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Safety is the most important thing when choosing a crib for your baby. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when choosing the safest baby cribs. One might assume that the most expensive crib is bound to be the safest, but this is not the case at all.

Any baby crib on the market today has to pass strict safety regulations before it is allowed to be placed on general sale. Each must be certified as safe by the federal government, and this safety mark is absolutely critical to check when choosing the safest baby crib.

The JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) mark of safety is also highly regarded, and if a product has both of these safety ratings, it is sure to be suitable for your newborn and toddler.

However, it is wise not to simply rely on safety marks when choosing the safest baby crib for your newborn or toddler to spend the night in. All parents should carefully check the following items and assure themselves that each is appropriate for their own child before purchase.

Safest Baby Cribs 2022

Baby Crib Safety Ratings and Tips

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To ensure your little prince/princess sleeps safely in whichever crib you go for, there are a few crib safety ratings and tips to always have in mind.

1. Perform the “Two-Finger Test”

Put two of your fingers in between the crib and the mattress. If more than two of your fingers can fit in the space, it increases the risk of his/her arms, legs, and head getting trapped in the unsafe space.

2. Always use a firm crib mattress

A firm crib mattress is highly recommended for your baby until he/she reaches the toddler stages. Softer, cushion-like mattresses for babies may result in suffocation because of the mattress forming to your baby’s face and body.

3. Use a pacifier

Giving your child a pacifier when placing him/her in the infant bed to sleep has been shown to minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). While sleeping, don’t attach the pacifier to the cloths of the baby to avoid the risk of choking.

4. Avoid keeping loose items in the crib

Don’t keep loose items such as toys, pillows, and blankets in the baby crib. Use only fitted blankets and sheets to prevent suffocation and choking danger in the crib.

5. Place the baby on his/her back to sleep

Always place your baby on their back while sleeping on the crib.  You also want to avoid sleep positioners that station your little one in one position while sleeping to prevent the risk of suffocation. Any other sleeping position can increase the risk of SIDS

As a parent, one thing you can’t afford to cope with is your child getting hurt or dying in his crib. A crib is supposed to be a safe place for your child. But unfortunately, lots of children are often injured in their cribs.

But by adhering to a few simple precautions, you can prevent this danger and ensure your child’s crib isn’t a threat. Rather, it’ll be exactly what it’s meant to be – a safe haven for your baby.

Reviews of The Safest Cribs On The Market 2022

Now, here are some of the safest cribs on the market 2019:

1. Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso Easily Converts to Toddler Bed, Day Bed or Full Bed

51v9LamjCUL. SL500

One of the most important things to always keep in mind while looking for a baby crib is to find one that perfectly accommodates your height so that you can easily get to your crying child whenever they need you.

The Storkcraft Tuscany 4-In-1 Convertible Crib has three adjustable mattress positions so you can use the highest setting until your child grows into the crawling position. Then you can use the lower settings as he/she gets bigger. By then, your child can easily reach up to you, so your height will no longer be an issue.

Furthermore, after your child outgrows his crib, you can effortlessly change this into a toddler bed – after which it can equally be converted into a daybed – and later, a full-size bed.

The crib is made of solid wood, which meets all the U.S. safety requirements for cribs, and it’s an elegant sleigh design with clean lines that will look lovely in any nursery.

Finally, if you want all of your child’s nursery furniture to have a similar appearance, this company equally makes matching pieces such as a dresser, changing table, and a glider.

  • You’ll have 5 colors to select from
  • It’s pretty affordable considering its features
  • It comes with 3 different mattress heights
  • Some parents felt that the wood scratched easily
  • Some complained the instructions weren’t in-depth enough

2. Dream On Me 2-in-1 Folding Birch Portable Crib, Natural(Best folding crib)

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Folding cribs can be an excellent option if you like watching your baby regularly while at work. Whether it’s with a babysitter or stored at a grandparent’s house, it gives your child a safe place to rest and play while they’re not at home. Because a folding crib easily packs away, it won’t need a permanent space in the house.

