Best Shower Caddy Reviews (Perfect for your Bathroom)

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Still wondering what is the best shower caddy and shower organizer for your bathroom? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. But before then, permit me to ask you a few questions. This will further help you to decide if you really need a bathroom shower rack or not.

Does your shower look so disorganized all the time and make you prone to accidents? Does your bathroom look like a place suffering from the ruins of a civil war? Well, you are not the only one having this problem, a lot of people who are busy with their jobs or academics do.

Time is so limited that one may not have enough of it to pay adequate attention to the basic things in the bathroom. But should that be an excuse for leaving our bathrooms so messy? No, of course!

The good thing is that, no matter how bad things are, there would always be a way out. In this post, we shall show you the best shower caddy, rack, shelves, storage and shower organizer, which you can easily use to keep your bathroom neater and better organized.

You deserve a better looking and classy place to take your bath and freshen up and prepare for your daily activities. Or don’t you know that starting off in a well-relaxed atmosphere would make you more productive during the day?

You really don’t have to bother yourself trying to research these materials because we have already done that for you. All you need to do is to take a look at our list and make your choice. Trust me, everything we have on our list is tested and proven to work perfectly well.

Types of Shower Caddy, Rack, Shelves, Storage And Organizer

There are different types of shower caddy, rack, shelves, storage and organizer, from which you can make your choice. Let’s quickly run through the popular ones:

  • Plastic shower caddy
  • Stainless steel shower caddy
  • Teak shower caddy
  • Tension pole shower caddy
  • Aluminum shower caddy
  • Hanging shower caddy
  • Standing shower caddy
  • Bamboo shower caddy
  • Corner shower caddy
  • Over the door shower caddy
  • Etc.

So, you can see that making a choice here isn’t as easy as you may have thought. However, before choosing one, you should first decide the type of material you need your caddy to be made of, the size of your bathroom, and a lot of other things.

Best Shower Caddy, Rack, Shelves, Storage & Organizer 2022

We understand that if you must get shower caddies, racks, shelves, storage and organizers, you would want to settle for the best and nothing short of that. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile in selecting the best and popular products for you.

How did we compile our list? You may ask. We did that by taking certain things like the product material, dimension, weight, pricing, customer rating and the manufacturer’s reputation into cognizance.

What we therefore have, are products that can be trusted any day, any time. The products below are top 10 and they are arranged not in their order of preference or importance; just that a product has to be on top and bottom of the list.

Comparison Chart

3165LmNtSgL. SL500
simplehuman 9′ Tension Pole Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum
413sV1PbfJL. SL500
iDesign Twigz Metal Wire Tension Rod Corner Shower Caddy, Adjustable 5′-9′ Pole and Baskets for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap with Hooks for Razors, Towels, Adjustable from 5′-9′, Silver,77686
ToiletTree Products Rust Proof Stainless Steel Shower Floor Caddy, 3 Tiers
31fBg eoCML. SL100
InterDesign Twigz Metal Wire Tension Rod Corner Shower Caddy, Pole and Baskets for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap with Hooks for Razors, Towels, 5-9′, Champagne
51RqyfHd+WL. SL500
Vidan Home Solutions Shower Caddy | Stainless steel, rustproof, wall mounted with suction cups, modern, spacious, multi-shelf shower organizer for Shampoo – Conditioner – Soap – Loofah – Razor
OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Stainless Steel Tension Pole Shower Caddy
AquaTeak Patented Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer & AquaTeak Two-Step Care Kit
31SwhpWXYNL. SL500
OXO 1451380 Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy
41jo7CiQ4UL. SL100
Zenna Home 2125BN Tension Corner Pole Caddy, Brushed Nickel

Best Shower Organizer Reviews

3165LmNtSgL. SL500

One product you will certainly love if you are interested in keeping your bathroom better arranged is the Simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy, Adjustable Tension Pole, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum.

This caddy is adjustable in order to create more room for your bottles and other things you would love to keep away from the floor.

Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, this caddy is sturdy and able to withstand stress and serve you for a longer duration, and it’s one of the best tension shower caddy out there.

Let’s quickly look at the reasons why it made our list of the best shower caddies.

  • Adjustable: This product has adjustable shelves that easily slide up and down in order to create more space for tall bottles
  • Easy to install: You do not need any tool to be able to install the caddy. All that you need is to extend the caddy to get it installed
  • Extensible: It can be extended up to 6-9 feet to enable it fit into any bath or shower
  • Quick dispensing: Bottles are stored upside-down to make it faster to dispense their contents
  • Secure: It comes with reinforced aluminum pole with springs that can be easily compressed as well as gripping rubber feet to securely fit between the floor and the ceiling
  • Multipurpose: The caddy has storage hooks that can hold a toothbrush, razor, loofah and a lot of other accessories
  • Rust-Proof: Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, two separate materials that are resistant to rust. This accounts for the long lifespan it enjoys.
  • Weighty: At 8.8lbs, this bath caddy is a little bit heavy for an average person to lift and move about
  • Rusting baskets: Some buyers have complained of their basket rusting after some months of use. This is the major complaint from the various buyers

2. InterDesign Twigz Constant Tension Shower Caddy

413sV1PbfJL. SL500

This is another lovely product by InterDesign which helps in maintaining a well-organized bath. This is also a good rust resistant shower caddy.

It’s made of new patented constant tension technology with added Thermo Bond coating to improve its resistance to corrosion or rust.

If your dream is to find a way of keeping things off the floor of your bath or shower, then you really have to give this product a try.

Why did we pick this shower rack to be included on our list of the best shower caddy? Well, we shall soon let you know.

Take a little time to go through the pros and the features will convince you why we added it.

  • Strong: The strong tension is evenly distributed throughout the length of the pole. The pole is, therefore, able to carry weight without easily giving in
  • Rust-Resistant: The quality of finish makes it resistant to rust, thereby giving you quality for money
  • Extensible: The pole can be extended up to 5-9 feet with Non-Skid feet to make it steady
  • Durable: This rust proof shower caddy is made of sturdy materials that account for its longevity
  • Accommodative: It easily accommodates different items like soaps, washcloths, razors and a lot of others
  • Adjustable: It can be moved to any part of the bath and can fit into any corner of the bathroom
  • Space-Saving: This tension shower caddy does not take up much space in the bath or shower
  • Unstable: Some of the shelves easily snap leading to collapse of the caddy
  • Rusting: As with the other bath tub caddy already discussed, one big problem with this is that the shower basket rusts fast
  • Fragile: One other complaint is that the caddy is not able to hold 1-liter bottles of shampoos. The caddy baskets easily cave in under increased weight

3. ToiletTree Products Shower Floor Caddy, Stainless Steel


This standing shower caddy, a product of the Toilet Tree is an item you can really trust to take care of your bathroom essentials.

The 3-tier shower floor caddy comes with a 5-year guarantee. Its ability to hold bottles up to 11 inches tall in the middle shelf is a feature you would never want to miss.

Besides, the product is quite light and can be moved around without any form of stress.

We shall still talk about the other features which have endeared this product to the hearts of the buyers.

  • Light-weight: This portable shower caddy is light-weight and does not require any assistance to move it around. It only weighs 3.5 pounds, meaning that it can be moved by even children
  • Rust-Proof: It is made from 201 stainless steel material which makes it able to withstand rust. It’s not coated with chrome which can easily rust
  • Roomy: The 3 tiers of this stainless steel shower caddy are quite spacious and able to store standard sized body wash and shampoo bottles
  • Steady: The first 3 feet on the bottom is coated with rubber coating to enable it to stay in place and prevent it from moving around unnecessarily. This is why the product is steady
  • 5-Year Rust Free Guarantee: Included with the product is a 5-year rust free guarantee. So, if your product develops rust during this period, it would be replaced by the manufacturer
  • Easy to maintain: You only need to wipe the shower caddy from time to time in order to keep it clean. No other special maintenance is needed
  • No Assembly Required: The item does not require any form of assembly before you can start making use of it
  • Rusting: This remains the main problem that is common to the shower caddies. This product rusts in the area where the stainless steel wire is welded to other materials
  • Leans forward: Another complaint from buyers is that the caddy leans forward and has to be manually straightened

