Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Your Home

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Do you have a front yard or backyard that need a couple of outdoor lights to add ambiance to your landscape? If you do, you only have two alternatives, either you opt for electrical lighting or solar lighting system.

It’ll be a mistake to assume that opting for electrical lights is the best way to add beauty to your yard.

I once had such thought that electrical bulbs are the best alternative. But its outcome wasn’t impressive at all.

Yes! It did add visual appeal to my home. However, I frequently replace the bulbs, and I always got a shocking increase in my electricity bills each month.

Investing in electrical lights for your landscape might be useful, but other expenses go alongside it.

Now, why not try outdoor solar lights instead? They are a great way to add style and curb appeal to your building, without having to spend so cash.

Moreover, it relieves you from the electricity bill. Thus, if you are looking forward to purchasing the best outdoor solar lights, this article is for you.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

How Outdoor Solar Lights Works

First, I want to clear a common misconception that tends to convince a lot of people into not buying solar lights.

Most people firmly believe that solar lights can’t work at night, on cloudy or raining days, only on bright days.  Well, it’s not true.

A solar light works efficiently at any given climate or weather – and not only on sunny days.

Solar light is a lighting system machined with solar panels, LED lamps, charge controller, battery, and sometimes inverted. With the help of these components, the solar light can generate and store power during the day and release it at night.

The Solar panels undergo a process called Photovoltaic, which is responsible for the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Furthermore, the battery saves up energy tapped from the board and later provides power when there is no light energy at night.

Besides, the charge controller section ensures that the battery does not damage by overcharging or over-discharging, under extreme weather with high temperature.

Also, this section includes other parts such as lighting protection, light and time controller, sound, reverse polarity protection, temperature compensation, and Ac transfer switches.

The Ac transfer switches are for automatic sensitive back-up loads that powered the LED bulbs on, whenever an outage occurs.

Although, the lighting system can be customized to switch on automatically at a specified period.

Advantages of Outdoor Solar Path Lights

Outdoor Solar

Aside from the aesthetic values, outdoor solar lights provide through compelling sizes, designs, and functionality,  other benefits might interest you.

So, let us take a quick view at some of the reasons why outdoor solar-powered lights are all you need for your outdoor space.

1. Outdoor Solar Lights are Versatile

Solar lights do not require electrical wiring. This could be beneficial for those who have a vast yard, as the solar lights need no extension cords and any turning on and off the system.

Furthermore, outdoor solar lights come with three different mounting options, which makes mounting and installation very flexible. You can install and place the lights anyhow, provided it has direct contact with sunlight.

Also, few models have detachable solar panels, while others come with fixed solar panels. These features give room for flexibility.

2. Safety

While electrical lighting fixtures pose a safety threat to humans and pets around, outdoor solar lights are friendly even in extreme weather conditions.

Well, this is, as a result, the solar lights do not require extension cables for power source, because they all operate under the rechargeable battery.

3. Affordability

The most model like Gama Sonic new product guaranteed the last longing LED light bulb technology that uses less energy, yet it goes with a lower price.

Solar lights are cheaper, and they do not contribute to the pricy power bill. Thus it is beneficial if you are trying to reduce the price of the electricity bill. Also, as the prices are usually not high, you can save little money while opting for something authentic.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Solar lights are eco-friendly, due to its production materials. Aside from the stunning way a solar light converts energy from the sun for its usage, they are frequently made out of non-conductor materials –as such poses no threat.

Furthermore, compared to electrical light bulbs, the new Gama sonic LED light bulbs guarantee a 10-year lifespan. This is assuring for people like us –the consumers. Because we don’t want to replace or throw away bulbs anyhow.

5. Outdoor solar Lights are hassle-free.

While the use of electric outdoor lighting might come with a lot of limitations, the solar light is hassle-free. They are not complicated and do not require any professional assistance.

You don’t need to pay extra cash on contractors, landscaping team, or electrician to come to dig some holes to lay proper wiring.

For solar light, the path to installation only takes minutes and not costly routine maintenance needed.

Best Outdoor Solar Light Reviews

We come to the most critical section of this article, where you will only get to choose among the best outdoor solar lights.

These solar lightings discussed here, are not just selected randomly from the market. Instead, they are the most satisfying products, testified through the 90.9% high demands of customers, electricians, and landscaping teams compared to other models.

The truth is, I have personally used only 5-7 products here and can tell from experience, that they are great at qualities and efficiency.

