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15 Beautiful Peacock Decorating Ideas for Living Room

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Have you ever considered checking out some of the stunning Peacock decorating ideas for living room out there?

No doubt, Peacocks are some of the most attractive birds in the world, no wonder they are said to be the king of birds.

Such a wonderful creature; Peacocks are second to none in terms of physical appearance and overall appeal. Its stunning coloring has inspired several designers from different fields of activity.

Well, you don’t have to live in the forest before you can admire these beautiful winged creatures. You can bring them into your living room to enhance its beauty.

Home designers and individuals who are fascinated by their beauty are getting home decoration ideas from them, which is why we’ve listed these exquisite peacock decorating ideas that will turn your living room into an attractive part of your home.

Peacock Decorating Ideas for Living Room

Get instant inspiration from the stunning peacock decor ideas for a living room below. I’m sure that any of them will give your living room a unique apeal.

1. Peacock Framed Arts in the Dining Area

Peacock Framed Arts in the Dining Area

The dining area is an integral part of your living room. The condition of this part of the living room will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the dining section.

Make this section a center of attraction by hanging a well-framed picture of peacock in the dining area. It will blend with the right color to boost the overall appeal of this part of your home.

2. Use an Abstract Peacock Artwork

Use an Abstract Peacock Artwork

Sometimes, an abstract peacock artwork is what you need to turn your living room around. Rather than go bold, the abstract artwork done by a professional will enhance the beauty of the living room.

This unique artwork is ideal for a white or grey wall. The wall will contrast with the wall to give you an attractive living room. Get one for yourself and see the enormous transformation your living room will undergo.

3. Covers and Throw Pillows

Covers and Throw Pillows

You don’t have to limit yourself to hanging pictures and the likes. Put your creativity to use. Get peacock-inspired throw pillows and covers to beautify your living room. They will make a great addition to it.

There are several ways you can get the best of the peacock. Consider different ways you can make pillows with peacock images. Your creativity will determine how much result and satisfaction you will get from this.

For instance, in the attached image, the peacock image is placed on a white background. Consider using the peacock as both the background and the image. You will be amazed at the output of such an experiment.

4. Peacock Artwork on Canvas

Peacock Artwork on Canvas

A beautiful painting of peacock on canvas signifies your high taste and temperament. Added to the beauty of the painting is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

With just a damp rag, you can keep it sparkling clean and boost the general appeal of the living room.

With the right material, you will get for yourself an art that is strong and shrink resistant. Thus, rest assured that it will continue to adorn your living room for years to come.

5. Peacock Floor Lamp

Peacock Floor Lamp

Don’t concentrate on the wall alone. There are other parts of the living room where you can make a lasting impression with a peacock-inspired item. A typical example is this floor lamp.

It doesn’t only hold the source of illumination for the living room; it beautifies it as well. The floor-length lamp is both captivating in height as it is in design.

The peacock design crowns it all. Take a look at the impact on the living room and appreciate the wonder of this piece of item inspired by the beautiful bird.

6. Peacock-Inspired Pedestal Table

Peacock-Inspired Pedestal Table

A magnificent design, the colorful peacock makes the pedestal table a beauty to behold. Look at the contrasting impact of the brown floor and wall on the multicolor feathers of the peacock. That’s beauty.

Have this at the center of your living room and feel its colossal impact. Of course, it will be great if you place it at a corner too.

The beautiful flower and the golden vase enhance the table’s beauty also. Generally, they all will make your living room a delight to everyone.

7. Peacock Sculptural Desk Lamp

Peacock Sculptural Desk Lamp

Take another look at a brilliant use of peacock idea to turn your living room around. The peacock-inspired pedestal table will also contribute immensely to the overall look and feel of this room.

Complementing the sculptural masterpiece is the peacock light. You can make a statement with this piece of item in the living room if you choose the right background color for the room.

The wall color in this picture enhances the beauty of the table, highlighting the importance of choosing the perfect color for it.

