27 Contemporary Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

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Believe it or not, everyone wants their visitors to feel safe and welcomed in their homes. But what if I tell you that the interior designer couch, floors, or paintings won’t nail the first good impression you want to give to your visitors?

Now, it’s time to give your front yard a new and unique look with these contemporary landscaping ideas for front yard.

Let’s face it; a creative touch on your front yard can dramatically transform your home to a beautiful sanctuary, the moment anyone steps foot into the environment.

However, most house owners pay more attention to the interior part of their homes and less to the exterior. But designing your landscape is as crucial as developing any part of the house, and it is not advisable to ignore it!

Moreover, research has also shown that 90.9% of visitors feel slightly embarrassed before stepping foot in your house if the outer look is poor or bad. So don’t you think your home should be worth remembering after they’ve left?

Since the first impression goes to the front yard, you will have to update yours to make it more futuristic. Thus, we are showcasing 27 evergreen landscaping ideas for a front yard that will transform your unattractive yard into a paradise.

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27 Contemporary Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

After a vast exploration of landscaping, we came up with the most stunning front yard contemporary landscaping ideas that will draw attention to your home. Some are DIY, while others might require a specialist.

That said, below are the 27 stunning contemporary landscaping ideas for front yard in no particular order:

1. Showy Succulent Stone Planters

Showy Succulent Stone Planters

There’s nothing more charming like having hard-to-get flowers in your home. These Flowers have fleshy tissues that conserve moisture. They’re thick; have dense leaves and are rarely found around homes. That’s why you must have them!

For the best results, it’s recommended to use mixed textures and types of little Yuccas and aloes, together with succulent plants.

Putting the Succulent plants in a pot surfaced with showy small stones make this front yard landscaping idea significant. Moreover, these plants require little water and care. During cold or wet winters, bring your planters inside to keep the succulents healthy.

2. Natural Garden Beds [Edging With Border Fences]

Natural Garden Beds

If you’re a DIY-kind-of-person, this is the kind of contemporary landscaping you want. You want to DIY, go to a garden center to get a bed fence with minimal tools.

You should plant flowers bursting with vibrant colors to add interest. You can as well, hang flower pots if you want to go the extra mile in decoration – although, the flowers and border fences are excellent.

Also, the fence could be woody, wire, or plastic. In my opinion, the wooden fence looks more charming and natural out of the three.

3. The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden

A rock garden is yet another fantastic landscaping idea you could give to your front yard – a garden shouldn’t always be jam-packed with plants.

However, rock gardens are barely found in city homes as many people tend to buy the idea of making a garden without fashionable separation.

The rock garden is a stunning addition to a front lawn, especially in dry regions where plants may struggle for survival.

So, it’s ideal to choose rocks that natural fits the environment. Use mossy rock and very large or rounded piece of gray stone in assorted sizes mixed with low-growing ferns and trilliums flowers.

4. Stone and Concrete Walkway

Stone and Concrete Walkway

Nowadays, most modern homes have a concrete walkway. But to make the walkway standout, the stone must naturally fit in. If done well, it should be durable and have a striking appearance.

Concrete adds texture and is appealing to the eyes. Moreover, it’s versatile to be a walkway, staircase, driveway, and garden path.

That’s not all; concrete gives a professional finish without any ongoing maintenance needed. It polishes and beautifies your front yard to impress visitors. Aside from that, it’s equally summer and winter-friendly.

5. Wisteria Front Porch

Wisteria Front Porch

To make this contemporary landscaping idea for front yard a reality, you’ll need to plant a wisteria vine beside the entrance.

These vines are special. It blossoms with cascades of blue to purple flowers that look amazing hanging on the archway, white walls or pergola in spring or early summer.

On the other hand, the vine is an aggressive grower that grows 25-30 feet long and can become oppressive. So, if you’re going for this front-yard landscaping idea, you should be cautious. Despite the design, it’s not advisable to plant them very close to your home.

But wisteria along the entrance path provides a feast sense. It looks so charming on the white wall, and it has a pleasant smell as it overgrows, so it requires lots of attention and care.

6. Climbing Moonflower

Climbing Moonflower

This plant is a night-blooming species that complement morning, featuring white flowers with pleasant fragrant. This plant is beneficial if you’re looking forward to hiding an ugly mailbox, wall, or fence on the front yard.

Since ivy can be aggressive and hard to control, moonflowers can be the best alternative.

It’s a showy flower that has endless varieties of about 300 species in the genus. Thus, your choice is almost limitless. All that is required is to keep it in moist soil and ensure it gets plenty of suns to make it happy.

7. Grass between Patio Pavers

Grass between Patio Pavers

For contemporary landscaping, when people often neglect pathway gaps; weeds are bound to grow.

