30 Timeless Shelves Design For Living Room

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If you are seeking for a way to transform any unused space in your living room while maximizing storage space, there are chances that you might have thought about shelves as a solution, which is why we’ve assembled these 30 shelves design for living room you probably don’t know exists.

Admittedly, shelves are the commonly used method that brings a living room to live, by turning a dead space into an appealing piece of art through arranging your accessories and other items in a fancy style.

I’m sure there are several reasons why you might want a shelf. Maybe you need the collection of your desired books to be organized, easily located or you want a piece of extra decorative furniture to cover up the free wall in the living room.

Why You Need a Beautiful Shelf in your Sitting Room

There are apparently many reasons why you might consider having a shelf in your sitting room. Apart from the beautiful décor and feel it’ll add to the space, it’ll help you to keep things organized and neat in the sitting room.

Although the reasons will differ for individuals, whatever reasons you have in mind, you certainly don’t want your living room to look outdated or spend hours after hours searching for that one item you need urgently.

Additionally, you want to enjoy the view of every rack of your favorite books or accessories that lie on your shelf.

For this reason, we have properly researched the best shelves designs for homes and out of the thousand designs we saw, we made a list of the timeless shelves design ideas for living room you can choose from.

Some of these designs might shock you with their unique storage and display compatibility.

Take a look at them below!

30 Timeless Shelves Design For Living Room

There are obviously many shelves designs out there; however, many of them might not serve as excellent decor for your living room.

Excitingly, we included only the best and most beautiful ones here with their unique concepts. Thus you can have something worthwhile for both storage and decoration.

That said, below are the 30 stunning shelf designs for living room in no particular order:

1. The Wooden HoneyComb shelf

412GSLhcYJL. SL500

The Wooden honeycomb shelf is a fun and modern way to beautify the wall and display your favorite items. It gives a stunning view with the enhancement of antique brass finish and metal mesh frame.

The shelf dimension is about 30″ x 7″ x 28″t, material and finished with Antique brass finish and metal mesh frame.

The good thing is that you can easily get this particular shelf from Amazon, below is the detail on Amazon:

2. Hexagon Wall Shelf

51lPkTegmhL. SL500

The Hexagon Wall shelf can dramatically change the wall with the floating Nordic hexagonal box shelves. A live plant around it could also make it more fashionable.

Additionally, the placement and clustering matching geometric shapes of each shelves patterns and layout make it fun and adds beauty to the wall. But, alignment for your hexagon shelves should be 30mm spacing.

You can also hand your natural dehumidifier plants on this shelf, as you can see on the image above.

Additionally, the Hexagon wall shelf is available on Amazon, use the link below to check it out:

3. Cuboid shelf set of 4 White

Cuboid shelf set of 4 White

Cuboid shelf set of 4 White-cuboid shelving unit features complete flexibility on any wall. On top of that, its installation is simple.

For installation purposes, the net weight is 9,9 kg, and mounting isn’t technical because all that is needed are screws and wall plugs.

The cuboid is MDF material make, 2 cm shelf thickness, with white and high gloss colors.

4. The 3 Red MDF U-shaped Floating shelves

The 3 Red MDF U-shaped Floating shelves

The floating shelf has an invisible mounting system and fully displays any stored items. It consists of 3 wall shelves that are made of high-quality MDF + Matt finishes.

It is flexible and can be mounted separately or all together. The shelf design suits any decoration and transforms an empty wall into a focal point of your living room. The delivery includes screws and wall plugs for easy installation.

5. High Gloss Living Room Set with LED Lights

High Gloss Living Room Set with LED Lights

The Tv stand and wall mounted cabinet is of high quality for a modern living room. It’s manufactured from matt + high gloss –Vigo range, with a set that consists of 1 x TV Stand and 2 x Wall Mounted Cabinets.

I almost forgot to point the obvious, which is the LED lights. The storage system is a push-to-open style – no handles needed.

6. Vintage Industrial Round Wall Shelf

Vintage Industrial Round Wall Shelf

It’s small, comfortable, and warm with a size of 37.5 * 37.5 * 14 cm. The round wall shelf offers plenty of storage space of four shelves. It’s fast and easy mounting on the wall.

You can place decor items such as flowers, crafts, or ornaments to add warmth. The material is solid wood and iron, foil of high quality and non-formaldehyde.