Interestingly, this type of crib can fold completely flat, so you never have to border about finding where to store it – and it only takes a few minutes to get it entirely folded up. It’ll also fit in any closet and can comfortably sit against the wall.

Furthermore, the Dream on Me 2-in-1 Folding Birch Portable Crib is a fantastic option for traveling as your child will always have a safe place to sleep whenever you stay overnight in hotels.

Additionally, it comes with wheels so it can be rolled around and the wheels are lockable, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting into danger when he’s old enough to push off from the wall.

Apart from all these features, this crib can also be easily turned into a playpen – and you just need one hand to achieve it.

The crib is made out of birch, which is an excellent hardwood that does not scratch easily. And it features a one-inch mattress pad and every other tool you’ll need to assemble the crib. Unlike some other crib models in the market, this is pretty simple to assemble.

  • The wheels are lockable for extra safety
  • This is a beautiful and safe baby crib that will hold up well to several uses
  • Shorter parents will be able to easily reach their child in this crib
  • It’s a bit smaller than a full-size crib
  • The crib only has 2 mattress height settings, unlike three on some other cribs

3. Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib, Espresso Cherry

41KB3tFutzL. SL500

If you want a crib that will still be useful after your child outgrows it, you should consider convertible style cribs. This type of crib can be easily transformed into toddler and day beds when your child outgrows the crib portion, which will save you lots of money in the long run.

The Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib is a multi-purpose crib, which perfectly fits a range of the needs you will have coming up for your baby.

Aside from being a crib, it can also be used as a toddler bed, a daybed and can even convert to a full-size bed – complete with a footboard and a headboard. With this crib, you won’t be spending extra money to purchase a bed for your baby because this one will last you.

Additionally, the crib portion features three different mattress positions, which you can use to ensure your baby’s safety as well as your comfort.

It’s made with a non-toxic finish so you won’t have to be concerned about your child ingesting lead or other toxic chemicals – and comes in five different colors to enable you to find one to complement your desired nursery colors.

Another thing I love about this crib is that during hotter months, your baby will get lots of air circulation on it because there are slats on each side. Also, the sleigh style is a modern design that should be loved by most parents.

In a nutshell, this is an excellent robust choice if you don’t want something lightweight or flimsy for your child.

  • A gorgeous and stylish crib
  • Comes with 3 different mattress positions
  • Pretty easy to follow instructions/directions
  • It’s somewhat expensive than some others, but you’ll recover that money later on by not buying a toddler bed
  • You may need help setting this up because the wooden pieces are heavy

4. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light – Silver

41A Z 1kNcL. SL500

A portable crib such as the Babybjorn is perfect for parents who want the option of having their baby’s crib wherever they are. That way if you’re working on one room, you can simply drag it along – and you’ll never have your baby out of your sight.

At just 13 pounds, the BabyBjorn travel crib is easy to move around your home. It’s equally suitable for traveling or for taking to your day-care provider’s house because it’s so easy to assemble up and pack away.

Unlike most other cribs out there, it does feature a thin mattress – and the sides are all mesh to enable your baby to get air circulation easily, and you can always check in on them without the need of peeking over the top.

Furthermore, this is a stylish and beautiful crib with modern flair and comes in 7 color options. Your child will undoubtedly get plenty of use out of it – both as a crib and as well as a playard. At 2 feet height, your child can also use it as a toddler.

Finally, the Babybjorn travel crib is durable and will not sag from the weight of your baby after extended use, unlike some other travel and portable cribs.

  • The crib is beautiful and has good color selections
  • It’s easy to carry around
  • You can separately purchase organic fitted sheet that fits this mattress
  • It might be difficult for short parents to reach their babies
  • It’s somewhat expensive for a portable crib

5. Storkcraft Rosland 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – White

41HS6wDin+L. SL500

Sometimes it’s wise to save money while buying the things you need, especially when you’re on a lean budget. Since a crib can only be used for a few years, it’s wise to be as economical as possible with your choice of a crib.

