35 Contemporary Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Do you know how awful it is after walking a visitor through your beautiful front yard and interiors of your home, only to end up showing him/her an unattractive and dull backyard? It’s disappointing!

I remembered my visitors felt the same awkwardness when my wife and I invited our colleagues over for a weekend get-together.

After a quick tour of the magnificent finish on our front yard and interior, we ended up in a dead backyard.

It seems no one has ever lived there before. There was an awkward silence, and an intense disgust on our visitors faces.

What I discovered was that my visitors needed a recreational spot – more like a retreat location.

We all love spending time and money on our favorite getaway spot on weekends. But what if it was available every day in our home? The thing is, our backyard can be used for such purposes.

For this reason, we compiled a list of 35 contemporary backyard landscaping ideas that will not only amaze your visitors but also serve as a beautiful sanctuary for anyone.

35 Contemporary Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Our primary objective in this article is to help showcase only the best contemporary backyard landscaping ideas for house owners, sellers, and buyers who seek a better landscape for their home.

It has been proven that most modern homes with stunning backyard landscapes are rapidly sold often than the ones without a backyard landscape.

So, it’s crucial to know what contemporary landscaping ideas are suitable for your backyard. Thus, below are some of the modern landscaping ideas for a backyard you can choose.

1. Rooftop Refreshment Space

Rooftop Refreshment Space

The Trellis rooftop dining is a landscape mostly for refreshment. However, to achieve such a goal, this particular area of activity must contain equipment for relaxation and food.

A meal can be set out on a buffet or table for ready access and friendly service. While on the order hand you have a top hung plasma-TV for entertainment.

But one of the coolest features in this landscape is the Trellis rooftop.  It adds authenticity to the scene as it encloses for privacy and light filtration. Furthermore, this area can be set next to a swimming pool or a garden to add visual appeal.

2. Over-Sized Chess Board Game

Over-Sized Chess Board Game

Everyone loves playing board games with families and friends. Most importantly, getting outdoors is one of the healthy lifestyles.

Backyard landscaping ideas don’t necessarily have to be restricted to water features and a bunch of flowers. Instead, it should be a creative touch of sensational appeal.

Thus, your landscape can be fun if you set a giant chess board game outside. Because it gives your backyard an enjoyable and carnival-like atmosphere that kids will be enthusiastic about.

3. Cozy swim Spa and Jacuzzi Landscaping idea

Cozy swim Spa and Jacuzzi Landscaping idea

Ones in a while, we all need an escape from exhaustion and work. However, a cozy Jacuzzi bathe can be the savior. Luxuriously soaking yourself can help relax your body, and energize your mind –leave you feeling pampered.

Moreover, it transforms your lifestyle into a healthy one. It improves sleep patterns, eased muscle tension, and soothed joints – it offers a multitude of health benefits.

Aside from that, the hot tubs and swim spas take your outdoor living space to the next level of luxury.

4. Pool Deck seating Area

Pool Deck seating Area

The landscaping idea is a side-pool camp. Moreover, it should be more like a lounge suspended from the ceiling –for relaxing.

It will be more inviting if you add a banquette strewn with various colorful pillows and cushions.

Spots like this, are more than seating options. It makes clever use of space, creates intimacy, and are great for conversation.

5. Swimming Loungers underwater Custom Pool

Swimming Loungers underwater Custom Pool

You want your backyard pool to look stunning? Then you need to customize it with the luxury of Boxhill’s tanning ledge U-shape pool seats. [I won’t recommend the Ledge U-shape seats if they weren’t authentic].

The in-water seats allow your favorite friends to enjoy the fresh water. Also, the versatile sets can be used in decks, patios, garden, or any lounge.

Furthermore, the table allows you to place drinks and food items comfortably.

These chairs are exclusively designed to withstand the blazing sun for about 8000 hours, and it uses UV8-rated resin –so it’s safe for outdoor use.