1.   Zookki Solar Motion Sensor Light with 28 LED

51wpTCj4yPL. SL500

This is almost a flawless 28 LED solar security lights engineered with high-impact ABS capable of withstanding extreme weather. It’s an IP65 waterproof wall light that is easy-to-install, though powerfully built for outdoor security purposes.

Furthermore, for security and safety reasons, it has a brilliant solar Sensor light that is sensible to detect motion about 26 feet about 120º wide-angle range.

Then, it automatically turns on in the darkness, or within 3-5m at night and off after about 30s without continuous motion.

The Zookki Solar lights are ideal for your deck, pool, garden patio, garage, fences, and pathways. It’s the perfect outdoor light for you because it lasts longer.

That’s not all, it’s also a wireless solar wall light equipped with 1200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, 28 bright LEDs, with a great circuit board and 400 Lumens lights. Zookki can work efficiently for 5000 hours.

Product Features:

  • Design with no dim mode, only on/off mode
  • Designed of PIR motion sensor and night sensor
  • 28pcs led, covering with a lampshade
  • Durable with Waterproof IP 65
  • Intelligent energy-saving lighting
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Extended lifetime
  • The brightness covers a large area
  • Shine all night brightly
  • No noticeable flaws at the time of writing

2. InnoGear SL404 Upgraded Solar 2-in-1

51ClPh2QT5L. SL500

The InnoGear SL404 Upgraded version 2-in-1 is a waterproof outdoor solar light with lengthening stick that is more stable and can withstand bad weathers.

Unlike the old version, the upgraded version has taken brightness to a whole new level with a bigger solar panel; 2 level brightness working modes and built-in 1860 lithium rechargeable battery 2200mAh

It has upgraded frosted solar panel with all most no protective film required. Also, with a heatproof and super-bright of 200-lumen output, and 4×50 lumen enhance LED –which is the best solution for brightening your yard, pathway, trees, and garden.

Lastly, the InnoGear has a full range adjustable light and solar panel for maximum sun exposure.

Both suitable for wall and ground mounting. Also, it comes with a 2-in-1 tool-free installation with screws to mount on walls correctly.

Product Features:

  • 2 Lighting modes Waterproof
  • 200 Lumen super bright 4 LEDs
  • 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Adjustable and efficient solar panel
  • Durable batteries
  • It is easy to install
  • Versatile use
  • Run for 6-9 hours when charged
  • Automatic operation
  • More than 8 hours to charge fully
  • Oversensitivity
  • Non-replaceable bulbs
  • Weak Stakes
  • Must be switched on before charging

3. URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless

61zFqtYQDWL. SL500

If you’re having issues installing other products, the URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless is all you need. It requires no tools, and that makes installation pretty much more comfortable. Also, it’s waterproof and durable and is highly functional in all kinds of weather.

The URPOWER is an outdoor spotlight with a rechargeable and adjustable solar wall/in-ground lights. When sensing motion, it automatically turns on (300 lumens), so you can find your path.

Then, after a short window of about 30seconds after motion stops, it turns off. Also, the solar light it has two modes: Dim mode and bright mode.

Moreover, with a spec of automated switch system, high/low modes, 200 lumens with four brights LED bulbs, built-in rechargeable battery 2200mAh, the URPOWER can light up 6-9 hours when fully charged.

This is among the best outdoor solar lights with a capable waterproof motion sensor, that’s ideal for your deck, patio, seating areas and garden.

  • Installation is super easy
  • Best for any weather
  • Charges Fast
  • High and Low lighting modes
  • The battery isn’t durable

4. Best Solar Light SOLARPATHF2-2 10X Brightness 3000K

41UkAHshcWL. SL500

The Outdoor Solar LED is a Filament-Style light that illuminates any path outdoor. The product is of high-quality glass and outdoor metal lights. It’s weatherproof and durably constructed. The post, top, and stake are of durable metals.

On the other hand, it has warm and bright solar lights. The warm white of 3000k color temperature gives an outdoor lighting ambiance, with a 10X brighter light output.

The installation has never been easy. The Light SOLARPATHF2-2 is simple and easy to install. Simply unbox it, attach post and stake to the head, then flip on and insert. No wiring needed!

WARNING: For Californians, the Light SOLARPATHF2-2 may expose you to chemicals known that causes reproductive harm or cancer.

Product Features:

  • Made of Glass and metal features
  • Weighs about 2.7 pounds
  • It has a 3000K light temperature
  • High lumen light productivity
  • No extra wiring accessories
  • Stylish and unique design
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Add ambiance to outdoor space
  • Minor construction issues

5. TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

51visQq 5rL. SL500

If you are not able to pick any outdoor solar lights on this list, you should try TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded.