4.InterDesign Twigz Constant Tension Shower Caddy

31fBg eoCML. SL500

Similar to the InterDesign product earlier described, this product can be trusted to serve its purpose. This tension pole shower caddy is relatively strong due to the sturdy material employed in making the pole.

You can as well trust it to keep up all the essentials in your bathroom and make the place cleaner and tidier.

You may be wondering what informed our decision to include this product on the list of the best shower caddy 2017. Well, we simply trust our judgment.

One thing is love about this shower caddy is that it is highly resistant to rust also, it was built with a strong material hence, it can comfortably withstand the weight of any item it’s made to carry.

Below are some reasons we included this bathroom shower rack on our list.

  • Resistant to Rust: A number of the buyers testify to the fact that the bathroom caddy does not easily rust.
  • Sturdy: The InterDesign twigz Bathroom Constant Tension Shower Caddy Pole for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap-Pearl Champagne distributes its tension evenly throughout the length of the pole. The pole is able to withstand the weight of the items the caddy is made to carry
  • Saves Space: This tension shower caddy hardly takes up much space in the shower or bath. It leaves enough room for you to take your bath freely
  • Accommodative: It can take different items like washcloths, razors, soaps and lots more
  • Can be extended: You can extend the pole up to 5-9 feet in order to fit it with the bathroom ceiling. It comes with Non-Skid feet to make it stable
  • Lasts Long: This bath shower caddy is designed with high-quality materials, hence it is able to last longer
  • Unbalanced: Some of the shower shelves shatter with time and make the whole caddy to cave in

5. Vidan Home Solutions Shower Caddy | Strong Suction Cup Bathroom Shower Caddies

51RqyfHd+WL. SL500

This portable hanging shower caddy is one item you would love to have in your bathroom. Its 2-tiers of shelves are quite accommodative and so, they handle most of the items that you need in your bathroom.

The beauty of this caddy is that it is hung on a corner of your bathroom thereby leaving the entire floor for you to play around.

It is designed to fit into any corner of the bath without interfering with your shower. If you are the type of person who loves space, then you will definitely find this product a good companion any day.

One of the good things about The VIDAN HOME SOLUTIONS Hanging shower caddy is that it’s not installed on the floor. It, therefore, leaves the entire floor area for you to do your work and take your bath without undue interference.

That’s not all, below are some other features that makes this shower basket one of the best out there:

  • Rust Proof: This product does not easily rust or corrode. You get real value for your money
  • Portable: With a weight of just 2 pounds, you’re rest assured that moving this portable shower caddy shouldn’t be a problem
  • Spacious: The 2-tiers of shelves and hooks are able to contain your shower and bath accessories
  • Money Back guarantee: Included with the product is a money back guarantee if for any reason you do not like the product
  • Strong: It shouldn’t surprise you that this over the door shower caddy is able to accommodate up to 25 lbs of weight
  • It requires at least 3 suction cups to hold the shower caddy in place
  • Falls off often: Some buyers have complained of their caddy falling off because the suction cups won’t stick for a long time

6. OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Stainless Steel Tension Pole Shower Caddy

The OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Stainless Steel Tension Pole Shower Caddy is a product highly admired by buyers because of its enormous features.

It’s quite convenient to use as its bins have generous sizes and holes which can easily hold shampoo bottles upside down.

Other reasons why you will like it include the fact that it is adjustable, versatile, customizable, easy to clean and also easy to install.