6. Backyard Tree Lanterns Landscaping Idea

Backyard Tree Lanterns Landscaping Idea

Do you have any big outdoor tree? You can show your trees some love by dressing it up, hanging lanterns, string light and chandeliers to make a magically visual at night.

These decorations are atmospheric because they act as a light source and set the perfect tone for a conversation yard. Moreover, you can make it fantastic to build a circular seat around the tree.

Additionally, having a little garden next to this landscape will add more beauty to the idea.

7. The Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden

Trust me, we all need a retreat spot, and they’re more charming if you have an-easy-to access one at your backyard. The Hidden Garden is precisely the right spot for catching up with friends.

It’s cozy, relaxing, and calm – an escape from the everyday hustle. All that’s needed to build a secret garden is a little space for your two-to-three chairs, plants and perhaps, a fence.

Climbing vines can help create such privacy, but you ought to be careful with the vines selection. Most grapes have aggressive climbing abilities and are not ideal for garden décor.

8. Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pit

This is one that comes with a cozier vibe out in the evening. You can install a fire pit on your deck outside, or on a plain ground.

To enhance the beauty of this view, you need to opt for a neutral color cushion of modern lines.

Aside from that, you can make a memorable summer. Whether you want to chit-chat with your friends or just sit close together in a comfortable position with a couple of beers, an outdoor fire pit landscape is all you need.

9. Enjoy A million Dollar View

Enjoy A million Dollar View

This design is for futuristic homes where you have a mini-deck space with multi-level or an almost non-stop swimming pool design. This design allows you to eye the gorgeousness and expansive vineyard or city lights ahead.

The structure was created to give a sense of great accomplishment and success. Furthermore, it’s the perfect lounge to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.

10. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower? Yeah! I know how crazy it seems, yet it impresses people. All that is required is creating a tiled pathway that leads to the outdoor shower. Then hang up wall hooks on the exterior wall to display your towels.

This is a contemporary landscaping idea that can be a significant contribution to your backyard. An outdoor shower is often used after working in your garden, swimming, and whatnot.

11. Flower-Covered Pergola

Flower-Covered Pergola

The wisteria vines are perfect for pergola grouping of bistro chairs for a single dinner location. The wisteria-covered pergola can help create flavor, privacy, and shade.

For gardeners, it’s can as well improve the look and style of your garden. The vines can be messy during its blooming season, though.

Also, the wisteria vine is toxic to dogs. So, if you have dogs around, it’s not advisable to settle for this type of landscape.

12. Stone Bed with Plants

Stone Bed with Plants

When it comes to having outstanding landscape scenes, the stone is significant elements to toy with.  But you should be mindful of their colors. Using the same color stones will give a bold tone that makes a brighter impact.

Additionally, going for smaller size stones make them versatile and catchy. The stone beds add texture to stand out the potted plants.

13. Strung Up Light and Fence

Strung Up Light and Fence

Not only will the lights bring warmth and visual appeal, but also brighten up the dark. The flashlight features make families and friends feel safe outdoor at night.

You can redesign yours by adding plenty of lights across and around the fence. Take a summer’s night seat with an umbrella, patio table, and chairs to the next level by adding strung up lights in your backyard.

14. Garden Fountain

Garden Fountain

This is a gorgeous backyard landscaping idea that can bring a peaceful atmosphere. You can either go for a weeping willow that hovers over the water feature or not to create a private paradise.

You should also take note that Koi fishes play an essential role in this landscape, as they provide a beautiful flash of colors in the water. Aside from that, pond fishes make great outdoor pets.

15. Conversation Pit

Conversation Pit

The conversation pit is similar to an outdoor fire pit. An outdoor conversation pit might not have a fire pit, but all outdoor fire pits have fire-point and centered chairs.

However, you can combine both to have a modern view, because that is when the real beauty comes out.

In our image, the surrounding butterfly chairs create a laid-back, which make the palm trees and pampas grass noticeable.