The Storkcraft Rosland 3-in-1 Convertible Crib is affordable enough that you won’t feel much bite in your wallet when buying it. The price is even more like a steal because it’s a 3-in-1 convertible crib, which means you’ll get more for a cheap price.

When your baby grows bigger than the crib, you can transform it into a toddler bed – and then to a daybed as the need arises.

It’s made of sturdy pine and comes in five different colors, so you can find one that fits any nursery decorating style.

Furthermore, the mattress adjustable to three different positions to enable you to find a comfortable setting regardless of what stage your child is in. With a height of 35 inches and 50 pounds, the Storkcraft Rosland 3-in-1 Convertible Crib will last your child well into his/her toddler years.

Finally, if you’re not good at setting up things, you’ll like this crib due to its easy assembly; at 55 x 30.5 x 34 inches finish – and you won’t get confused wondering where all the parts go.

  • The crib is very affordable
  • Very durable
  • Pretty easy to assemble
  • Some parents complained that the stickers on the wood pieces were difficult to remove
  • It does not have wheels, which makes it hard to move around

Safest Cribs for Babies 2022

Here are some other safest cribs for babies you should really check out, they’re all awesome and among the safest baby beds on the market – and meets all the crib safety standards.

6. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, White (Safest Baby Bed)

31UEtOwP49L. SL500

The Babyletto Hudson convertible crib is a beautiful but simple crib that should fit with any decorating style. It has conventional smooth lines and will remind you of baby cribs produced in previous centuries.

It has all the essential features a safe baby bed should have, including safety and practicality. The conversion kit allows you to enjoy this beautiful crib for years to come.

This safest crib model is focused on creating a safe environment for your little one. After it as screened for more than 10 000 chemicals, the crib got the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, so you can be sure your baby’s health won’t be affected negatively while spending time inside the baby bed.

It’s also non-toxic finish, so your baby will always be safe even if they decide to lick all surfaces. That’s not all, the crib also meets the CPSC (US) and ASTM (International) safety standards, and for safety, the slats can take up to 135lb.

Interestingly, this safe infant bed can be converted into your kid’s bed when he/she grows bigger; this is basically when your toddler has matured enough to climb and has grown to about 35”.

One person can move this crib around in the house and clean it since it’s not too bulky – and since no harmful materials are used, it’s also safe to clean with a damp cloth.

Aside from the conversion options, the mattress can be placed at one of four height settings. You can customize it to your height and the child’s growth.

  • Excellent blend of a stylish look with modern safety features
  • It’s very affordable when you consider the features
  • Very lightweight
  • Can convert to a bed
  • Come in different colors to match your room décor design
  • You can’t lock the wheels into place
  • Mattress must be purchased separately

7. DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Portable Crib in White (Fancy Baby Crib)

41oTVcU5GfL. SL500

This is both a toddler bed and a daybed all-in-one. It’s well designed with modern safety features so your room can look stylish and classic without putting your baby at risk.

It also comes in different colors so you can choose your preferred color and enjoy the comfort of having your baby crib on wheels.

Additionally, this safe convertible crib adheres to all the necessary safety standards, including:

  • ASTM
  • CPSC
  • Non-toxic
  • Lead and Phthalate safe
  • GREENCARD Gold Certified (for not containing toxic chemicals)

This can be used even past your baby’s toddler years since it can convert into a day bed. With the wheels, this crib can be seamlessly moved and clean around in your home.

Also, the mattress can be placed at 1 of 4 different height settings. With this, you can customize usage based on your own height, or prevent crawling and standing children from getting out.

Finally, you can equally choose between using just the legs or wheels (casters), depending on your choice.

  • Fortified with modern safety features and styles
  • Lightweight, can be moved around
  • Highly durable
  • Can change into a bed
  • It’s pretty much affordable
  • You must buy the mattress separately

8. DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Chestnut(Safest Convertible Cribs 2019)

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 is one of the safest convertible cribs in 2019 – and is also one of the best-selling baby cribs on Amazon and for a good reason. What makes this unique is its ability to change from infant bed to toddler bed and then into a full-size bed.