7.  Greenco 5 Tier Wall Corner Shelves

41ph7tfV4qL. SL500

The Greenco 5 tier corner shelves with a white finish, are functional and attractive alike. It’s neutral to any living room decoration to display photos, collectibles, and other accessories.

It’s effortless to mount on walls, and it comes with all the mounting hardware needed for installation. The dimension in inches are; 7.75″ L x 7.75″ W x 48.5″ H.

Below is the detail of the shelf on Amazon.

8. Leisure Zone LED TV Stand Shelf

fake fireplace tv stand at costco

It’s a modern Tv cabinet table with storage white lounge furniture that features 20 colorful LED lights.

Not only that, it has a large capacity of suncoo 63 inch TV stand with two center drawers for storage purposes. With the material of High-quality gloss+ MDF board and LED lighting, the leisure zone LED shelf is brought to life.

9. Rack Vintage Antique Bookshelf

Rack Vintage Antique Bookshelf

Do you live in a modern home? Because the pipe shelf might seem unlovely but, if the colors match the wall, it will bring a fantastic decoration to the room.

Although its storage system may be limited, yet it’s decorative and vintage in style. The design has a loft-style with water pipe finish wood, fuse with industrial metal brackets. Also, the shelving system is handmade, and installation requires drilling.

10. WALLY Design BookShelf

WALLY Design BookShelf

This type of shelf is available in wall-mounted or freestanding models and can be placed either horizontally or vertically depending on one’s need.

If you’re going for a cm 65 / 105 d.26 h.215 models, it’s recommended to create a free-standing composition and hook both backs of the bookshelf together. However, for wall-mounting models, you should fasten them to the wall properly.

11. Osuna Vertical Shelf for Living Room

Osuna Vertical Shelf

The Osuna swivel free-standing shelf is the perfect shelf for those who seek to furnish their living room in a modern. The design comes with mirror elements featured with an unusual shape, positioned the structure.

The shelf is with a matt lacquered or wood structure. Osuna looks more dynamic as the help of the six shelves interchanges to form three lower elements and three higher elements.

12. Briosa Shelve Design

briosa shelve design

The kind of shelve design is a modern pivoting shelf collected by four vertical cubes positioned above one another. Secondly, it’s beautified with a micro round mirror on the side.

Briosa produced folding technique with walnut, or oak wooden plates finish or in a lacquered finish as well. Briosa’s measurement is cm 40 x 40 h. 169 and produced with oak or walnut veneered wood, and lacquered wood.

13. Tree of Life Wall Shelf

Tree of Life Wall Shelf

This tree of life shelf has a natural iron finish and wood shelves for your items. The life shelf is composed of central support and by seven shelves with ash wood or matt lacquer.

The shelf material is rust patina or natural iron black finish, and with a fancy tree shape with book holders, it creates a complete tree with realistic branches.

14. The Minerva Wall Bookcase

The Minerva Wall Bookcase

The Minerva is a hanging shelf that comes with mirror back that offers a spectacular geometric motif finish. The rack is a combination of stone effect HPL, white Lacquered partition, or white gloss lacquer.

The Minerva is characterized by five shelves with cozy mirrors, while the hidden T-shaped brackets enhance the shelves altogether.

15. Abacus Wooden Shelf

Abacus Wooden Shelf

The abacus is a one-of-a-kind Canaletto walnut double-sided shelves. The first is the large one characterized of three cubes, while the other, an extra-large size with nine cubes.

Both models have curvy lines and a unique mechanism that is responsible for the rotation of the cubes. Its racks developed from wood veneer and lacquer finishes.

16. Alicia Double-sided Open Shelf

Alicia double-sided Open

This shelf consists of 4 rectangular modules that are available in one or two colors of taupe and white, with a symmetrical design of matt or open-pore melamine.

Alicia is a modern double-sided shelf that suits nowadays living rooms.

17. The DIGGORY Mirror Shelf

The DIGGORY mirror shelf

Diggory is an asymmetrical craft that furnishes a modern entrance wall. This shelf is in a two-tone version with mirrors, coat hooks, and open wall units.

One is with 3/2 wall units, the other a two coat hooks and each wall unit could be in taupe or white.

18. The DNA free-standing spiral Shelf

The DNA free-standing spiral Shelf

The structure resembles the shape of a DNA spiral that has 12 shelves fixed and composed of painted steel, and each rack measures cm 21 x 13.