16. Outdoor Lounge With Sunken Seating

Outdoor Lounge With Sunken Seating

Aren’t you tired of the usual sitting level? However, if you are, an outdoor lounger sunken seating is an alternative.

The sunken seating takes your conversation and refreshment to a whole new level by providing cozier and private backyard lounge.

Furthermore, it’s an appealing focal point together with a million-dollar view of the ocean and tall palm trees. Add a whole new charm to the sunken spot by putting a few steps.

17. Shaded Patio

Shaded Patio

You can create an outdoor dining room that is free by planting six plane trees. The trees then serve as a shade during the day and can string it with light for the nights.

This contemporary backyard landscape is crucial if your family loves to spend meal, small family gatherings, and special occasions outdoors. Moreover, the idea is useful in the summer.

18. Ivy-Covered Walls

Ivy-Covered Walls

People have been using vines to improve the looks of the homes. So, why not beautify your fence by planting ivy plant?

This design is easy to accomplish in less than no time, as the ivy overgrows.

You can make your backyard a cozy forest by keeping the ivy plants in control and in shape. Although this landscaping idea requires maintenance as the plant tends to grow healthy and active.

19. Potted Citrus

Potted Citrus

You can create your own vacation home by setting dinner in a wraparound-topiary and potted orange grove. I bet you will enjoy the sweet-smelling orchard!

Despite the beauty it adds to your landscape, you can feel the fragrant, beauty, and evergreen foliage while eating your meal. Moreover, it’s a well-behaved root system that yields colorful and delicious fruits.

20. Square Walkway paver

Square Walkway paver

A greeny backyard is all you need if you have little outdoor space. Putting the pavers on the bright grass beds, while opting for side plant bamboos will get this design ready.

Walkways are a great way to create separate areas within the yard, without much stress needed, yet it provides authenticity.

However, you are not restricted to this design option. You can plant flowers with a pleasant fragrance, as bamboos can be messy when they grow old.

21. Lighting up Your Pathway

Lighting up Your Pathway

Unlike the string up lights you have hanging around your fence, the Light Pathways are quite unique as well.

Most people are scared of walking in the dark, even in the compound. However, lighting pathways can clear such fright and restore confidence.

Also, lighting paths are appealing to look at. All you need is attaching the stand lights on either side of the pathway. Tah-dah! You have a lit area.

22. Build a Tree House

Build a Tree House

Have you ever thought about building a treehouse before? It’s a comic feature that children love. If your backyard opens up next to a forest or even a few trees, having built a treehouse will be fantastic.

The structure can be an entire house or banister around a tree for a peaceful lookout deck.

Authentic Treehouses are supported by trees, or built jointly around them. Treehouses are iconic imaginative places that your children will be excited to play in.

23. Set Up a Yurt

Set Up a Yurt

The yurt is more like a retreat location outside your home. If your space permits it, it’s ideal to set up a yurt in the backyard.

A yurt is highly functional. It can be used as a pool house, outdoor living room, entertaining area, or guest lounge. This is because a yurt is more insulated than a small tent yet less permanent compared to an actual building.

Although, you can still hang out in them during winter times.

24. Build an Outdoor Bar

Build an Outdoor Bar

If you’re planning an outdoor bar, I recommend going for this type above. The truth is, take a break from the modern blocks and go for something traditional.

Build a bar like this provides a more stylish entertaining backyard. Although, you must opt for an eye-catching design and hang string lights to make a romantic vibe.

Whether or not it’s a standalone feature or part of a structure attached, it provides a reason to entertain.

25. Design a Clubhouse

Design a Clubhouse

Aside from other retreat centers, an outdoor clubhouse can dramatically transform your boring backyard into a luxury environment from a distance.

Moreover, you can retouch this design by giving it a modern look, like putting a built-in sofa or a couch with a colorful cushion. Additionally, opt for unusual plants for decoration purposes.

26. Hang String Lights with Greenery

Hang String Lights with Greenery

Hang string lights should be done in a unique location. Nothing is more charming at night than café-style string lights. They quickly improve the feeling or mood associated in that environment.

