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7 Decorating Ideas for a Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa

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Your sofa is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your living room. However, because of the color of other items decorating the whole space, sofas are covered with various materials of other colors. The colors of furnishings, blinds, doors, floors, and walls influence the choice of sofa colors.

However, if we want to stick to nature, brown should be the most preferred color of sofas, if they are made of wood. Thus, you may want to insist on using this practical color for the leather sofa in your living room.

You can have your way if you give thoughts to these seven decorating ideas for living room with a brown leather sofa shown in this article.

Decorating Ideas for Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa

1. Eclectic Prints and Patterns

eclectic prints and patterns

The practicality of brown lends itself to various decorating styles. So it is challenging to limit brown to just one style. If you have a brown leather sofa in your living room, then you have a couch that can serve as a host for an array of colors.

That is what you see in this space. Start with the framed fabric that rides on its white edge to pick up the beige hues of that sofa.

The pink pillows almost link themselves in a parallel way to the pinks on the frame. And the pillows of other colors like light grey and white with patterns show how practical a brown sofa is.

More contributions from frames are seeing on the 4 square white smaller ones with various prints. The lighter brown rug is an excellent container for everything else in the room. Not to be overlooked is the leather puff.

The blueness of the puff shows how dominant such contrasting colors can be in the face of browns. But the transparent center table covering the puff is an added beauty to this space.

Its unpronounced appearance indicates that brown leather sofa doesn’t need another massive piece of furniture to stand out great. The window panels and the accent chair have also done an excellent job of decoration.

2. Copper Accents Enveloping Brown

copper accents enveloping brown

Who says a pure brown leather sofa will be dull? These 4-seaters have silenced such a person. When you trust this color of reddish-brown metal, your living room will become a haven.

This explains the current massive trend surrounding copper accents as you can see in this living room. The color brown leather sofa here derives the needed support that makes it glow from other decorations in the living room. Though simple, they are dignifying.

You can begin the analysis from the copper desk lamps all the way to canisters in the kitchen. The visual effect here has been dominated by copper globe pendants, and they are always amazing when they shine on a brown leather sofa.

Yet, the six light-bearers collectively radiate shining brownish light on the brown sofa. The main background for all of them is the cool grey. The grey wall reflects the aesthetic pleasantness of the couch. Interestingly, the sofa sits on a grey carpet on the floor.

These are an obvious deviation from the more common cream color wall and rug of brighter shades. This is clear evidence that brown leather sofa has a pride of place in your modern living room.

3. Earth Tone Palettes

earth tone palettes

If you are bent on having the natural brown sofas in your living room, your best should be the earth tone palettes such as the ones you are seeing in this image.

They can be quite effective if you use them well. Check out how the natural elements combine forces to justify the existence of this brown sofa!

The area rug lies so perfectly naturally such that it becomes almost unnoticeable. Yet, the floor decorating this living room is actually wooden. That is why the rug could blend firmly.

The wooden floors make a fitting base for the sectional browns and the natural aloe greenery. This is more than amazing in contrast that it provides. But the wall painting and decoration should not be ignored.

The solid fresh white color will be a good idea to define the overall scheme outside the sphere of moodiness. The darker lamp holders magnify the function of lightings. Providing pleasant shade is the lighter brown curtain that runs the whole length.

And the white basin stands, with the white basins they carry, are well placed beside the all-black chairs. This is one of the most obvious ways to illustrate how earth tone pallets can be of help in projecting the beauty of a brown sofa.

4. Random Color Curtains and Random Size Cushions

random color curtains and random size cushions

It’s good to think about the curtain that will be a drape on the windows of your living room when you are considering the use of brown leather sofas. You have all the latitude in the world to choose your curtains.

In all cases, it is not a must for the color of your curtains to match the color of the sofa leather or sofa cushions. The curtain color may or may not be close. It all depends on individuals and other colors that will be used in the decoration of the living room.

That is what plays out in the decent and yet appealing living room. The curtain, while not far from brown, is not brownish. So you can play with milk, cream, and lighter shades. You may even come with bolder hues of green if you don’t have something close to nature as you have it in this living room.

And the random-sized throw cushions. Rather than sharing the colors of the leather sofa, are shades of cool mid-brown. Their varied colors make the brown sofa to be rich and warm.

The two adjacent armchairs reflect the silhouette of the sofa instead of its upholstery color. The black bookcase aligns its thin black legs. The decorating trees marked their presence conspicuously.

5. Two-tone Sectional Sofa

two-tone sectional sofa

The maker of this sofa is thinking; doing so deeply and commendably. And consideration must have been given to the general tone of the living room and its surroundings before the sofa is made or bought.

The kind of scenery created for anyone accessing this living room has said it all. The two-tone sectional sofa plays on volumes of both brown and greys in its makeup. And that is what the interior design of the living room is built around. It is, indeed, a modern color combo.

One side of the wall projects an image capable of telling stories that can fill an eBook. The stripe of bright green enables the wall to lift the muted scheme. Several other feels can still be on this wall.

Consider even the chrome floor lamps. They are a great source of a bit of sparkle when viewed with the stainless steel frames end tables. The harmony between the ceiling and the wall which exudes whites gives the living room a spacious and airy feel.

All these prove that a brown sofa can have sectional tones and still look great amid other interior décors.

6. Grey Rug and Marble

grey rug and marble

Let’s indulge in the coffee table as we enter this living room with a brown leather sofa. The coffee table, together with its marble top is a silent decoration idea that helps this room to absorb the loud color of the couch. It shows that a home of the mid-century can be quite modern in its living room.

But that is by no means all there is to this space. The reddish-brown sofa lost some of its ruddiness to the addition of the grey area rug that sits the grey accent chair.

That creates some visual coolness to the brown sofas while enabling the two of them to retain their princely seating. And the whitish ceiling is enough to provide a peaceful shield to the entire space.

Even the wall toward the dining table area has some brighter color that further elicits some shines from the brown leather. The look is completed by a brown floor serving as the base for all of these decorations.

7. Multiple Tones Herringbone

multiple tones herringbone

While there are several other features in this living room that combine to create this stunning look, we are beaming our light on the floor. The floor is herringboned with multiple tones of brown used on a block of solid wood. It’s all about brown.

However, imagine how the brown sofa will be on the brown floor ordinarily even when it is a herringbone. Not everyone will like that. Yet, with the grey rugs taking the center of the space, all the browns here appear to be paring with grey.

And the color grey of the two couches is not accidental harmony. Balancing the outlooks are the scattered cushions and the curtains. This living room is indeed a clear statement in support of the appropriateness and exoticness of brown sofa in a living room.


Brown sofas are more than what those skeptical about it are thinking. It depends on how creative the owner of the house is.

They may be the best thing that can happen to your living room. These are just seven of the scores; in fact, uncountable ideas to decorating your living room with the brown leather sofa!

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