Wait! Have you seen these stunning Bassinets for Babies?

If you are looking for a shower caddy that won’t give you headache, then you need to look in the direction of the OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Stainless Steel Tension Pole Shower Caddy

The shower organizer is so damn easy to install and does not require any special skill or tool.

Check below for some other brilliant features of this product.

  • Easy installation: You do not need any tools to install the caddy. It comes with a lift and lock mechanism to make the installation breeze
  • Flexible: The caddy comes with hooks which you can use to hang virtually anything –loofahs, soap, poofs, brushes, and the razor has a bar which you can use to hang washcloths
  • Easy to maintain: You can quickly remove the trays for cleaning
  • Extensible: The pole can be extended from 5 feet to 9 feet in order to fit into most tubs, bathroom or shower corners
  • Convenient: Bins are designed with sizes that are enough to hold shampoo bottles upside down
  • Heavy: It has a weight of 11.3 pounds, making it a little heavy to lift from one corner to another
  • Not strong enough: It can only up to 7 pounds of weight. Some customers actually complained about the caddy tumbling down from where it’s hung
  • Rusting: This remains one of the problems with this tension pole shower caddy

7. Patented Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer & AquaTeak Two-Step Care Kit

Do you love wooden design instead of stainless steel? Well, you are the reason we’ve included the Patented Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer & AquaTeak Two-Step Care Kit on this list.

This admirable masterpiece is a deviation from the usual stainless steel and aluminum used in producing the various shower caddies so far reviewed.

The teak shower caddy can beautify any part of your bathroom as it hangs on the shower head with poise and elegance.

Encapsulated in the respect that comes with the teak wood this caddy boasts of durability and the ability to keep your bath well-organized.

The features below might be able to encourage you to check out this shower shelve.

  • Hangs easily: This easy hanging shower storage takes care of your conditioner, shampoo, a soap tray, 2 washcloth hooks, 2 razor ports, and others
  • Hand-crafted: the product is carefully designed by hand to add beauty and sturdiness, making it highly admirable to those who love creative arts
  • Architectural masterpiece: Because of the level of aesthetics it enjoys, it has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine
  • Water resistant: AquaTeak is made from the teak wood which is naturally known to resist water. This is the reason why the product lasts for so long
  • 5-Year Warranty: There’s a 5-year warranty as well as a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed attached to the product
  • Easy to maintain: Comes with AquaTeak Two-Step CareKit which you can use to clean the teak whenever it’s dirty
  • No rust: Because it is not made of stainless stain, chrome or iron, there’s no rust to worry about
  • Convenient: Since this caddy is designed to be hanged on your shower head, it leaves enough space in the bath for you to do whatever you wish to
  • Weighty: The teak shower caddy is a bit heavy at 9 pounds
  • Pricey: The price is also expensive for an average earner. However, this is a problem a lot of buyers are willing to overlook because of the high quality of this product
  • Difficult Installation: Some buyers complain about not being able to install it using the suction cups, and no other options are provided

8. InterDesign Twigz Constant Tension Shower Caddy

This is another elegant product from the InterDesign stable. It combines the power of steel and consistent strong tension to produce a sturdy standing shower caddy that will serve you for a long period.

InterDesign employed the new patented constant tension technology in manufacturing this caddy in order to make sure it is able to withstand stress.

The pole of this bathroom product extends 5 to 9 feet to fit to your bathroom height also, the addition of non-skid feet ensures that it does not easily role or fall helps to maintain its stability.

Interestingly, this constant tension shower caddy does not consume much space, so enough space is left for you to take your bath.

Below are some of the other things users admire a lot about this shower rack.