It will be effortless to do if you have a perfectly positioned fence or trees. They visually transform an ordinary location into a party-ready spot.

27. Transform a Terrace

Transform a Terrace

Most of us live in the hustle and bustle city where most times, your home doesn’t have a backyard. But if you have a rooftop terrace, you can opt for this design.

Moreover, you can add a magical touch to the place, by bringing in plenty of greenery, set up a cozy sitting area, or reading dining.

A terrace is a great way to enjoy the bliss and comfort of your home at sunset.

28. A Modern Outdoor Living Room

A Modern Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room should be standard, not a little sitting corner. The design should be a sunken outdoor seating area that is furnished with armchairs, ottoman or modular sofa, a side table, and a hanging TV.

This is the best way to relax outdoor, but you can’t simply put together a settee and table randomly and call it your backyard outdoor living room.

29. Paver Patios with Greenery

Paver Patios with Greenery

Paver patios with greenery are appealing to the eyes and require almost no maintenance. The ground should be made of concrete because it is resilient and is easy washing.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about messy kids and pets that track mud all over the place or harsh weather. You can have your stylish patio all cleaned up in a bit.

30. Modern Birdfeeders A Natural Backyard Theme

Modern Birdfeeders A Natural Backyard Theme

The coolest feature of this backyard landscaping idea has is that it attracts colorful birds. However, it could be a bit noisy when having too many birds playing around the birdfeeders.

It’s great for those who love watching birds as they gather. Also, you should buy modern birdfeeders, not traditional birdfeeders. Because it creates a contemporary look.

31. Firewood Storage Sheds

Firewood Storage Sheds

Settling for this kind of landscaping idea will be of greater use in frightful weather or nights. In a situation like that, a cozy fire-hut during winter will be the perfect retreat. Although, the firewood storage sheds are often pleasant to fireside or wood lovers.

Aside from comfort, it makes wood-keeping easy.

32. Build a Deck around Trees

Build a Deck around Trees

If your backyard isn’t suitable for plants but has a big tree for relaxation, you can transform it into a deck.

This design will save you the stress of removing a huge tree or accidentally damaging your property or the ground if care is not taken.  Also, it’s a unique method of contemporary backyard landscaping idea that preserves the nature around your yard.

33. Rocky Waterfalls

Rocky Waterfalls

The forest trails, yoga studios, and secluded resorts often opt for a waterfall feature. Why? Because nothing is more peaceful than the soothing sounds, the falling water makes and are inspiring to look at.

You can as well, have the rocky waterfalls in your backyard landscape, if you are planning to create a secure location to visit after a long day.

34. Sandboxes for Kiddy Playtimes

Sandboxes for Kiddy Playtimes

Mothers? You should invest in this landscape. If you have children around and you are not comfortable allowing your kids playing outside the compound, building a sandbox at the backyard will save the kids.

It’s a must stay up-to-date landscaping idea for mom. The playground provides the place for kids to build sandcastles, dig for treasure, and play all their favorite games.

Also, it contributes to the beauty of the yard.

35. Raised Vegetable Gardens

Raised Vegetable Gardens

Are you a gardener? Because if you are, this is the perfect contemporary backyard landscape to have. You can grow plentiful of vegetable even when there is limited space.

Ensure your greenery stays healthy, by putting an organically fertile soil that is moisture friendly. The fastest way to have fertile ground for such greenery is to make raised beds.

Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas | Conclusion

Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty!

You have seen how gorgeous your backyard can look order than having a dull, disgusting backyard.

I hope by now, you’ve been able to identify which modern backyard landscaping idea are suitable for your home. Also, the designs above should not be followed strictly.

In fact, it will be fun if you can come up with your own decoration in order to derive total satisfaction.

That said, are there other stunning contemporary backyard landscaping ideas you have in mind?

Please share your ideas below in the comment section, we will be happy to learn from you. See you in a bit in the comment area.

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