This solar light is constructed with a decorative waterproof flickering flames light –a curb appeal to your yard. The fancy flame dances gorgeously. It’s more like a real flame cast around a mood-enhancing glow.

This solar light has a battery and can be powered only through solar energy. Also, the product is weather resistance itself.  It’s waterproof and durable for all kinds of weather.

Useful Tips: if using it for the first time, ensure to charge the product for two sunny days. Then if the battery capacity reduces in the long run, turn off the lights for about 2-5 sunny day to increase battery life.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and durable
  • Inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Lights up for 12 hours
  • Charging time 8 hours
  • No wiring/easy installation
  • Withstand harsh weather
  • Long hours of illumination
  • No visible con

6. Aootek New Upgraded 48 LED Solar Lights

51qB6+DVpML. SL500

The Aootek New Upgraded 48 LED illuminates in a wide range, while the corner LEDs shines extra lights altogether. With a motion sensor, it can detect people from 26 feet within an angle of 120 degrees.

The battery is 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery; shines brighter and last longer. Also, the Aootek new upgraded 48 comes with a strong waterproof IP64 and heatproof for extreme weather conditions.

Aside from that, the Solar panels are highly efficient. It works automatically without much-absorbed sunray. Besides, you have three optional MODES: security light mode, permanent on all night mode, and smart brightness control mode.

Product Key Features

  • Super-bright LED
  • IP64 waterproof
  • Three Optional Modes
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Lasting battery
  • Vast ranged motion sensor
  • Inefficient charges on cloudy days

Best Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

7. URPOWER 20 LED Motion Sensor Lights

411lHdA8wmL. SL500

This is an exceptional product with four-packs, motion sensor light, powered wireless waterproof, though no dim mode. It’s the most straightforward exterior security wall light you can have for your yard.

The solar-powered with an easy-to-install system, detachable solar panel, no wiring needed –simply screw it onto the surface. Also, it’s easy to maintain. It’s simple but constructed with solid stainless steel.

With a powerful 20 LED solar light, two working modes, and intelligent sensor, your landscape is a safe zone.

Product Key Features:

  • LED motion with Large sensor range
  • LED solar light lasts for 10 hours
  • Flexible installation/ can be mounted in any direction
  • No wiring/ easy to install
  • Created with stainless steel material
  • Last 10 hours when fully charged
  • Detachable LED lamp/it Easy to clean
  • 100 lumen –very low
  • Inconsistent Motion detector

8. Solar Lights, Lampat Outdoor 62 LEDs

The Lampat Outdoor 62 LEDs is the solar light I use for my landscape. Thus, I can proudly say it’s an authentic product. It has a super bright motion sensor light, wireless waterproof security lights that are great for your walls, yard, driveway, and Garden.

Furthermore, Lampat comes with a unique Dim mode: A 26 outer warm white LEDs flash at night. While a 62 LEDs light up once it detects any movement.

The product ensures a lifetime solar panel, with the help of a transparent protective case –how great! Do you know it’s the only solar light on Amazon with such protective case?

This solar light can hold years of rain, ice, wind, and snow. Additionally, it has the most advanced in-built sensor that can detect motion up to 130 degrees of about 28 feet of length.

  • Stunning 62 LED lights
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Easy installation
  • None found at the time of review

9. Sunco Lighting 12-Pack pathway Solar Lights

51iZYmSC7zL. SL500

This light is a top-rated solar-powered LED for path lighting. Its IP65 weatherproof rating ensures your path light can stand against stormy weather. Moreover, it’s dust-tight constructed to keep your debris.

I must say, it’s the ideal outdoor solar light for garden, terrace, pool areas, and patio. Why? Because the light up at night is stunning. It illuminates your landscape either attached stake A or stake b then place in the ground.

Can correctly light for 8-10 hours non-stop of bright 7000K, yet only charge for 6-8hours. Lastly, the SUNCO comes with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed.

Key Features:

  • The lifespan of about 30,000 hours
  • Dust-tight constructions
  • Weighs 3.31 pounds
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Great brightness
  • CE and RoHS Certified
  • Good with harsh conditions
  • Anti-dust tight structures
  • Led not that durable

10. Morvat LED Motion Sensor 110 Lumens Walkway Lights

31g3Rpkt01L. SL500

Are you looking for a pathway solar light that is efficient?

The Morvat LED Motion Sensor 110 Lumens glows in a wide range and is perfect for walkway light with an excellent motion sensor.

