable prices and modern technology.

  • Very clear and easy installation
  • Good design and easy to operate handle
  • Special tool included for installation
  • Can be installed for left handed people
  • Has a rotatable handle
  • A very long warranty from the company
  • The handle loosens with time and leaks water
  • Some contains a defective part
  • The color of the neck differs from that of the valve
  • Low water flow (Not best if you regularly fill pots for cooking pasta)
  • The PAUSE button must be HELD on – if you let your thumb off the button, the water starts flowing again
  • Nozzle button has a semi-cheap feel

Overall, this kitchen faucet is a dope, and i will highly recommend it for anyone that cares about quality.

3. KOHLER K-10433-VS Forte Single Control Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet with Color-Matched Sprayhead and Lever Handle, Vibrant Stainless

41KZ12zhTIL. SL500

This American brand has being in faucet business from 1911. Consumers choose Kohler to get good quality faucets at affordable price range.

To make your kitchen look best there should be a proper blend of style and function of the faucet as the taste and aroma blends in your best culinary creation.

That’s where Kohler plays the major role in blending that style and functionality with help of their beautiful designs varying in materials, styles and color.

Constructed with solid brass and zinc, Kohler’s products are life time promising partners with its long lasting beauty. Their extraordinary range comes with a PVC finish and its Ceramic Disc Valves will ensure its durability and no leakage.

Kohler faucets also come with the modern technology of controlling water flow at any temperature which is also resistant to debris and hard water.

Now comes their technology of simplified installation which has flexible connections and which decreases the mobility of connectors and different heavy tools. With every product you install, your time, effort and money are saved.

Kohler has introduced its new Vibrant collection which has an everlasting shine, exquisite finish and appealing looks. This collection comes with three finishes, Moderne polished gold, Moderne brushed gold and French gold. Interestingly, this unique collection comes with a warranty of 12 years.

Kohler K-10433-VS is the best ever style produced with beautifully crafted handle. Made with stainless steel and a matching Spray head, it ensures durability and lifetime performance.

It comes with the feature of MasterClean Spray face which resists in building up of mineral and giving the access of easy cleaning. Its resistance against corrosion and tarnishing has made this brand the leading choice of the consumers. Every penny spent is worth the product value.


Its fluid design lines high goose like neck makes this pull out faucet convenient to use. You can fill larger pots quickly from any direction because of its 360° revolving high arch spout.

Available in 5 different variants namely, Brushed chrome, Polished chrome, Vibrant brushed bronze, Vibrant brushed nickel and Vibrant stainless. Each variant has its own charm and style to give a complete new look to your kitchen.


This highly durable faucet is manufactured in U.S.A. its single lever handle allows to control the temperature of water for your safety. The use of Ceramic Disc Valves provides strength to the interior of the faucet and makes it durable and leakage proof.

It also comes with easy installation because of its simplified and flexible supply lines and gives access to easy cleaning, it controls the bacteria build up because of its modern technology.

Overall, this faucet is of a great value which is durable and convenient. It comes with a touch spray to convert the flow of water from stream to spray or vice versa.

  • Construction (all metal). Finish, and general quality are excellent
  • The Controls are very solid
  • Very easy to install and works like a charm
  • The head pull is firm and it stores securely
  • Water saving ability
  • Excellent customer service
  • The pull out slayer feels flimsy
  • Has a fixed flow restrictor
  • The hoses is a bit short but can be extended
  • Can leak around the handle sometimes
  • It is high from sink as a result, it splashes easily
Things We Like
  • Construction (all metal). Finish, and general quality are excellent
  • The Controls are very solid
  • Very easy to install and works like a charm
  • The head pull is firm and it stores securely
  • Water saving ability
  • Excellent customer service
Things We Don’t Like
  • The pull out slayer feels flimsy
  • Has a fixed flow restrictor
  • The hoses is a bit short but can be extended
  • Can leak around the handle sometimes
  • It is high from sink as a result, it splashes easily

4. Kraus KPF-2130 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

31Zpe5hNIWL. SL500

This brand of faucet manufactures high quality products with endless creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Its durable designing gives a modern look to its products and the design is made such that it performs lifetime functioning.

Kraus has become the first faucet industry to make its products with the combination of stainless steel and high quality bronze ensuring resistance to corrosion and tarnishing.

Designs by Kraus are inspired from the traditional European timeless style and uncompromising quality.

Also, Kraus faucets are certified “lead” free which means that lead is not allowed to pass through the faucet. They also comply with water conservation act in which their faucets are not allowed to let water flow exceeding 2.2 gallons per minute.

This brand stands out due to its professionally made appliances. Its leading model to hit the markets is KPF-2130 which is a single lever pull out kitchen faucet. This multi-functional kitchen faucet with a stainless steel construction will give a total new outlook to your kitchen.

Its interiors are no less than its impressive exteriors. The interior is strengthened with Ceramic Disc Valves which ensures no leakage or dripping from the faucet.


Its shiny looks are attractive to the buyers’ eyes. Its design and looks you will surely get to hear a number of compliments. Its stainless steel body enhances the complete look of your kitchen making it more attractive than before.