The shelf designed in such a unique pattern that its height gives room for proper storage while adding a touch of style.

19. Snake ladder – Wall-mounted modular shelving

The DNA free-standing spiral Shelf

The modular shelving Snake Ladder design is perfect vertical storage for accessories & items in your living room.

Although the plan is flexible and can be configured to be a horizontal snake –to make something completely new, it’s crafted with ABS plastic and entirely resistant to fungus growth and germs.

20. EX2 Decorative Shelf

EX2 Decorative Shelf

The EX2 may look simple, yet surprising with its expanded modular wall storage of modern twist. This twist adds style and function to the wall.

The system goes with two separate décor units, which assembled to make a cubicle with a drawer and a little side shelf.  Besides, the curves on end, provide supports, and unique finish for storage.

21. Whale Shaped Wall Shelving

Whale Shaped Wall Shelving

Arrange your items in a unique style with the Whale shaped modular wall shelves.

It’s a fun and creative way to display books, trinkets, photographs, souvenirs, and more. You can as well hide items in the tender storage drawer.

22. Note Shaped Unique Wall Shelving

Note Shaped Unique Wall Shelving

This highly stylish shelving unit provides perfect storage and art to show off your love for music.

The design is extremely flexible; as such, you can create a low note or a high on the wall. It’s moderate enough to accommodate your music collections, trinkets, books, and photo.

23. Racing Hero Décor shelf Design

Racing Hero Décor shelf Design

This concept shows a running hero sculpture as a shelving unit to allow storage in a fun and exciting way.

Not only that, but the surprising design renders a designer pattern produced with lightweight material; versatile and full of life for storage.

24. Modular Corner Cube Shelf – M

Modular Corner Cube Shelf – M

It creates a fanciful and very special corner shelf by alternately neat piling the cubes unit to the left and right.

The M corner cube shelf is made up of 5 various cubes piled on top of each other. The inner color walls can be changed, but currently, it’s available in sky blue, fresh green, bright orange, and vibrant pink.

25. Hide N Seek Large White Storage Shelf

Hide N Seek Large White Storage Shelf

Nowadays, hardly find stylish & narrow shelf like this, but it was designed to be extra-long accommodate more items. With white lacquered wood and super-thin grey sides brings life to the interior.

Secondly, the slick hi-gloss white doors flipping ability provides extra storage pleasure. This shelf designed to be extra-long accommodate more items.

26. Matte Black Floating Shelves Set Of 3

Matte Black Floating Shelves Set Of 3

Matte black floating shelves extend three different dimensional shelves architected in a design sense –separately open and very light across the wall.

The shelves can fully display objects, wines and other items, though looks catchy even when empty. Lastly, It’s easy to attach on walls.

27. Treble Marble Wall Mounted Storage

Treble Marble Wall Mounted Storage

Treble Marble gives a stylish lift with a rectangular iron frame/antique brass finish for lower and upper shelf support.

The marble top is gorgeous and can hold items efficiently. It’s potable, but easily noticeable by visitors and matches with a white wall.

28. Walnut Modular Single Shelf 39.5

Walnut Modular Single Shelf 39.5

This is one of the most simple and beautiful shelf designs for a sitting room here.

The Walnut Modular has a silver metal bracket that can be inserted in the narrow opening for flexibility and easy customization. If you need more storage, you can add a single shelf.

29. Bay Antique Brass Circle Wall Shelf

Bay Antique Brass Circle Wall Shelf

The furniture is a piece of art that suits any wall. The wood grain is lovely with a round shape antique brass finish; the construction is solidly made; storage space is enough to store items.

30. Suspend Ii Tall Bar Cabinet

Shelves Design For Living Room

The concept is a corner shelf that can precisely furnish any living room with a warm walnut veneer frame. It can stands tall on its own and with three cabinet doors to concealed storage.

The suspend II is Carrara-style white marble with a finishing touch of grey veining. Its iron base with black powder-coat finishes.

Best Shelf Design Ideas for Living Room | Conclusion

We’ve finally come to the end of the timeless shelves design for living rooms, and I hope this article guides you towards picking the ideal shelves design for your living room.

I recommend you take advantage of the Home Products HQ website to brush up on your knowledge about home designs especially if you’re new to fashion, hence, cannot make the right decision for the fancy style that suits your home.

Now I’d love to hear from you, what do you think about these shelf designs?

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