8. Peacock Themed Vases

Peacock Themed Vases

When used against the right wall color, the peacock themed vases are can also make a lasting impact on your living room. A silver-hued or seaside interior will be great for this distinctive design.

The vases themselves are attractive. Their well-sculptured shape and beautiful peacock design will go along with the fantastic interior to give you a befitting living room.

These vases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose the ones you are comfortable with and bring out the best out of your living room.

9. Quilled Paper Wall Art

Quilled Paper Wall Art

If you are usually fascinated by art, you can take your passion to the next level by decorating your living room window with some well-designed peacock-themed art.

The beauty of the multicolor art will rub off on your living room, giving it a unique appeal. The design doesn’t have to be complicated.

A simple artwork that brings out the colors and beauty of a peacock is all you need to give your living room that special feel. You will love the impact on your living room.

When shopping for this piece of art, note that they are available in different designs. Choose an appropriate design for your living room after considering the color and other important factors.

10. Peacock-Themed Glass Windows

Peacock-Themed Glass Windows

The window is another part of your living room you may consider when contemplating turning the living room around with some fantastic peacock-inspired designs.

If you want to handle the design yourself, you are at liberty to experiment with different designs as you can see in the image above. You are only limited by your creativity levels.

Even if you want to purchase one or two for your windows, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Thus, you won’t be stuck to a single design but are at the liberty to select what combines well with other items in the living room.

11. Peacock-Styled Rug

Peacock-Styled Rug

The living room will appreciate a peacock-styled rug. The beautiful design will be fabulous in a living room with other items that will combine with the rug to make a powerful impact on the sitting room.

You can use a wide range of colors from the peacock for your chairs. Both items will supplement each other to give your living room an exotic appeal.

12. Peacock Lampshade

Peacock Lampshade

Available in different sizes, this handmade peacock lampshade will be another essential addition to your living room. You can use this elegant lampshade as a standard table lamp or ceiling light, depending on the size.

The 20cm diameter lampshade is for small living rooms while the largest size, 30cm in diameter will make a good ceiling or pendant light for large living rooms. However, the largest size is the most popular and can be used in practically all the rooms.

The lampshade is also made of a wide range of inside colors. It is available in white, old gold, brushed copper, and mirror gold. The white liner will offer you maximum brightness while the old gold will give you a touch of luxury with the matt, mottled, or pale gold color.

If you want a warm metallic tone, the brushed copper is the ideal option while the mirror gold offers a luxurious finish, even when the lamp is unlit.

Thus, when making a choice, consider the size of your room and choose the most appropriate peacock lampshade

13. Peacock Wall Décor

Peacock Wall Décor

Hang a beautiful peacock image on the living room wall and make a lasting impression on every visitor to your home. The beautifully crafted art will blend with the right wall color to have the desired effect.

The wall stickers are usually made of high-quality materials. They are also not heavyweight and flat, making them a perfect item in the living room.

The stickers are also pretty easy to use. Simply remove it from the backing and place it on a dry surface on the wall. To remove air bubbles, smooth it over. You can replace the sticker by removing it without running the risk of damaging the paintwork.

14. Peacock Landscape TV Background

Peacock Landscape TV Background

You can create an amazing background for your television with the peacock landscape TV background.

The waterfall combines well with the peacock and every other thing in the image to give your living room a befitting appearance.

The 3D wall murals wallpaper will be suitable for any type of wall color. However, you can choose one that specifically meets your needs.

15. Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair

A beauty to behold is this chair. Aside from the impressive design, the peacock theme makes this chair a must-have if you wish to give your living room décor.

Your living room will look a lot better with this unique chair. Consider combining it with similar pillows to give the best impression on the living room.

Peacock Decor Ideas | Conclusion

Here are some creative ideas you can steal if you wish to give your living room a befitting look. With the 15 Peacock decorating ideas for living room listed here, you will no longer be confused about how to give your living a facelift.

Put your creativity to the test to enable you to get the best result for your efforts. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about these designs via the comment section. And if you enjoyed the post, please share it with your friends on social media.

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