How to Clean a Shower with Vinegar

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It is common knowledge that vinegar is one of the best natural cleaners for any type of surface. This versatile cleaner is great for a shower, too.

However, you must understand the best way to use this cleaning product if you want to be guaranteed to get the desired result from your cleaning effort. How do you achieve this?

In this article, I will discuss the best ways you can use this multipurpose cleaner to clean your shower and leave it sparkling clean.

That said, here’s how to clean a shower with vinegar:

How to Clean a Shower With Vinegar

Some of the unusual ways you can leverage the power of vinegar as an efficient cleaning product and maximize its potentials are:

1. Clean the floor

The space around the bathroom’s drain may be difficult to clean. You can prepare a solution of 100ml of vinegar and 1.5 liters of water to clean the area and get rid of the stains.

While mopping the floors, use the vinegar solution to clean spots where difficult stains are usually found. Note that this is applicable to floors without marble if you don’t want to accidentally damage the floor.

2. Get rid of toilet stains

Toilet stains can also be tough to remove. The toughest of them all is the stains under the toilet bowl. In order to remove these stains effortlessly, use a vinegar solution to clean under the rim.

Soak a bunch of paper towels in vinegar and tuck them under the toilet bowl rim. Leave the vinegar-soaked towel for a couple of hours before you remove them. After removing the towels, scrub the place clean.

Alternatively, you should pour a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl before going to bed and leave it overnight. In the morning, flush the toilet, and the toilet bowl rings would have been completely removed.

3. Keep the faucets clean

3. Keep the faucets clean

Faucets and their handles are great places for hard water to accumulate quickly. Vinegar is another effective cleaner that can help you to easily keep the faucets clean.

Just mix a teaspoon of salt with two tablespoons of vinegar to make the right cleaning solution. Get a damp sponge and dip it into the solution and use the sponge to scrub the soap scum that is building up from the faucet handles, the faucet itself, and the spigots in the tub or the shower.

Finally, use a damp clean sponge to keep the metal clean if there is a leftover salt.

4. Remove soap scum

3. Keep the faucets clean 2

Spending hours in your shower scrubbing soap scum is both time-consuming and energy-sapping. By using vinegar, however, you will reduce the amount of time you need to remove the soap scum, irrespective of how tough the stain proves to be.

Simply dip a damp cloth in a vinegar solution and use it to clean the affected areas. You may have to repeat the cleaning process a couple of times to enable the vinegar to do its job successfully, especially when dealing with tough stains or soap scum.

5. Clean the bathtub or shower stalls

The bathtub or shower stalls deserve your attention as well. After you use the shower, spray vinegar mixture in the bathtub or the shower stalls in order to loosen soap scum that may be building up.

Pour the solution on toilet seats, sinks, bathtubs, tanks, and the rest. Allow the vinegar to set on the item for a moment and wipe the areas clean with a damp sponge. This will keep the surfaces clean and bright.

6. Keep the tap area clean

Sometimes, lime scale and soap scum may build up around the bathroom taps. Cleaning this part of the bathroom can be done easily by using a vinegar solution to handle the cleaning.

To make the right solution, add 4 parts of vinegar into a part of salt. Then, dip a cloth in the solution and use it to clean the tough spots. Repeat this for as many times as necessary to remove the spots completely.

7. General cleaning

To complement your daily efforts to keep your bathroom clean, it is advisable that you do a general cleaning of the bathroom once in a month with a vinegar solution.

To do this, place a sponge over a tub or sink and pour vinegar into it. Wipe the tub walls or shower down in order to prevent soap scum and mildew buildup.

For the best result, identify areas that are unusually scummy and sprinkle some salt on those areas, especially on the tub floor. Use a vinegar sponge to scrub such areas again to get rid of the scum completely.

These examples are some of the practical ways you can get rid of dirt from your shower to make it as clean as possible. You can always make the appropriate vinegar solution that will assist you in keeping your bathroom clean and healthy.

A very effective way to maximize the cleaning attributes of vinegar is to make general vinegar cleaner that can be used for whenever that is necessary, especially during the general monthly cleaning.

To make a cleaning solution of vinegar, do these:

  • 1 cup of water
  • ¼ cup of white vinegar


  • Find a microwave-safe bowl and mix the ingredients in it
  • Heat the mixture for about 60 seconds
  • Pour the heated mixture into a spray bottle
  • Spray the shower surfaces with the solution and allow it to sit for between 3 and 5 minutes
  • Wipe the sprayed surface with a clean cloth. A microfiber cloth will do

This is an effective cleaning solution that will serve the desired purpose. The warm solution will soften the grime and make it easier for you to wipe the solution away from the sprayed surface. This will leave you with a clean, mold-free surface.

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent. If you use it in the right way, rest assured that you will easily rid your bathroom of unnecessary nuisance such as mildew, mold, soap scum, and what have you.

A clean and attractive shower awaits you as you put these tips to work.

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