Its easy option to switch between the stream or spray flow of water is liked by almost everyone. But there is only one problem with the pull out spray head, it is not magnetic and needs to be pulled out and pulled back manually.

The plus point in the spray head is that it’s not made up of plastic unlike other brands’ spray heads.

This faucet satisfies the both needs for a stylish and durable faucet at the same time. It will last long due to its stainless steel body as it comes with a limited warranty; you can be ensured with any defect or repairing of the faucet for free during its warranty period.

The stream water flow is great to clean utensils easily and its style is such that it is more compatible with the larger sinks.

This faucet is highly recommended by the customers as its stainless steel body gives longer durability and designing a stylish look to go in love with this faucet.

Now, the warranty of this brand has increased from 10 years to lifetime warranty, which is a great deal of confidence in their products and also, some of the faucets of Kraus are approved in California for installation which provides a satisfaction in the minds of buyers.

  • You can set it for stream or spray and it stays there
  • Pull out mechanism works very well
  • Heavy duty and solid stainless steel
  • It allows for much stronger water pressure
  • Can spray forward so you don’t have to bend into the sink to use it
  • The handle operates smoothly and the entire design is sleek and efficient
  • The hose might start to stink after a while
  • Has a slow water flow
  • In some cases, the handle might be falling off repeatedly
  • You can only get the refill cartridge from the Kraus company
  • The control handle tends to come loose and will fall off into the sink if you don’t notice that it is coming loose
  • Some people complained that it’s too big

5. Grohe 32 298 SD0 Ladylux3 Main Sink Dual Spray Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, RealSteel Stainless Steel

314A+dAK5sL. SL500

This company has received lots of awards for their remarkable innovative designs. With their specialized designing process they are the leading faucet manufacturing brand.

It is obvious that you cannot change kitchen faucets in a short span of time and so if you don’t want to compromise with the durability, design and a faucet equipped with latest technology you have to become a little loose handed buyer if you are going for Grohe.

Its innovation and technology has made this the most leading and selling brand in the market. Its unique Grohe Blue filter technology lets an ordinary tap turns into a source of fresh water.

They have also designed kitchen mixers faucets to make your kitchen look extraordinary. With their three spout styles innovation, they have made their space in the market. These mixers come with Grohe StarLight which resists scratch, spots and tarnishing while doing tough duties in the kitchen.

It comes with Dream Spray which is the patented technology of Grohe and refines the spray pattern. Grohe Zero is another exclusive technology used by Grohe improving the resistance to corrosion.

This brand completely knows the needs of the buyers so they have improved by time and produced a technology Grohe whisper where the faucets are made with high quality sound numbing joints which produces noiseless flow of water.

Grohe 32 298 SDO, is the leading faucet from the house of Grohe. Germans have done a really remarkable work this time by manufacturing this faucet. Its sleek and modern design with its matching accessories fits well into every type of kitchen.

It comes with a trigger spray which non-stick is thus making it easy to use and clean. With its latest technology it is easy to control the temperature of the water.


It is made with a contemporary touch such that it fits well into every type of kitchen and becomes the center of attraction. Its pullout handle is made up of plastic material but it hardly makes any difference due to the stainless steel coating on it.

Available in 3 variants which are attractive enough for its installation in your kitchen: Real stainless steel, Real stainless steel Black and Super steel.


This faucet works well in all areas. Dual spray option is available with this product where its pull down head will make an easy reach to clean the places which you hardly can.

Similarly, its patented technologies of Dream Spray and Grohe zero makes this faucet more convincing to buy.

Grohe kitchen faucet also comes with another technology i.e. EcoJoy which lets you use water efficiently with low consumption. Its modern look with easy installation method solves the problem of choosing the best faucet for your kitchen.

Grohe’s warranty is the best proved all over the warranty although it’s limited but returning or replacing the faucet is an easy task to do.

Overall this faucet is a heart winning product although, it comes with a little higher price but judging by its durability and features, its well worth it. This faucet is also constructed in such a way that it can fit into any type of kitchen.

  • It’s easy of use and good quality makes doing the dishes a breeze
  • The nozzle pulls very smooth with good spray pressure
  • You can have the water either in regular stream or spray mode
  • Very easy to install even without the help of a plumber
  • The handle clears the backsplash easily
  • The nozzle end does not naturally slip completely into the shaft
  • The flow handle is very difficult to control
  • The spray option is not fixed but reverts to the straight flow when the button is released
  • The aerator could be a bit better
  • There is no “lock” on the sprayer

6. Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet, Stainless Steel

This company is known for its innovation and reputation. It is a North American young company as compared to others but it creates masterpieces with help of their modern technology. They are greatly known for their pricing policy and affordable prices.

Their classic modern design comes with a touch of bronze finish to give it a complete stylish look.They have also refreshed their logo and website to build up a higher brand name making it a tough competitive brand for other brands.

Danze has recently received 3 innovation awards which made them popular amongst the consumers.

