19 Super-Efficient Tips to Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

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Do you sometimes get too busy that you forget to keep your home organized? Or do you find it difficult to know the right things to do to organize your home and make it look clean? Well, I have good news for you…

…You’re not the only one in this situation; a lot of homes are so disorganized that you start wondering why it should be so.

It’s not your fault that things are the way they are. It’s possible you’ve tried your best in your own way to make things better, but they aren’t working out the way they should. However, you don’t need to worry; after all, that’s why we are here – to help you.

This post will attempt to teach you how to keep your home organized and clean from the bedroom to the sitting room, bathroom, stores, and to the kitchen. It will show you the tips you need to use in getting everything in its right place with ease. So, how do we get the home organized?

Bedroom Organization

bedroom organization

1. Make your bed the moment you wake up

Sleeping on the bed over the night creates some creases on the linens and makes the whole bedding look rumpled sometimes. The best way to kick-start the day is to make the bed the moment you wake up. Returning home after a hectic day’s job to sleep on a clean,

Returning home after a hectic day’s job to sleep on a clean, well-made bed is a way of easing the accumulated stress. Your children should also be encouraged to make their beds too in order to keep everywhere neat and tidy.

2. Clean your bedside table every morning

Remember to always clean your bedside table with clean wipes before going out in the mornings. Don’t keep it until the weekend when it adds up to the much-accumulated jobs to do. Taking care of the little things will make the work less at weekends.

3. Tidy up your closet

Sometimes, some of those clothes that used to be our favorites don’t work anymore. Hence, you need to have a bag or hamper in your closet where those clothes can be sorted out and kept.

Also, it’s advisable to through them once a month and give out the ones you need to or sell them if you wish.

4. Re-hang items immediately after wearing them

When you return at night, rehang the clothes or items you have used. Don’t throw clothes on the sofas or chairs especially if it is still possible to wear them again before they are taken to the laundry. Make sure, however, to separate them from the newly washed clothes in the closet.

5. Sort out the clothes

Have more than one hamper or basket to keep dirty clothes in your home. If it is possible, let every member of the family have his/her personal basket. Make sure to sort out the clothes before it’s time to wash them. Also, keep the whites from the rest of the clothes.

6. Keep a notepad by your bedside

There are a lot of things to do. But it is possible you might not remember everything. The best way to remember those important tasks is to keep a notepad by your bedside and scribble on the pad whatever that comes to your mind that should be done in the house the next day.

Sitting Room Organization

sitting room organization

7. Arrange the couch pillows

The children can easily mess up the living room from their daily play. In the course of their play, they can throw the pillows all over the couch and leave the place untidy. So, what should you do?

Pick up the pillows and keep them in the right places to tidy up the living room and keep it well organized.

Bathroom Organization

bathroom organization

8. Hang robes on hooks and towels on bars

You need to air-dry your towels by hanging them on bars so that you can reuse them for up to three times before laundering them.

Your bathrobes should be hung on a hook so that they dry properly. Apart from helping to sort out the different items, it also keeps your bathroom organized.

9. Have a hamper for your towels

There should be a place for your dirty towels. Once your towels are dirty, they should be kept in the hamper or basket in the bathroom (especially if you have used them up to three times); they should never be left on the floor or anywhere else

10. Spray the shower with cleaner after each bath

Keep your shower clean, tidy and fresh after each bath or shower. You can quickly achieve this by spraying it with a cleaner and wiping the surfaces while you allow it to rinse out.

11. Clean your toilet during the nighttime routine

The usual time spent on brushing your teeth at night should as well be used to quickly apply the toilet cleaner product and then scrub the toilet seat after that.

You can do this once in every two days. This will always keep your latrine clean at all times and also make the deep clean an easier task when it is due.

12. Give your countertop a wipe before bedtime

Your bathroom countertop should not be left dirty. You should remember to give it a quick wipe when you are through with your bath. Doing this regularly would help keep the place neat and tidy.

There should be some cleaning products in your vanity so that you can have it handy each time you wish to wipe the countertop. Put away your personal products and get the place cleaned up.

Wipe around the sink to get rid of the makeup, water rings or loose hair. Remove the excess water with a squeegee and use a daily shower cleaner to spray the shower after which you should quickly use an old cloth to mop up the floor.

Kitchen Organization

kitchen organization

13. Clean every spill you notice

Don’t wait until things become nasty. You can easily spot any spills in broad daylight and get them cleaned up immediately without postponing them till the weekend when you have to do a general cleaning.

14. Empty the dish washer while you prepare your tea

The dishes should be cleaned and ready before breakfast is set. The little time you wait for breakfast should be used in emptying the dish washer so that those dishes don’t pile up at the end of the day thereby increasing your work load.

15. Change your dish towel

The dish towel is one of those few things that need to be frequently changed. Always remove those towels that are dirty and put them in the laundry bag in the mornings while new or clean ones should be put in place for the next dish.

16. Wipe countertops and cooking surfaces

In the evenings, wipe down your stove and counters before it is bedtime. They should not be deferred till morning. The microwave should as well be cleaned to keep it spotless.

This will make your kitchen a lovely and clean place to prepare your food.

17. Clean up the kitchen after dinner

You may be tempted to keep those necessary chores till morning, but you wake up to discover that you have a lot of things to do. You might end up leaving the sink unwashed and the dishes dirty.

Therefore, make sure your kitchen is cleaned after dinner so that you wake up to a clean and organized kitchen. Even if you have an emergency in the morning, that should not determine the fate of your kitchen.

18. Clean as you cook

Learning to clean up your kitchen as you cook is another way to keep the place organized and spotless. Do your preparatory work and clean up the area before moving on to the cooking proper.

When you’re done preparing your meal, rinse the utensils before serving your meal. When this is done, cleaning the place after meal becomes seamless.

19. Plan dinner in the morning

Cooking the dinner can be confusing and a bit of a challenge sometimes. You could get disorganized by the time you get home late and try to get something to prepare for dinner. One way to prevent this confusion is to begin to plan your dinner in the morning.

During the day, remove from the freezer whatever you want to defrost. Debone the fishes, chop the vegetables and do any other thing that would make the dinner easier.


Keeping the room organized and clean demands your attention and careful planning. It doesn’t happen by accident; you have to inconvenience yourself sometimes to get what you want.

Never wait until everything gets out of hands before acting. Though taking some actions may cause you some distress, it gives your home that decent looks it deserves.

This post has provided you the tips you need to use to give your home a facelift. Just follow the tips, and you will surely have an enviable home to live in.

Over to you

Is there anything you think we missed out? Share with us those tips and tricks you are using to keep your home organized and clean. Kindly leave your contribution using the comment box below, and your opinion would be appreciated. You can as well leave your questions, and one of our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible to address your concerns.

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