  • Durable: It’s made of steel and so, it’s strong enough to last for a long period of time
  • Rust resistant: The use of ThermoBond Coating ensures that the product does not easily rust
  • Consistent: Strong tension is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the pole, which is why it is able to bear weight
  • Rusting: Rust remains the main challenge that needs to be fixed as far as this product is concerned
  • Unsteady: A lot of buyers have experienced the caddy falling from time to time even when slightly touched. It’s simply not stable enough
  • Pole easily bends: When a slightly heavy item is put into the topmost basket, the pole bends forward. Not as sturdy as described
  • Assembly required: Some level of assembly is required to get the product up. Some buyers find it difficult to understand the assembling instructions

9. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy

31SwhpWXYNL. SL500

This is another quality product from OXO which comes with perfect balance. This Slide & lock standing shower caddy can easily fit into any corner of your bathroom.

It doesn’t require special tools to assemble. Just one of the best shower caddies you need for your bath.

Other features that make this item worthwhile include its versatility, sturdiness, extensibility, steadiness and ease of maintenance.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel corner Standing Shower Caddy is always within arms’ reach to supply you with your soap, shampoo, brushes, loofahs, washcloths and the rest without any stress.

So, let’s quickly take a look at its good and bad sides before making a decision to purchase it:

  • Stable: The top tray slips back into the corner of the shower and the non-slip bumpers make it stable by gripping the wall
  • Needs no tool for assembly: The assembly is simple enough and as such does not need any special tool to get the parts together
  • Sturdy: This product is strong enough to support weight and last long
  • Easy to maintain: The two large capacity bins can be adjusted with ease and removed to enable for easy cleaning
  • Rust Proof: The stainless steel construction is resistant to rust
  • Light Weight: It’s quite light to carry, making it easy to move it from one corner to the other without much hassle
  • Too short: At 3 feet tall, one has to occasionally bend over to pick things from the shower caddy

10. Zenna Home 2125BN Tension Corner Pole Caddy

41jo7CiQ4UL. SL500

The final product on the list is the Zenna Home 2125BN, Tension Corner Pole Caddy, Brushed Nickel. One of the best rust free shower caddies, this corner shower shelf is decoratively designed to match other Kemp designs.

You will love it for its rust-proof feature and other outstanding qualities.

Installing this product does not consume time and it is easy. We added it to our list because of its qualities and the high numbers of reviews it has.

As at the time of writing this post, this product has already been reviewed by 2,099 persons, with 41% giving it a 5-star rating.

This product is very easy to mount hence, it requires no special tool as it only employs a twist tight technology to install it. However, Installation guide is included with the product.

  • Rust and chip resistant: With a brushed nickel finish, the product is highly resistant to rust and chip
  • Elaborate: It comes with four shelves which have hooks, towel bar and razor storage
  • Extensible: It has four poles that can be added to extend the height to blend with your ceiling and make it steady
  • Adequate Space: The four adjustable shelves are able to accommodate a lot of items and create more space for you in the bathroom
  • I couldn’t really find anything wrong with this product except that some users are complaining that the price is a bit on the high side

Best Shower Caddy | Buyer’s Guide

Buying a shower caddy can be a bit of a challenge especially considering the fact that there are several products made from different materials.

Never be in haste to purchase a shower rack or organizer for your bath. You need to read our buying guide as we have put together salient things that need to be observed before parting with your hard-earned income.

So, what are the things to put into consideration while buying shower caddies? Whether you are buying Walmart shower organizer or buying from Amazon, the same caution applies.

1. Size

In buying shower caddies, size must be a major determining factor. Why should you consider size? This is important because the size goes a long way in deciding whether the caddy would be suitable. For instance, you need to ask yourself:

Would the caddy occupy so much space in my bath?

Can the shower corner shelves conveniently accommodate my essentials?

You don’t want to settle for a shower organizer that can’t handle your shampoos and cream bottles, do you? It’s most likely also that a corner shower shelf that takes up a huge space in your bathroom won’t be convenient for you. So, be sure that the size is right for you before going ahead to buy one.

2. Height

Height is also important for two major reasons. First, if it’s the standing tension pole shower caddy, the height of the pole should be able to reach the ceiling to make it strong.

