6 Most Affectionate Pets You Should Have at Home

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What will you consider to be the most affectionate pets to have at home? Let’s find out in this article.

Today, owning a pet at home is a modern trend that everyone wants to be a part of. While some do not fancy this, owning a pet comes with a significant benefit.

For instance, owning a pet gives you critical mental health benefits against depression, anxiety, and relieving stress. There are also physical benefits including reducing the risk of experiencing a heart attack and lowering your blood pressure.

Nevertheless, pets are not created equally concerning how they help their stressed-out owners. Some pets are affectionate naturally when compared to others.

Studies have shown that thoughts, moods, and beliefs influence our health through physical contact with pets. These pets release prolactin, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin into the body to relieve pain in the body.

Considering the above-stated benefits, it is not child’s play why many prefer pets especially those that love to be cuddled and affectionate. So then, what pets are the most affectionate? Well, read along, as you will be in for a shocker that you never experienced.

Summary of The Most Affectionate Pets at Home

It isn’t that you don’t know these pets, but haven’t understood how influential they are to your health. Here is a quick breakdown of the most affectionate and friendly pets that will give you a pain relieving moment when you are stressed.

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Pot-Bellied Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Fancy Rats
  • Cockatoos
  • Horses
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Sugar Gliders

It is not enough running through the summaries, but you need a detailed description of how to take advantage of these pets. We will take a detailed description of the most common ones people love to hang out with.

1. Dogs

dog as a pet

You have always heard that “Dogs are man’s best friend,” it is as true as it sounds. They are fiercely loyal and extremely affectionate to their owners. Similar to human beings, they are social animals that want to be loved, accepted, and bonding.

The extent to which your dog licks you is dependent on the affection shown to them. Although the dog may try to lick salt from your skin occasionally, it is mostly an act of love and affection that makes them act in such a way.

Interestingly, even overly aggressive breeds like Rottweiler’s and Pit bulls can become soft and affectionate towards their owners if they have a loving and secure home. The truth is that this attribute depends on the upbringing by the owner.

How dogs show affection

Dogs show affection to their owners through hugging, licking, tail-wagging, barking, playing games, smuggling, leaning against you, jumping, and following you around.

2. Cats

cats as a pet

Throughout history, cats have been described as aloof, disinterested, and cold. Remarkably, this is an unfair description because they are affectionate as dogs are.

However, the difference between cats and dogs is that dogs show their affection differently as the cat does. In most situations, cats are affectionate and loyal to their owners. There are uncountable documented situations whereby cats have gone to the extra mile to rescue their owners when they perceive danger.

How cats show affection

Cats show affection by purring, kneading, licking, hugging, smuggling, sitting on your lap, playing games, following you around, rubbing up against you, and protecting you.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits as a pet

You may have heard the term “bunny rabbit,” it is tantamount to visions of fluffy, cute, and loving creatures bouncing and hopping from one place to another.

This insight isn’t far from the actual truth because they are affectionate, entertaining, and interesting pets to have around. Rabbits can be as affectionate and loyal as man’s best friend – dogs.

They do have diverse personalities ranging from outgoing and playful to being shy and quiet. These mixtures of personalities are seen depending on what the owner exhibits.

Just like dogs, there is always a close bond between a rabbit and its owner. Although rabbits are affectionate, it is important that they respond well depending on how you handle them.

For instance, rabbits prefer to be petted and cuddled while on your lap or on the ground instead of being picked up. However, if the rabbit is not pleased with the way you handle it, they will perform a scratch or a quick instinctive nip immediately.

How rabbits show affection

Rabbits, like other pets, show similar signs such as squealing, licking, smuggling, playing games, jumping up into the air, running around your feet, demanding head rubs and following you around.

4. Horses

Horses as a pet

Most people do not consider horses as affectionate pets at home. The reason behind this isn’t far from the large space and steadfast commitment required from their owners. In spite of this, horses are affectionate animals which also enjoy their owner’s company.

Horses are exceptional at helping recovering addicts or calming hard-to-reach children. They have a special affection for their owners who take time to establish a long-lasting bond with them.

How horses show affection

They show similar signs like the previously explained home pets. They like playing games, licking, nickering, hugging, snuggling, rubbing their nose, and leaning against their owner.

5. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs as a pet

Are you surprised to see guinea pigs on this list? You should not, because they are affectionate towards their owner in their unique way. They don’t naturally play and cuddle because they have the natural instinct to run and hide.

Guinea pigs are natural prey rodents that can be affectionate and loyal once trust is created between their owners and them. Just like dogs, they are social animals and would love to be kept company. It is better to have at least two for them not to feel isolated and lonely.

Guinea pigs have easily noticeable personalities and form their likes and dislike through sound and different behaviors. They serve as great pets for young children.

How rabbits show affection

Guinea pigs are good at showing affection through squealing, playing games, licking, snuggling, jumping in the air, and following their owners around.

6. Fancy Rats

Fancy Rats as a pet

Finally, on our list of most affectionate pets at home are the fancy rats. Although most people don’t consider them as pets because they are scared of rats, they can be fun to be with. Interestingly, they have a reputation for being vicious and creepy that makes people afraid of them.

It is true that the sewage system is home to most rats but fancy rats are different. They don’t live in sewage systems and are quite clean. Remarkably, they are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate.

They are sociable animals with a high degree of playfulness and empathy towards their owners. If you want a pet that will hang around your shoulder, fancy rats are what you need.

How Fancy rats show affection

When you see signs such as playing games, squealing, licking, snuggling, sitting on your shoulder, or following you around then they are showing you affection. It is important to reciprocate that affection towards them.

Most Affectionate Pets at Home | Conclusion

It is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience having pets at home. They provide companionship, affection, and love to their owners.

Usually, they expect the same thing from their owners, which is why before buying a pet, one needs to conduct proper research. Different kinds of animals have various needs and you must be ready to meet their demands before thinking of investing in a pet.

Additionally, it is necessary to examine local laws and regulations to ensure you have the legal backing to own that particular pet.

Nevertheless, with proper care and diligence, you both can benefit mutually from each other. Remember, companionship comes with great privilege and responsibility.

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