This enables it to grow with your child. With this infant bed, you’re sure of safety, style, quality, and support. The crib equally has a non-toxic finish and is produced from natural and organic wool.

Additionally, the DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib is sturdy and comfortable and has no toxic moving parts. The bar spacing is also perfectly sized, minimizing the chances of accidents.

Don’t have DIY skills?

No problem! This is perhaps the quickest and easiest piece of furniture to assemble, and if you’re used to 3 mattress levels, this one has 4 making it an ideal choice for parents of any height.

Finally, you can complete the collection with the stylish Kalani 3-Drawer Changer Dresser, which will be a classic addition to any nursery.

  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • It’s very safe for kids
  • It is stylish and easy to assemble
  • Converts from crib to toddler to day and full sized bed
  • Comes with toddler rails
  • It’s bulky and does not fit in doorways easily
  • D does not feature the rails needed to convert it into a full-sized bed

9. Graco Charleston Convertible Crib, White Easily Converts to Toddler Bed, Day Bed or Full Bed(Best Safe Crib)

41Rgkwslm0L. SL500

This is also one of the safest convertible cribs available today. It has a simple and aesthetic design – and will last you for years.

Like most of the other cribs listed above, this one can also be converted into a day or standard bed when you buy the conversion kits. It also adheres to JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC safety standards.

Furthermore, if properly handled, you can use this for your baby’s entire life, since one side of the crib becomes the headboard of your baby’s future bed.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the conversion kits will be sold separately. Also, try to choose the right, practical color that’ll complement your room’s décor, if you plan on using it long term.

Finally, you can also choose from three different mattress settings – it’s relatively lightweight to move around easily when it’s time to clean – the smooth surfaces also makes it pretty easy to clean.

  • Classic lines incorporating conventional design
  • Very durable and strong
  • Produced with quality and non-toxic wood
  • Hardware is hidden
  • It’s somewhat tricky to assemble
  • Comes with only three mattress heights

10. Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib, Lagoon (Safest Baby Furniture)

41iN1kPlTRL. SL500

This is, no doubt, one of the best and safest cribs on the market – don’t be deceived by its simple design, which makes it very easy to match any room décor style. This crib can also be transformed into a daybed, making it a long term investment.

Most importantly, the materials used in any piece of furniture determine its safety, and this baby bed will give you a rest of mind because its pinewood is sourced from New Zealand. And all the exterior finishes are free of phthalate and lead.

Additionally, Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib adheres to both US and international safety standards, and it’s free from toxic elements. Note that the bar spacing is big enough for small fingers – so you may need to cover them up a bit.

It’s lightweight, making it effortless to move around the room when cleaning. That’s not all; its plain design also makes it easy to clear dust particles away. Simple designs also lead to easy assemblies, and you won’t have challenges assembling or dismantling it.

  • The price is pretty much reasonable
  • Lightweight and easily movable
  • Convertible
  • Has different mattress heights
  • Visible hardware

11. Dream On Me, Carson Classic 3 in 1 Convertible Crib in White (Among the Safest Crib 2019)

41AOKFGAh9L. SL500

The Dream On Me, Carson Classic 3 in 1 Crib is a budget and long-term investment; it comes with a simple design and three different bed options. It’s classically styled so it can easily match with other furniture in your room.

It has lots of gaps between the slats, which will help with enough airflow for your baby’s comfort. Interestingly, it’s one of the few cribs on the market that has wheel options, so it’s really remarkable for this price range – the wheels are also lockable for your child’s safety.

The pinewood used on the bed is built into a solid structure, and it does not contain toxins substances.

Impressively, you can use this unit for some years while your baby grows up; however, you cannot turn it into a regular-sized bed.

It also features three mattress heights which you can set according to your needs and height.

