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Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener Review

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Are you searching for a knife sharpener that allows you to control the angle it puts on your blade?


…Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener. The Adjustable Edge Pro is the newest electric knife sharpener by Smith who is a known and respected name in the industry. In this Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro review, we’ll reveal to you all you need to know about this innovative knife sharpener.

This knife sharpener uses electric power and, to a great extent, minimizes the amount of time spent while sharpening a knife, even when compared to some other more robust sharpeners. Even though it comes at a bit higher price, the reliability and performance of this knife sharpening tool are quite remarkable and pleasing.

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro incorporates Smith’s interlocking wheel technology using both diamond materials and ceramic abrasive to boost the versatility of this knife sharpening tool significantly. Additionally, this increase in versatility makes it possible to sharpen everything, including kitchen knives and even the more thicker hunting knives, all using similar angle with the original factory edge.

That said, here’s smiths electric knife sharpener review and everything you need to know.

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Review | Features

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener


Most people consider this tool the best sharpener on the market because of its rich and unique features. It comes with an Inter-locking wheel technology both in diamond and ceramic abrasive materials, and also has an angle adjustable dial which makes it possible for you to sharpen everything from thicker hunting knives to thin kitchen knives at the same angle as the original factory edge. Just set the angle as you like and then, pull your blade through the slots. It’s that simple.

The interlocking sharpening wheel on the Smith’s adjustable edge pro provides fast and accurate sharpening of both sides of a blade equally simultaneously. They prevent the chances of damaging your blade and also reduce the amount of time needed to sharpen your knives.

After sharpening your blade, they also leave no burr on the cutting edge. The quality and sharpness of the cutting edge produced by these sharpening wheels are equal to, or in most cases, better than the blade’s factory edge.

However, the ceramic and diamond interlocking wheels on the smiths electric knife sharpener were created to keep a blade at multiple angles and also to provide a precision machined edge configuration. This Precision Machined Edge configuration offers the perfect combination of edge sharpness, retention, and performance. Other edge configurations are generally reliable in just one of these characteristics.

Furthermore, the interlocking wheels on the Smith’s adjustable edge pro were also meant to sharpen knives that are made of alloy, carbon, or stainless steel with a bevel on both sides of the blade.  These knives include: kitchen knives, custom knives, tactical knives, outdoors sports knives (i.e., hunting/fishing/camping knives), everyday pocket knives, etc.

Again, these interlocking wheels are not meant to sharpen knives that have a bevel on one side of the blade, serrated blades, or blades made of ceramic material.  However, serrated blades must be sharpened using the manual sharpening slot on the side of the unit in this device.  This slot features specially-shaped, crossed ceramic stones that are designed to follow the contour of large or small serrations.  The good thing is that the serrated blade sharpener folds into the housing of the unit when you’re not using it.

Another exciting thing about the smiths electric knife sharpener is that it comes with non-slip rubber feet which were designed to ensure secure and stable sharpening on all flat surfaces.  There is also a soft grip on the top of the unit to provide comfort while holding the unit in place.

Also, the easy to turn angle adjust dial on the top of the unit was meant to be oversized for ease of use and, it has a clearly numbered angles printed on the surface of the dial.  It also recommends the most common angle to use for Kitchen knives and Sports knives.

It will also interest you to know that this device has few things that are not good about it. One of such things is that it is expensive and secondary; it can hardly sharpen ceramic blades, curved blades or blades with a grind on one side.

Smiths Electric Knife Sharpener | Performance

Undeniably, what makes the Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro one of the most reliable and desirable electric knife sharpeners right now is its performance. It provides 2 sharpening stages that can be used to restore the perfect cutting edge on your cutlery, irrespective if you own straight or serrated blade knives. It also has a knob which you can easily turn to choose your desired resulting angle edge, making it possible to set the sharpening angle between 10 to 30 degrees.

Furthermore, another notable feature is the fact that it takes approximately one minute for it to fully restore blade sharpness on a very dull blade. Similarly, the procedure takes only about 10 seconds when resharpening. Speed is, therefore, one of the device’s strong points.

Apart from that, it can also be used on sporting or pocket knives, and it might interest you to know that it can equally sharpen household scissors. Therefore, there’s no limitation to the versatility of this sharpener — it has proving to be a complete device that’ll quickly restore your knives edges with little to no effort on your part.[/su_box]


Warranty and Support

The manufacturer offers a length 3-year warranty for the Adjustable Edge Pro. This is because the device is made with durable materials, and features quality abrasives — above all, enough attention was paid when producing it. Hence, the exciting span of the warranty does not come as a surprise at all.

Furthermore, because Smith’s Products is one of the most respected, and oldest, and hardworking brand to introduce such products, it’s pretty easy to understand why the warranty that comes with the sharpener is so long as it most likely won’t face any functioning problems anyway.

When you don’t know how to operate the sharpener, store it, or if you have any doubt, or need any assistance, you can contact the customer support team via the telephone number or the e-mail address boldly written on the manufacturer’s website. Aside from that, you can equally check the user manual that comes with it to see if you can see the information you’re looking for there.

In summary, below is a breakdown of some of the exciting features of the Smith’s adjustable edge pro.

  • It can sharpen both sides of the blade equally at the same time
  • It is versatile and safe enough to handle all types of knives
  • Interlocking sharpening wheels in both Diamond and Ceramic abrasive materials
  • It has an angle adjust dial which lets you sharpen any style of a knife at the same angle as the factory grind
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a simultaneous wheel adjustment
  • It has a rubber grip and non-skid feet
  • Does not require any special skill

Here’s video review of this excellent knife sharpener:


What We Like
  • Can easily sharpen household scissors
  • Sharpening angle can be set from 10 degrees to 30 degrees
  • Interlocking diamond wheels
  • Sharpens both blade sides simultaneously
  • Overlapping ceramic wheels
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit costly for some people


Smiths Electric Knife Sharpener Review | Conclusion

Even though we might have different tastes, budgets, and demands when it comes to knife sharpening, we’re all obviously aware that technological advancement provides us with insane benefits in the knife sharpening devices.

Also, Smith’s reputation for overall delivery of quality products plays a significant role in the assurance of a reliable device. This particular electric knife sharpening device introduces the best and easiest way to achieve the right factory sharpening angle on any knife, with fantastic assistance on the adjustments of the sharpening angles.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a durable and dependable electric knife sharpener, and you’re not much concerned about price, then the Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener is a great purchase. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for more information.

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