Danze D455158SS is designed by Parma line up to give it a complete good outlook for your kitchen. Its features functions just like its styles and designs but come with a limited warranty.

A commercial look faucet manufactured by Danze to add professionalism and a new statement for your kitchen. Best chosen by the super modern buyers who wants to give their kitchen a different look. They have flourished the market by their cutting edge style by Parma.


It stands 22 inches high so it impressively arcs over your sink. It is available in two variants: stainless steel and chrome to compliment any type of kitchen. Its fluid lines give this faucet a contemporary look which becomes a piece of gaze for many.

The spring design over the spray wand gives it an Exquisite look. Its solid designing makes this faucet look expensive and gives the kitchen a complete modern look.


Danze uses Ceramic Disc Valves in the interiors of their faucets to give it strength and durability so that it doesn’t leak. The spray wand is easy to pull out because of its spring designing.

10 inches hose will provide you with two spray modes, first one being the aerated stream which allows doing rinsing and cleaning easily and second one is a spray which allows doing heavy jobs like rinsing fruits and vegetables.

Overall this Danze’s production is easy to use and provides you with a good flow of water. Its design makes it to fit for super modern kitchens.

Giving your kitchen a fresh and updated look, this Danze Parma single handle kitchen faucet coordinates well with the kitchen. You can pair up this faucet with a Parma soap dispenser and pot filler.

  • Fantastic water pressure
  • The spray wand is easy to pull out because of its spring designing
  • Visually appealing and very high end quality
  • The sprayer is super convenient
  • Durable
  • It squeaks loudly when turned side to side
  • The nozzle is painted plastic, and the paint wears off after a few months of use
  • Not good for a small kitchen because of its size
  • The hose could have been longer

Top Kitchen Faucets 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

This guide will give you the complete overview of kitchen faucets having different styles, materials functionality and finish.

Is your kitchen sink begging to you for a new faucet? But you are confused to choose the best match for your kitchen… right?

You want a faucet which is durable, perfectly polished and safe to use?

Or perhaps, price is the first thing which comes in your mind but you don’t want to compromise with your kitchen.

Below are all the things you need to keep in your mind before purchasing a faucet for your kitchen:

  • Good valve
  • Temperature limit feature
  • Water flow restrictions (modern day faucets doesn’t allow to use more than 2.5 gallons per minute)
  • Warranty does place an important role as it ensures you the protection against leaking or dripping.

Kitchen Faucets Styles

Basically, faucets come in four basic styles.

1. Single Handle

This is the most common style used in almost every kitchen. It also lets you control the hot and cold flow of water with single hand.

Pros: easy to use and install. Occupies less space as compared to two handle.

Cons: doesn’t allow to adjust the water temperature.

2. Two Handle

This one is also the most common used in kitchens as it has the spout and valves connected on a single base unit.

Pros: allows temperature adjustments.

Cons: hard to install.

3. Pull Out and Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Hot water valve, cold water valve and the spout are all mounted separately. These are found rarely in the kitchens.

Pros: handy but look for the length of the hose to reach out all the corners.

Cons: not suitable for small sinks.

4. Hand Free Faucets

It comes with hands sensors which doesn’t mean to always touch the faucet. Don’t forget to look for the manual operation to convert the sensor operation.

Pros: convenient and ensures cleanliness. If your hands are dirty you don’t need to touch the faucet.

Cons: sometimes activators hides under the complex design of the fixture making it difficult to use them.

Best Rated Faucets | Know Your Sink

You should know the configuration of your sink very well if you are planning to buy a new faucet for your kitchen. Loom out for the countertop’s holes to avoid the drilling of a new one.

Be sure to get a sink which can accommodate an instant hot water spout, soap dispenser, a sprayer, etc. generally kitchen sinks have holes drilled for 8 inches.

Faucets Material and Finish

Most of the faucets are made from brass and then given several finishes.

However, brass creates a health risk by letting the tiny leads to contaminate the water but the manufacturers uses only 8% of brass but they are looking for other alternatives to minimize the use of it.

Furthermore, finishes such as of high gloss, antique brass, etc. are done on faucets to give them a glossy look.

Powder coats mixed with colors are also applied to make the faucet long lasting.

Kitchen Faucet Installation and Repairs

Look for those faucets which can be easily installed with help of a screw driver. Most faucets comes with a guarantee of leakage proof but if it does then manufacturer gives the replacement offer.


If you want your kitchen area to look more well and useful then you can use some extras to place it in your kitchen or bar areas.

  • Bar Faucets: These smaller faucets fits well into the smaller sinks located behind a preparatory area other than main kitchen area.
  • Pot Filler Faucets: Usually, these faucets are placed above the stove to fill larger pots steadily without carrying those heavy pots towards main faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2022 | Conclusion

The points mentioned above are important and should be kept in mind whenever you are planning to buy a faucet for your kitchen.

Amazon provides you with great deals on the best kitchen faucets, which not only ensures the quality but also gives you discounts as compared with the showroom price to save your money. You can look and compare between different faucets available out there.

Also, thousands of reviews available on will help you to choose the best rated faucets for your kitchen.

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