Although it can be an awkward spacing between the pavers, however, the potential is enormous. For the best result, the paver spacing covers with low creeping plants.

The plants between the stepping stones serve as a living element to a design. If done well, the ground covered would appear like a carpet.

8. Elevated Steps

Elevated Steps

If you live on a high-level ground, adding elevated steps can provide dimension and texture to the front of your home. Moreover, you can frame them with plentiful plants and flowers to create a stunning walkway.

These steps elevated above-average round level make accessibility more comfortable and is designed to complement your home.

9. Water fountain

Water fountain

The water fountain is an architectural feature for decoration purposes. What water fountain does is it adds aesthetic benefits. Generally, fountains, even those created for a specific use, are charming.

But, if you have a unique fountain in the front of your home, it allows people to engage in the pleasures of free-flowing water. The fresh air, noise, and how water moves fascinate and highly welcome any visitor in your home.

10. Floral Walkway around a fence and vine

Floral Walkway around a fence and vine

Pink flowers, particularly pink roses, look fabulous on a white wooden fence. Thus, if you have a wooden fence and wish to create a feature out of it, this can be achieved easily by planting climbing vines.

The colors of the plant are as crucial as the color of the fence. The wooden fence must be white, to enable the climbing plant standout.

Most of the time, it’s recommended to go for flowers that look attractive to white. Maybe, pink roses or purple salvia and chartreuse will be ideal.

11. Repurposed Garden Bike

Repurposed Garden Bike

Landscaping doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive all the time. You can give old items a second life by merely repairing and covering them with fancy flowers. The design can be a junk garden concept, yet it’s attractive.

It is a design that adds a sense of humor or playfulness to your yard. The repurpose bicycle creates a fanciful display of how creative the house owner can be.

To have the best results, you should lean it up against a tree or wall.  Lastly, in the basket; plant ivy flowers.

12. Raised beds front yard

raised beds front yard

Using raised flower beds are one easy way to add beauty to the front yard. They have different materials like woods, concrete, and tiles used in making flowers beds – you have a vast choice.

The beds offer an excellent opportunity for the plants to blossom. Breed the plant with healthy soils that retain moisture.

Also, most flowering plants find it difficult growing on the ground, e.g., trillium or begonia flowering plants. So it’s wise to use a raised flower bed

13. Light up the pathway

Light up the pathway

Lights contribute a lot in decoration and can easily be noticed even from a far distance. A lit path helps brighten your house and add colorful visual at night. Also, it makes it comfortable for people leaving after dark.

The light-up path is a landscaping idea for a front yard that can be useful in times of family visits and other social events done in homes.

The design is flexible, as you can come up with your décor patterns. But, the lights could be either placed on the sides of the walkway or between each step as shown in the picture above.

14. A wooden bridge

a wooden bridge

Give your front yard an amusing look by adding a wooden bridge as a pathway to the building. The wooden deck is different from a stone or concrete pathway.

If you have multiple land levels or a down sided garden, consider adding a wooden bridge to create a cozy entryway. Moreover, the bridge keeps people off your precious plants.

Also, it’s advisable to plant flowers on both sides of the wooden bridge. It is not wise to paint the deck a harsh color; rather, it should be a natural wood color.

15. Aquifer Water Feature Landscaping

Aquifer Water Feature Landscaping

The water feature is an ancient aquifer that adds remarkable beauty to the front yard. The aquifer water feature makes one feel like they’re on a vocation. It creates a calm, inviting atmosphere out of the hustle and bustle city.

You can see how peaceful one can feel as the soft sound of the gushing water flows over the rocks.

Furthermore, the remarkable thing about this idea is that it attracts hummingbirds and local frogs. Moreover, you can add greater appeal by putting a few colorful fishes suitable for the size of the pond.

16. Window Boxes

Window Boxes

Adding those early-season flowers in the window boxes are very pleasant to the eyes. But the true beauty of this design is attractive and healthy flowers with a fancy window box.

All that is required is to add fresh potting soil in the box and mix it with existing soil –then it’s planting time.

You can essentially plant bulbs, succulents, grasses or flowers but make sure it’s well-arranged along with the window. The window boxes provide instant attraction to the house and brighten up the home with blooms and greenery.

17. The Wheelbarrow Planter

The Wheelbarrow Planter

Having an old wheelbarrow taking up space in the garage can be reassembled into a stunning decorative item. Spray it and add some overflowing potted ivy and flowers.

The Wheelbarrow planter landscaping makes a great addition to almost any front yard, but it looks more fantastic for cottage gardens.

The idea is for the pretty flowers to spill over the sides of wheelbarrow. So, ensure to use a high-quality potting mix of good moisture in the wheelbarrow to make the flowers grow healthy during hot summer weather.

Finally, the key is many flowers as a few flowers won’t be enough for a decoration sense.