The Solar light has about three modes:

Mode A: It turns on after detecting motion within 15 feet, while if no movement, it switches off, after 30sec window.

Mode B: The Blubs lights remain dim when it detects no movement, and brighten when movement is detected and resumes back to dark mode if no motion within 30sec.

Mode C: The solar light turns on automatically at night, and off during the day.

With these solar lights, you can add the ambiance to your pathway. It’s made of high quality and durable plastic, strong enough to withstand harsh elements. When compared to other light, it’s 2x brighter.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent motion sensor
  • Sensing coverage of 110 Lumen
  • Li-ion Battery of 3.7V 1200mAh
  • Weighs 4.23 pounds
  • Premium grade robust
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Pack of 4
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy to use
  • Last longing
  • Last longing

Best Solar Path Lights | How to Make The Right Choice

So what are you supposed to consider when searching for the best solar path lights?

Well, there are certain crucial features you must look for before making a purchase. Because most of these brands often promise more than their products can do.

They promise excellent service, while most times customers like you and I end up getting disappointing results.

Thus, this section will discuss the most essential features you must search for if you want to get home with the best solar powered outdoor lights that work great.

1. How Bright is the Bulbs?

Solar light bulbs are measured in lumens. The secret is, the higher the lumens, the brighter the bulbs light. Nothing should be below 10 lumens.

If you have a vast landscape, I highly recommend you choose a solar path lights with a higher lumen. However, if you have a little yard space, go for a lower lumen rating –but it shouldn’t be less than ten.

2. Intelligent Motion Detector

All the products review above has a smart motion detector. It is one of the coolest features for anyone who is security conscious.

If there is any movement around the solar light’s space, the motion detector triggers the solar light to turn on immediately. It helps you spot intruders early.

3. Weatherproof

Without the waterproof feature, your solar path lights will not be able to withstand harsh weather condition.

Thus, you must look for solar lights with water and heatproof features to counter such weather conditions.

4. Battery Capacity

The larger the battery capacity, the more preferable it is to purchase. The mAh should bear a more significant number.

Because the larger size it has, the more capability it has to handle brighter energy, therefore illuminating all night long.

5. Materials

If you miss following other rules, do not miss this one. Solar path lights with durable and high-quality material have a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, a high-quality product is crafted with glass and glass combination, and not plastic –take note!

How to Charge Your Solar Lights Without the Sun

outdoor solar 2

All solar powered outdoor lights panels can collect some charges even on cloudy days. Although, it won’t be as strong as that of the sunny days.

Thus, the best way to charge solar lights without the help of sunray or on a cloudy day is to use an amorphous solar panel, rather than the popularly known mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline panels.

Why? Because amorphous nature is design to trap more light energy from cloudy skies. However, mono-crystalline panels are more efficient.

Thus, let’s look at other means of charging solar lights without the sun.

1. Charging with Indirect Sunlight

How can you achieve such a goal? All that is required is to clean your solar panels very gently, by using clean water and microfiber cloth.

Here’s the secret: Cleaning any dirt, grime, or dust off the panel’s surface will help the solar lights charge efficiently, thus making use of the limited sunlight.

As long as there is a sun in the universe, your solar lights will charge.

 2. Using Artificial Lighting

For the best results, use the incandescent bulbs against your solar panel to trap energy. Although this method isn’t as effective as natural sunlight. You should place your solar panel underneath the incandescent bulb.

Note the nearer the solar panel to the household light, the faster it charges. Moreover, load the solar panels for about 12 hours if using the artificial lighting method.

Outdoor Solar Lights Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read all to this point, then we must have answered most of the frequently asked questions about outdoor solar lighting systems.

However, there are only two that are crucial, and we suggest you should know.

1. Are solar lights dangerous?

Almost all-pro solar LED lights may pose a fire hazard and cause damage due to its alleged defect on the lights batteries. Be careful!

2. How long do outdoor Solar Lights last?

Authentic solar lights should span for two years before being unable to hold enough energy for lighting. That is when the replacement comes in.

Also, when fully charged, solar light can shine brightly for about 5-12 hours.

Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights | Conclusion

One of the biggest mistakes in using solar lights for your landscape is not using the best outdoor solar lights.

So, it’s crucial to use any of the listed ten solar path lights we have reviewed above –to avoid such a mistake. Thus, as you can see, you have plenty of options within your reach.

So retake your time to go through the products one after the other to make a clear choice. But, all the solar lights here are top-rated sellers on amazon and the most trustworthy in terms of qualities and performance. They’re all durable and long-lasting.

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