  • One of the cheapest safe baby crib
  • Can convert into three different options
  • Wheel options
  • Lightweight
  • Requires more than one person to assemble
  • It can’t turn into a full-sized bed

Why You Need a Crib For Your Baby

Below, you will find a few reasons why we think you should get a good crib for your newborn. Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section after reading the post.

1. Surely my baby can sleep in a bassinet for the first few weeks?

Of course, the answer is definitely yes. Many babies like to do this as they generally prefer to sleep in smaller spaces because it helps them to feel secure.

However, children outgrow bassinets quite quickly and will need a larger sleep area by the age of around 4 to 6 months. A crib will give them just that option. However, the choice of cribs is enormous in the market.

 2. So why do I need a crib when my baby is so small?

Although it’s not strictly necessary to purchase a crib for the first few months of your baby’s life. But, many parents prefer to buy and set up the crib before their baby arrives.

There’s so much going on, welcoming a new member to the family is not easy hence, the reason why you get prepared ahead of time, especially in the first few months of pregnancy. This will give parents lots of time to decide on which crib they want, have it delivered and set it all up.

 3. Does this mean the crib will just sit there empty until my baby is 4 months old?

Not really, many parents put their kids to sleep in their bassinets inside the crib until they are old enough to move to the crib itself.

This approach is said to introduce the baby to the crib right from day one. It will make it easier for them when it comes to sleeping in the crib full-time.

Furthermore, It will also make life easier for the parents of the baby. Once the child becomes familiar with its surroundings, he’s more likely to sleep soundly when spending his first few nights out of the bassinet, and this means a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

 4. I know that I want to co-sleep with my baby, I don’t need a crib

Co-sleeping is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn baby; however safety experts have identified risks when parents co-sleep. You can find out more by visiting the Kids Health website.

Many parents who support the idea of co-sleeping with their baby but are worried about the risks now purchase a crib with a drop-side or a convertible crib where one side can be removed completely.

The crib is pulled up close to the parent’s bed so that the baby can sleep alongside his parents in comfort and safety.

 5. Cribs are really expensive, are there any other options?

Buying a baby crib can seem like a big outlay of money. However, it is the safest and best choice for your precious newborn. Of course, as with everything, you can find cribs for every budget, from very expensive cribs.

A good example is the Oeuf Crib which is constructed from solid wood and converts to a toddler bed, to a more budget option such as the Dream On Me Classic convertible crib which is a beautifully crafted crib, available for a little over $100.

Even an affordable crib can be enhanced easily by purchasing a slightly more expensive mattress such as this example from Naturepedic.

 6. My baby’s nursery is really small, I’m not sure a crib will fit alongside all the other furniture

The beauty of a baby crib is that there are so many models available, you are sure to find one which will fit into even the most confined space. Many modern cribs now come with clever space-saving solutions.

For example, the Athena Daphne crib is not only convertible from a crib up to a junior bed but features a storage unit and a changing table. This single piece of furniture will see your child from babyhood, through the toddler phase and beyond.

 7. What about safety?

Safety is, of course, critical when looking for a baby crib. As long as you are purchasing a new model, regulations insist that baby cribs must conform to rigorous testing and very high safety standards.

The Million Dollar Baby Ashbury Convertible Crib, for example, conforms to JPMA standards and has a non-toxic coating to enhance its good looks.

You may choose to reuse a crib that has been in the family for a long time or has been gifted to you by a friend. It’s great to recycle furniture in this way; however, it is highly recommended that a thorough inspection is carried out once the crib is assembled.

Check all fixtures to make sure they are secure and do not protrude. If the crib is over 10-years old, the finish should be tested to ensure it is non-toxic. If there are any doubts what-so-ever, over safety, the crib should not be used.

Similarly, It is absolutely critical, should you opt to use a second-hand crib, that a new mattress is purchased. Re-using an old mattress has serious safety implications, even if it was used for another child in the same family only six months ago.

New mattresses are simple to buy, and the choice is large. If money is tight, a simple foam mattress with a breathable and waterproof covering is perfectly acceptable. The LA Baby mattress is a great example.