Second, the height of the top shelf should be such that would not require you bending over to get something out of the shower caddy.

Therefore, while buying your shower caddy, go for something that has the capability to be extended to suit your need.

3. Sturdiness

This is another factor to look out for. You’re going to be using the caddy or organizer for keeping a lot of the bath accessories like soap, shampoo bottles, loofahs, brushes, washcloths, etc.

What this simply means is that you have to demand for shower caddies that are sturdy and able to withstand the stress of carrying some of those heavy shampoo bottles without caving in.

4. Durability

Money is not easy to come by. Therefore, when shopping for any kind of shower caddy or organizer, remember that you need something that would last you for a long time, considering the fact that some of the items are pretty expensive.

You should never go for a product that would disintegrate the moment you add your shampoo bottles to the baskets. Instead, look for a product that is strong enough and resistant to rust because those factors combine to make it last longer.

5. Ease of Installation

You don’t want to hire a technician to help install an ordinary bathroom organizer. Do you? If you are buying bath caddies, check if they have installation manual and how easy it is to understand the instructions in the manual.

Avoid anything that’s too complex to understand because you may end up complicating things and destroy some parts in an attempt to install the product. Look for something that’s simple and won’t require special tools or an expert to install.

6. Versatility

How versatile is the bath caddy? Is it only able to accommodate a single type of item or it can handle different essentials at the same time? I am sure you are not thinking of buying a caddy for each item you have in your bath.

That would certainly make your bath a war zone with the bathroom cluttered with caddies. A good caddy, therefore, should have room for soap, shampoos, washcloths, loofahs, etc. Having a versatile caddy will save some money and space.

7. Position of Placement

One thing to also consider is where exactly to place your caddy. Of course, you know there are different types that can fit into different positions. There are Corner shower caddies, over the door shower caddies, hanging shower caddies, Standing shower caddies, etc. That is why the position where they would be installed is important.

So, if your intention is to install it on the floor, then you must consider something a bit lean and not bogus because of the space it will take up. The position will also determine how much weight your caddy should have.

You don’t want to install a 20-pound caddy on your ceiling. That would be disastrous should it mistakenly pull out some day.

8. Design

If you are the kind of person who loves taste, then design would mean something special to you. With design, you have to think of the type of material employed in making the item (plastic, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, bamboo shower caddy, etc), as they play a role in the way the finished product would look like. Besides, you may have special affinity for hand crafted products.

In that case, going for teak shower caddy, bamboo shower caddy or any other specially designed product would make more sense. A well-designed product should not only serve as a receptacle for your bathroom items but should be able to add luster and glamour to your bathroom.

9. Warranty

Does the product come with a warranty or you are simply on your own when something goes wrong? It’s always better to go for a product that has warranty or money back guarantee in case you don’t like the received item or in case it develops a fault within a short time of buying it.

The manufacturer should be willing to replace a product that has a defect so that you don’t end up paying twice for the same item. A good example is the Patented Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer & AquaTeak Two-Step Care Kit which has a 5-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee at the same time.

10. Water resistance

Caddies are needed in the bathroom where they would be exposed to water/moisture regularly. You need to be sure, therefore, that the item you are buying is able to resist moisture or water.

A good buy should be that product which, when exposed to water, will not develop rust and break down.

Teak Shower Caddy | Conclusion

Shower caddies and organizers are needed in every bathroom to help keep your bath tidy and better organized. They also add some beauty to your bathroom. But not every caddy is good for you.

Before purchasing one, make sure you have read through this post and that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various products we’ve reviewed here.

Take a look at them again before making a buying decision. Remember that every point raised in the article is important. Also, endeavor to buy a  shower caddy that wont rust.

Over to you

Have you ever used a bath caddy in your bathroom before? What product did you buy and how long did it serve you? We would love to hear your experience. Kindly share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

If you find this post helpful, be free to share it with friends and colleagues. Do have a lovely day. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list so that you don’t miss any of our future posts.

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