15 Primitive Decorating Ideas for Living Room

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You don’t need to have the most gorgeous home before you proudly welcome your visitors. Whether big or small, primitive interior decorations will put you and your guests at ease and anyone approaching your living room will feel close to nature.

The whole thing starts with changing your outlook and manner of thinking. All you need is a rustic and simple creative design.

Think about ways of displaying an old item in new ways. Primitive home furnishing can be produced from your handmade old vintage items.

Below are 15 primitive decorating ideas for living room that will instantly enhance the value and feel of your home.

Pay attention to the intents of the homeowners.

Primitive Decorating Ideas for Living Room

1. The Masculine Mantel

the masculine mantel

The designer of this living room is super brilliant, proving that primitive decor is not difficult to mix with many of the living room styles. The creation in this space is a rejigging of a rustic-industrial scene.

Many primitive pieces of items are included here, and this keeps the look simple with a significant impact that makes the living room indeed masculine.

It’s wonderful how metal boxes, oil cans, and wooden cogs and various other items can easily blend to create this unique sensational design

2. The Perfection of Pottery

the perfection of pottery

Pottery is an ancient skill and trade. Its history predates any human civilization. And it has come to stay. Don’t you think you can make some decorative sense of glazed pottery?

How do you think it’ll feel to have glazed pottery pieces placed at a conspicuous location in your living room? It will be great to see the shine boastingly welcoming you.

How lovely will it be when the shinning pieces send back to you the beautiful reflection of your living room light! That’s what you see in this living room as the primitive style sits with elegance on the tabletop.

The orchid adds some freshness and fanciful counterpoint. The artsy print on that basic wood frame highlights the greatness of primitive tasty display.

3. The Prints Charm

the prints charm

As easy as a primitive design is, you may sometimes not need more than fiddle with the print. In fact, it might be all about that print.

Consider this the inspiration you’ll derive from this early geometric design. Decorating this living room is the herringbone print that appears primitive that covers that chair. See the charming print complemented at the edges by a basic woven rug.

Anyone that has an eye for beauty will correctly interpret the pairing together of these as a bold, artsy statement. You can achieve this and make your own statement.

4. The Crate Expectation

the crate expectation

You need a great deal of ingenuity to achieve primitive interior decoration, especially in your living room. You can work just about anything into your living room whether to simply display it or to make it a starting point of an entirely new sense of decor.

Imagine the ingenious idea this designer tries to create from something you could have consigned to the dump, mere old soda crates.

Combining the four of them, the living room decor you see here creates a shadow-box coffee table that beats all imagination.

The designer attaches the crates to an old table base and simply lays a piece of tempered glass on top of the attachment.

5. Hooping It Up

hooping it up

That primitive light you still have with you or that one you think is no longer useful can become a beautiful piece of natural interior decoration.

The décor being highlighted here is about light cleverly crafted from embroidery hoops. This light fixture is an excellent addition of a primitive grace element to this living room with eclectic tastes.

6. The Wheel Appeal

the wheel appeal

A standard wooden wagon wheel that seems to have no modern appeal is what you see here used adding an exotic taste of sensibility to what would have been a sleek space without it.

With Edison pendant light, the wheel hung there adds to the décor feel. This doesn’t have to be kitschy or overdone. The wheel appeal is simply a perfect blend.

7. Taking the Stairs

taking the stairs

Hardly could anything be more primitive yet rustic than the sturdy rope used in the staircase adjoining this living room. When you see such a rope, you may not find any use of it in your living room.

Maybe you’ve even thrown away some rope used to bind or tie an item you purchased a while ago. However, it’s capable of forming a sensible decoration in your living room.

Besides, ropes like this can remind visitors of the days when cattle roamed the street instead of automobiles.

As primitive as it can be, attaching it to the wall using metal ring fasteners brings out some uniqueness unimaginable as visitors’ eyes unwittingly trace the rope up alongside the stairs.

8. A Little Bit of Country

a little bit of country

]What about that olden dough bowl? Can you find any use for it? If you take it off this shelf in this living room, you might have bland brown background or wall.

But it may not be exactly so. However, its addition adds some flavor to this neutral space and brings to the scene a space of rustic country charm, albeit quite a little.

Other features that justify its existence here are that large glass vessel and its fresh sunflowers contents. They not only define the usefulness of the bowl, but they also add some warmth feeling to the room, turning it to a countryside living room.

9. A Contemporary Twist

a contemporary twist

You will love it if you see a beautiful primitive decoration that reflects a high level of craftsmanship. This living room may be simple without a lot of accessories.

Yet, the thoughtful use of table and seating in this space is unparalleled unequaled. The seats and table are anything but modern. But their appearance in a modern modest living room is creative.

Each piece of the decorations here seems to be created with great designs and by artists specialized in interior decorations. The way each of them is expressed accented the original of beauty in the materials.

You can see how the wood with the live edge of the counter nicely expressed illumination from the chandelier. You can do the same.

10. Finding Uses for Pallets

finding uses for pallets

It may be hard to find any use for the old pallets in your living room. However, if you think about the appearance of a console in the studio or music-filled living room, you can mimic that with pallets.

This pile-up of pallets is actually an excellent complement to the brick wall texture and the rustic flair of the rug made of the cowhide.

The pallets have been given new use as they form the addition of character and actually become the focal point of the living room.

11. Purposeful Pieces

purposeful pieces

If you display some dexterity, you can garnish your living room with some repurposed pieces of primitive matters.

This living room close to the kitchen makes creative use of a vintage barn shutter which is remade to form shelving unit hung a wall.

Another great definition is the metal rake with space it adds to the storage area and the bar. It serves as an able stand-in for the wine glass rack. Anything put on that dining table in the form of ornament creates excellent beauty.

12. Get Hooked

get hooked

Again, lights can make another primitive interior décor that can grace your living room with both modern and ancient taste.

Check out the one here. Can you guess where it’s crafted from? It’s an adaptation of an old roofing hook. The ingenuity of the designer is quite remarkable.

The simple bulbs are gracefully suspended from the hooks that are carefully paired up to create a unique rustic mix. It’s a subtle definition of excelling beauty.

13. Wine O’Clock

wine o’clock

There are a lot of materials with which you can make your wine rack. But you can make that primitive in your bar or living room.

Newly-made items which are a product of primitive pieces can produce the same inspiration with the real thing you just bought.

That’s what’s shown in this wine rack made from refurbished lumber and wooden dowels. Its rough-hewn look and no-frills appeal define decorations of primitive times. The durability with which olden items are known is present here.

14. Book Bloom

book bloom

This primitive decoration is all about repurposing. You only need to think about new ways to use old things.

The owner of this living room created flora on her wall after being inspired by an old book. Analyzing this brings one’s mind to a home in the farm settlement or country home.

15. On the Edge

on the edge

Everything about this living room is primitive. This contemporary space is more colorful with the addition of this live-edge coffee table. Look at the grounding element that you have here.

The artsy bird sculpture and fresh blooms on the tray join together and top the fresh table.


You could see from the above ideas that primitive decorations are not only simple but also inexpensive to achieve.

You may check what’s offer up at garage sale, junks stores, or flea markets for items that mimic primitive handmade that can be an inspiration in your own living room. The sky is the limit of what you can come up with.

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