How to Clean a Bathroom Floor [With Video Walkthrough]

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Do you know how to clean a bathroom floor to ensure it’s always neat and attractive? This is what we’re going to cover here today.

Like most people, keeping your bathroom clean and tidy may be one of the few things you dread doing. This may be as a result of the perceived difficulty attached to removing all forms of dirt from the bathroom to make it sparkling clean.

Regardless of the seeming difficulty of keeping this special part of your home clean, it is still a job you must do satisfactorily if you wish to have a unique experience while taking a shower or having a bath.

I will share some useful tips that will assist you in keeping your bathroom as clean as possible always. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll learn the best bathroom floor cleaning tips that will always make the job easy and fun for you.

And to spice it more, we’ve also included a short video walkthrough for you to make the process even simpler.

How to Clean a Bathroom Floor Like a Pro

Keeping your bathroom in good condition should be fun and not a difficult chore. Here are some ways you can make your bathroom floor as clean as possible always:

1. Sweep the bathroom floor

1. Sweep the bathroom floor

If you have passed a night or two in a hotel, you will notice how clean the hotel is. Have you ever wondered how that is possible? The simple trick lies in sweeping the floor every day. You can adopt the same cleaning technique to your bathroom to give it an inviting look and feel.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may opt for a small broom for the cleaning or use a vacuum cleaner. The former is perfect for a small bathroom while the latter is perfect if you have a big bathroom at home.

While sweeping or vacuum-cleaning, pay attention to the edges of the bathroom, areas where dirt and dust usually hide. After sweeping the bathroom, endeavor to collect the dirt or dust in the middle of the bathroom.

This makes it easier to pack the dirt than if you collect them around the edges. For picking, you may consider using a paper towel; a slightly damp one will be great.

2. Dry the bathroom floors

Dry the bathroom floors

Sweeping the floor alone won’t be sufficient to have a sparkling bathroom. You can take a step further by drying the floor. The best drying technique for the floor is to towel-dry it.

But how can you make the cleaning process stress-free for yourself? Here lies a little secret. Rather than taking the conventional cleaning method of kneeling down to dry the floor with your hands, place a large towel on the floor. Then, put a foot on the towel while you keep the other foot off it for balance.

With the foot on the towel, move the towel around the floor from one section to another for effective cleaning. If you have a large bathroom, you may consider using two towels, especially if the bathroom is very wet.

It is advisable that you start the drying from the extreme end of the bathroom. Why is that necessary? Imagine starting the cleaning from the door and you end it at the extreme end and you have to walk back to the door.

You will end up soiling the floor, undoing everything you have done to keep the floor dry. To prevent this, make the door your finishing point.

Depending on the wetness level, you may have to wriggle the towel a couple of times to get rid of the water absorbed by the towel in order to enable you to dry the floor without much stress.

3. Scrub the bathroom tiles and grouts

3. Scrub the bathroom tiles and grouts

The tiles must also be kept clean as a part of the floor. You can use a non-scratch abrasive pad or a scrub brush to scrub the length and breadth of the bathroom in order to ensure that every square inch is kept as clean as possible.

Scrub the tiles with a soap solution or other cleaning solution with the scrub. When you are through, mop the tiles to keep them dry and clean.

4. Remove hard water stains

Hard water can make a mess of your bathroom floor. It contains some calcium and magnesium particles that leave some stains on the bathroom floor when the water vaporizes.

If your bathroom is constantly exposed to hard water, you must find an effective way to remove the stains lest the floor becomes blemished. Some of the effective cleaning solutions you can avail yourself of include distilled white, mild acids, baking soda, vinegar, and what have you.

These solutions will soften the hard water that has accumulated on the floor, making it possible to clean the floor and remove the stains easily.

Note, however, that you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals that may damage the floor. If you have marble floor, don’t clean it with distilled white vinegar but only a mild soap for the cleaning.

Alternatively, look for some specially formulated solution for cleaning marble to get the job done without running the risk of ruining your bathroom floor.

5. Do routine cleaning

In addition to the general cleaning discussed above, you should endeavor to do routine cleaning as well. As time permits, check every part of the floor for signs of dirt or wetness. If you notice any of these, take the appropriate measure to get rid of them.

Sweep the floor and keep it dry. If there are slippery soap residue, use clean water to rinse the floor and gradually remove the residue.

Check the base of the toilet bowl, a notorious place for dirt accumulation and keep the place as clean as possible. If there are objects that can trap dirt and dust to the floor, you can remove them or wash them clean and dry them with a towel.

With that move, potential sources of dirt will be completely removed.

While cleaning your bathroom can be a chore, the necessity requires that you get it done the best way you can.

The suggested tips discussed in this article have been tested and have given homeowners the best result as they transform their bathrooms from a dirty-looking and unattractive section of their homes to a clean and good-looking, and attractive place where they can shower or take a bath conveniently.

Don’t allow dirt to take over your bathroom floor. Keep them clean, inviting, and comfortable. Learn how to clean a bathroom floor like a pro and enjoy your shower or bathing sessions.

Bathroom Floor Cleaning Tips | Video Walkthrough

We understand that some people are visual learners, which is why we also included a short video that’ll walk you through the step by step process on how to clean a bathroom floor:


Admittedly, cleaning a bathroom floor may not be our favorite jobs at home, but with all the bacteria and dirt surrounding every corner of the bathroom, it’s a critical job that shouldn’t be ignored.

Truth is, getting the bathroom floors back to their sparkling self is indeed exciting, so follow the bathroom floor cleaning tips listed above to ensure no corner or crevice is left out.

The truth is that bathroom flooring, whether it’s is made of wood, rubber, vinyl, linoleum, or tiling is pretty easy to clean with these steps.

Is there any other easier way you use in cleaning your bathroom floors? Please, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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