How to Make Sure A Crib Is Safe

To ensure you’re not buying a death trap for your baby in place of a baby crib, here are some tips to follow while purchasing the safest baby cribs.

1. New Cribs vs. Second-Hand Cribs

It is possible that when family members learn of the imminent arrival of a new member of the family, they may be keen for him or her to sleep in a crib which is an heirloom piece of furniture, perhaps a baby crib in which one of the proud parents may have slept when they were small.

While the thought of this is really very lovely, older cribs simply will not offer the same level of safety which a new baby crib can provide. Long periods of storage may have loosened joints or hardware while paint finishes could well contain toxic elements that can be harmful if swallowed.

Although, the heirloom piece may well have conformed to safety standards when it was new, however, regulations are ever-changing, and tests and checks which the safest baby cribs must pass now are far more stringent.

If the heirloom style appeals but safety is more important, a great compromise is to purchase a new, safer baby crib but one which is built with vintage styling such as Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib.

Alternatively, the vintage look can be achieved by purchasing appropriate bedding such as this quilted blanket from TILLYOU: TILLYOU Allergy-Free Quilted Thermal Baby Blanket for Cribs.

2. Keep the style simple

2. Keep the style simple

While fancy flourishes, scroll-work, and extra details can look beautiful on a baby crib, when it comes to safety, these additional features can present a hazard.

No matter how stringent the safety testing on baby cribs actually is, there is always a possibility that loose clothing can catch on crib detailing and pose a safety risk to your baby.

The safest cribs on the market are simple in style and feature mattress bases which can be raised or lowered as opposed to dropping sided models that were popular in the past.

If detailing is vital regarding looks, try and choose a baby crib which hints at these design touches rather than one which has lots of additional details.

The Dream On Me, Carson Classic 3 in 1 Convertible Crib meets all safety regulations but also offers beauty too. Its smooth, clean lines will fulfill the desires of those who hanker after a fancy baby crib, yet it provides a safe environment in which your little one can spend a comfortable night’s sleep.

3. Set the mattress base to the correct height

Although it sounds like a simple instruction and perhaps somewhat obvious, the best way to ensure your baby’s safety is to ensure the mattress base is set to the correct height.

Many models that claim to be the safest crib for babies will only live up to their name if parents are sensible about the height of the mattress and set it to the correct height for their comfort and the safety of their baby.

Buying a baby crib that allows the height of the base to be lowered as the baby grows will ensure there is no risk of them using bedding or soft toys to allow them to scale the bars of the crib and climb over the top rail.

Clearly, there is no risk to a newborn from this situation; however, put an adventurous toddler in the same baby crib, and it can be a different story altogether!

Baby cribs such as the South Shore Angel Crib and Toddler’s Bed feature a base which can be set at one of three heights which enables it to be lowered as the baby grows into a toddler.

4. Beware of corner posts

If you see a crib with corner post rather than angled, sloping sides, you should ensure the post is not over one-sixteenth of an inch high.

Here’s the thing:

Once your baby starts to stand up, their clothes could get trapped a post with even a small elevation, and this is dangerous. Remember, your child’s safety is worth more than any fanciful part of a baby crib.

5. Skip any cut-outs

Although decorative cut-outs can be lovely at the head or foot of the bed, they’re equally harmful. They create room for another place your baby could get stuck.

6. Ensure the mattress fits properly

If more than two of your fingers can fit comfortably between your mattress and the side of the crib, you should go for a different crib to avoid any part of your child from getting stuck in that space.

7. Check the bar space

The bars space on a crib should not have more than 2 and 3-eighths inches space between them. This is because you don’t want your child getting his/her legs, head, or even feet trapped between the slats.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Safe Baby Crib

Factors to Consider While Buying a Safe Baby Crib

When you’re trying to purchase a safe baby crib that’ll ensure your infant’s safety, try and put the following factors into consideration:

1. Safety standards and certifications

While looking for the safest baby cribs on the market, look for cribs that are Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) approved.