18. Lining Flowerpot Around the Fence

Lining Flowerpot Around the Fence

The idea of lining flower pots by the side of the fence is a brilliant way to decorate the front yard.

Adding fancy lights alongside the pots will also give them a dramatic-look altogether. Shape the plants in order, and the flower pots must be of same colors, sizes, and heights.

You can as well settle for plants that are good at climbing walls – to contribute to beauty. However, you should be careful of those plants that grow aggressively on the fence and tend to spread around without control.

19. Stony Fence

Stony Fence

Most modern homes go with an ugly concrete fence. If you want to make a statement in your front yard, have a good-looking stony wall like the image.

There are many options to explore. But a stony fence will stand out despite the houses around it. The idea is simple yet easily noticeable by passersby.

The color shouldn’t necessarily match with the build. Also, you can plant trees in and out of the compound, to add elegance to the fence.

20. Sitting Area

Sitting Area

This feature is often seen in luxurious homes, although they are for backyards. But, if you have a large front yard, it will be of the greater good to have a side relaxation point.

Create a quiet spot, built with gravel and surrounding it with vines and greenery to make it romantic. For front yard sitting area, the construction should be small and done on one side of the yard –either left or right, not the middle.

21. Creative Rooftop Party Space

Creative Rooftop Party Space

I know how awkward it looks; putting a party space on your front yard – but it isn’t. I bet you’ve seen this kind of contemporary landscaping idea in luxurious homes. Bring a rooftop party space on the front yard shows you’re fun.

Aside from beauty, it offers to the house; it’s also a perfect meeting point for families and friends. You can relax as the rooftop of trellis enclosures for privacy and light filtration.

22. Patio Walls for Privacy

Patio Walls for Privacy

We found a smart way to utilize a large old tree at the front yard. If you have a huge tree, cutting it down won’t be the solution. Thus, the tree should be pruned to reveal its shape, while it gently rests on a fence – stretching to the street.

You can round the tree with carport walls and glass gate to create additional privacy. That allows the sun to shine through. Also, it can serve as the perfect resting point.

23. An Arbor Entryway

An Arbor Entryway

Do you seek to provide a shaded and warm passageway? The arbor entryway design can help you accomplish that. What is needed to make this idea a reality is a combination of pillars and cross beams.

Today, this contemporary landscaping idea for front yard has many functions. It can provide shade, adds to anchoring paths and gateways, and contributes to the height of a garden.

Creating an arbor path to your house has a romantic impact and contributes to the beauty of your front yard.

24. Modern Desert Landscaping

Modern Desert Landscaping

If you’re sick and tired of been surrounded by vines and greenery, maybe you should settle for something masculine in nature.

The contemporary desert landscaping is a perfect idea for the front lawn. Although the desert may have a striking appearance, yet it requires low-maintenance.

All that is needed to form a desert landscaping is to get rigid of pretty flowers. Secondly, sprinkle some desert inspiration.

Thirdly, you can plant cacti and succulents. Remember, gray stones add elegance to the agave plants and make it vibrant against the sand-colored rocks.

25. Flower-Lined Staircase

Flower-Lined Staircase

If you want to create the perfect entrance for your visitors, then place mini pots with vibrant flowers on both sides of the stair. This landscaping for front yard was gotten from wedding centers, as couples walk down the aisle.

It’s a magical flight, lined with pots of flowering pinks and clivia. I think the look will be more captivating if one plant is repeatedly used all the way up on both sides of the stairs.

Most times, the most uncomplicated design appears to be the best for the warmest welcome.

26. Standout Patio Roses

Standout Patio Roses

Planting a Patio rose taps fully into the exterior’s gorgeousness. To make it happen, first, you need a tree perfectly positioned in the yard to cause a curb appeal.

Secondly, the tree should stand alone. Nonetheless, if there are nearby trees, may be of equal height – the design might not be showy.

You want the Patio rose tree to be only. Moreover, you can also plant little coloring flowers around it, to make it look good.

27. A Balancing Fountain Bed

A Balancing Fountain Bed

The special water-fountain with a fashionable style completely transforms your atmosphere.

The soothing sounds made on the river stone are highly welcoming. The balancing act is unique as rive stone fountain can be adjusted. It’s flexible and generates different sounds when moved –creating a unique experience.

Front Yard Contemporary Landscaping Ideas | Conclusion

Now you have seen how beautiful your front yard might be, what are you going to do? You have the opportunity to make your front yard a living paradise, a retreat, and a sanctuary for anyone. It’s time to try something unique.

Although, it’s wise not to restrict your choices to this list, as you can explore other design options. But these are the best contemporary landscaping ideas for a front yard out there that are simple yet impressive.

If you have other stunning modern landscaping ideas for front yard we didn’t mention that might be useful, feel free to drop a comment below.

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