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Top 4 Frequently Asked Knife Sharpening Questions

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For a very long time now, I’ve come across different knife users that always ask one question or the other pertaining to their knife maintenance and because of this; I’ve taken time to compile some of the most frequently asked knife sharpening questions and also provided answers to them based on my own knowledge and opinion.

The truth is, if you really want your knives to be giving you their optimum performance, you must first of all learn how best to take care of them. Without further ado, let’s get to the main thing.

Frequently Asked Knife Sharpening Questions

  1. What is the best knife Sharpener I can use to sharpen my blades?
  2. How do I find out when my blade is sharp?
  3. What is the best angle to sharpen my knife?
  4. How often am I required to sharpen my knife?

These are the main questions I see regularly and below, you will find some helpful answers to them. Mind you, I’m not a professional when it comes to knife sharpening; I’m only providing you with this guide based on my own experience. If you need a more detailed knife sharpening advice then, it will be good you consult a professional.

Answers to The Above Questions

1. What is the best knife Sharpener I can use to sharpen my blades? It is true that there are so many different knife sharpeners out there both the manual and electric ones but if you must know, the best sharpener is the one that performs according to your desire.

Therefore, when choosing a sharpener, it should be based according to your sharpening needs, your expertise with knife sharpening, and the type of sharpening material needed to achieve your required edge sharpness.

Finally, no matter what sharpener you chose to work with, they all will work, but in their own unique way.

2. How do I find out when my blade is sharp? The best way to find out if your blade is sharp is to perform some work with it. You can try cutting a piece of paper with it or you use it to cut food this way, you will definitely find out if its sharp based on how it cuts the food.

3. What is the best angle to sharpen my knife? It is recommended that you use is 23⁰ angle per side as the best general purpose-sharpening angle on most sporting and outdoor knives. The consistency of your angle is more important than the degree of the angle that you use.

Keeping a consistent sharpening angle on both sides gives you the sharpest possible edge. However, you can use whatever angle you wish or feel comfortable using but, it’s very important that you use the same angle on both sides in order to achieve the sharpest possible edge.

4. How often am I required to sharpen my knife? How often you sharpen your knife depends on how often you use your knife. If you makes use of your knives on a more regular basis then, you will also be required to sharpen it like that and vice-versa.

The only way to maintain the effectiveness of your knife or tool is to never let it get blunt. It is necessary that you touch up your knife or tool after every use; this will make it quick and easy to re-establish a sharp edge. If you let your knife or tool edge get blunt, it is harder and takes more time to re-establish the edge to the desired sharpness.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and if you have any other question, do not hesitate to let me know.



Knowing exactly when your blades need to be sharpened and how to properly sharpen them is very important. You can’t afford to be working with dull blades — apart from the fact that it will always slow your kitchen tasks, you’re also exposed to danger of cutting should the knife slips off and land on your finger.

With the knife sharpening questions we’ve listed, we believe you now have answers to all your questions and you already know how to properly take care of your knives.

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