This is because JPMA’s products are already tested to meet or surpass the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety regulations.

Finally, ensure that the baby crib of your choice is Greenguard Gold Certified to find out if it’s tested for more than 360 VOCs and over 10,000 toxic chemicals.

2. Toxin-Free Materials

Popular and safest baby cribs are made to be stylish and modern; however, not all designs are safe.

Most of the finishing paint used on baby cribs includes the toxin polyurethane, which will be harmful to your child’s health.

Additionally, some materials like manufactured woods may have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that spread a poisonous gas. Therefore, look for baby cribs that are made with 100% solid wood and non-toxic finish.

3. Slat Spacing

The space between each slat in the crib should not be more than 2 ⅜ inches (six centimeters).

This is because if the slats are more spaced apart, there’s a higher risk of the baby’s arms and legs getting trapped in between them. So try and measure the slat spacing before assembling.

4. Extra storage is good

It’s good to always choose baby cribs that have extra storage. Some of the modern baby cribs on the market features an extra space to store your baby crib’s mattress pads, sheets, and other necessary nursery essentials.

Lots of them have an inbuilt storage drawer at under the crib, while others have a changing table with inbuilt shelves, choose the one that’s right for you.

5. Mattress height adjustments

As your little one reaches the climbing stage, it’ll become easy for them to get out of the crib on their own. Look for baby cribs that have 3-5 mattress height adjustment levels.

The mattress height can be set at the highest level during your baby’s infancy stage, and you can lower the height as the baby grows without needing to get a new baby crib.

6. Converting kids

The rate at which children grow is alarming. They can typically grow out of their crib before reaching two years old. Consider a crib with conversion options so you can save money on toddler and twin-sized beds as time goes on.

Baby crib converting kits include all the materials needed to convert the crib safely. These kits are usually sold separately from the crib itself but are a lot less costly than having to buy different beds over the years.

Safest Crib FAQs

What is the safest baby crib?

All the baby cribs listed here are very safe for your baby. That said, the Babyletto Hudson is a perfect choice and will serve you well for years.

How long should babies sleep in cribs?

There’s no confirmed age when babies should stop sleeping in cribs, but it’s recommended to switch to a toddler bed the moment your little one begin to climb or is at about 35-inches tall.

Most standard cribs out there are 27-52 inches tall, which makes it easy for a three feet tall child to climb out.

How do I pick a crib for my newborn?

Choosing a baby crib for your newborn doesn’t have to be complicated. Just ensure that any crib you’ll select is toxic-free and adheres to all the US and international safety standards.

Is bassinet as safe as a baby crib?

Bassinets are safe and excellent alternatives to baby cribs to save both money and space. However, it’s worth noting that bassinets have a smaller weight than cribs.

Additionally, bassinets are a good option for parents that want to be safely co-sleeping with their little one, but they last just some months until the child outgrows them.

Finally, a crib occupies a lot more space than a bassinet, so it’ll be better to get a bassinet if you stay in a smaller house. That said, a bassinet is typically as safe as a baby crib.

What age do babies outgrow crib?

There’s no specific time when you have to change your baby’s crib with a toddler or regular bed, although most kids make the transition between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 ½ years.

However, it’s always better to wait until your baby is closer to 3 years since many children aren’t ready to make the switch.

Safest Baby Bed | Conclusion

Finding the safest baby cribs for your child is an essential task for parents. Apart from being safe, mom may equally want it to be portable for travels, while dad may desire to go for one of the modern styles for the new nursery.

Considering these variables, our top-rated is the Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

It may not be foldable or portable, but it offers enormous security for your baby and oozes style as well. Versatility is abundant, being a 4-in-1 crib, it’ll outlast your baby’s infancy and well into his/her teens.

Reading through the above reviews of the safest cribs on the market will hopefully guide you to plan your new family furniture.

Overall, as long as a certain amount of common sense is applied to purchasing and using a crib, it is not a difficult task to find the safest baby crib which also satisfies regarding looks and budget too.

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