21 Staircase Lighting Ideas for Your Inspiration

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The majority of homes nowadays are upstairs. And your current house or the one you plan on acquiring is no exemption unless you’re living in the countryside.

Your stairway has been thoughtfully designed, constructed, and painted to suit your taste. The illumination is the next to be given attention, and that is why we’ve compiled these stunning staircase lighting ideas to give your staircase the true definition of beauty and style.

The stairway is generally seen as a functional element of a home. It doesn’t get enough attention as far as lighting is concerned.

Some install anything on the staircase and call it light just to overcome darkness so that someone doesn’t miss his step and trip. But much more than that is needed. The stairway should be given the opportunity to shine like an important feature of your home.

Though lighting the stairway has a functional purpose, thoughtful planning of staircase lighting will increase the general beauty of your house. Adding striking elements of lighting to that section will turn the already beautiful staircase and home to a theatrical marvel.

Why You Should Consider Staircase Lighting

There are lots of reasons why you should consider these lighting ideas for your staircase. Apart from emphasizing the stairway’s existence in a dramatic way, it will give you some extra satisfaction each time you climb your staircase upstairs or descend to the lower level of your house.

If you’re considering achieving such effect, this article highlights just 21 of numerous brilliant lighting ideas for a staircase that can inspire you and guide your thinking.

21 Staircase Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Here are some of the best staircase lighting ideas we found after carrying out lots of research on the topic. They should serve as a source of inspiration when next you’re looking for elegant lighting ideas for your staircase.

1. Manhattan Wall Washer

Manhattan Wall Washer

The Manhattan wall washer is an ingenious lighting idea. If you’re looking to add a more pronounced feature of architecture to the design of your stairway, this is the kind of lighting you will have on the staircase.

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This idea will leave you some space to use creatively. A subtle sculptural effect may be placed to enjoy the shine from the light on the stairs to give an extra dramatic effect. And as you can see in the picture, a black hippo is featured by the sculpture.

2. Wall Recessed Staircase Light

Wall Recessed Staircase Light

Here’s another lighting design idea that centers on installing the lighting on the stairway wall. The glowing lights from the wall housing the staircase focuses on each step of anyone using the area.

And it’s fantastic to behold how that light color brings to the fore the flooring design of the staircase. The staircase lighting here is a demonstration of the effect a matching light can have on the flooring design.

The lights in this image are set on the wall at a bit higher point but not so far to the staircase. The distance between each light is the same so that there can be an appropriate wash of light over the stairway.

3. Underside Recessed Staircase Light

Underside Recessed Staircase Light

If your staircase design is open riser, the underside recessed stair light can be right for you. As you can see here, the recessed lights are not allowed to showcase all their illuminating powers.

They’re concealed under each tread away from sight so that they will reflect just what will spruce up the staircase. And it will be hidden anytime the light is not on. But as soon as the light comes up, it produces stunning effects as the visitors are left to wonder where the lights are installed.

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4. Led Light Strips on Stairway

Led Light Strips on Stairway idea

This idea will be applauded by anyone who has an eye for beauty. It’s one of the most magnificent staircase lighting designs you should consider. It’s widely available. And the price is low in spite of its flexibility and practicability.

Another good side of it is that it’s easy to install. You can even do it yourself with a little guide. But to some, it may look too ordinary and may not rank in the top class of attractiveness.

5. Motion Sensor Led Lights

Motion Sensor Led Lights

This is adding sophistication and automation to the staircase lighting. This is introducing LED lights that can be turned on and off automatically by means motion only. If you’re thinking about reducing your budget for electricity, this is the lighting idea that can do that for you.

The light is off by default. It’s when someone is passing through the staircase that the motion sensor turns on the lights. And when no one is using the staircase, the lights go off. It makes everyone on the staircase a king or queen as your pathway is illuminated as you step into the stairway.

What an effect this will have on your power cost! Apart from that, you can install it yourself if you follow the guide. It also bestows some fun futuristic effect on your stairs. But the cost can be exorbitantly prohibitive.

6. Subtle and Chic Staircase Lights

Subtle and Chic Staircase Lights

The subtle and chic stairway lights are another inspiring staircase idea. How does it feel to be having shining stars on your staircase? Each of the lightings is having a cover that obstructs part of the light. So the remaining portion of the light that shines forth is star-like.

You can enjoy the beauty of this light if there are not too many accessories on the stairway wall. Otherwise, the dramatic effect of the light may be crowded out.

This light is efficient and straightforward and can be an excellent addition to any house. But you don’t try to install it if you’re not trained because the installation can be challenging.

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7. Four Rectangular Shape Stairway Lights

Four Rectangular Shape Stairway Lights

Lights in the rectangular casing can be stunning on the staircase. If the stairway is long, you may need as much as four lights as you can see in this image.

The yellow dim lighting adds not only illumination but also loveliness to the dark brown staircase. This idea is proof that not many lamps are needed to light up your staircase.

About four are okay for the 17 steps or thereabouts. This lighting is available and easily replaceable. It’s attractive and modern. However, there’s a big question on the durability. Additionally, it’s susceptible to damage.

8. Rectangular Light Adjacent Staircase

Rectangular Light Adjacent Staircase

There can’t be absoluteness about the number of lights that should be on the stairway. Another variation of rectangular lights has them on the adjacent staircase.

Four lamps would hardly be okay as you can see in the image here. If your house is designed like this, you’ll need up to six lamps on your stairway to have the stunning feel of a contemporary home.

9. Centerpiece Staircase Lights

Centerpiece Staircase Lights

This idea seems unimaginable. But it’s real. Lighting a spiral case like this with such a decorative fixture in the center is impressive. If you try to see how this lighting can fit into your spiral staircase, your stair is nothing less than a centerpiece of your house.

The lighting is a stunning decoration to the stairs. And central lighting situated in the middle of the spiral stairs is a big plus. However, it’s going to be super challenging to clean. And it won’t cost a little to purchase and install.

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10. Outdoors Staircase Lights

Outdoors Staircase Lights

The fantastic idea is to put some lightings dexterity on your outdoor staircase. Depending on the architectural design of your house, the outdoor staircase lighting may be all that you need to illuminate the exterior of the whole house.

As you can see here, the stair lights are installed in the middle of the steps, and they form an excellent layout of lightings.

To give the day for staircase light outside, switch off some of the main lightings. The downside is that it gets dirty and requires regular cleaning.

11. Decking and Pathway Staircase Lights

Decking and Pathway Staircase Lights

Still talking about outdoor staircase lighting idea, consider the decking and pathway. The design here may be an inspiration for you to light up your decking or pathway.

You may also adopt the same model to your indoor staircase. You’ll get the same sparkling stars on the edge of your decking on your way to your bedroom.

The brightness of the lightings doesn’t matter. You can set the outside light to be as dark as what you’ll have indoors.

12. Sky Loft Staircase Lights

Sky Loft Staircase Lights

The structural design of your home may favor lightings like sky loft lights on your staircase. If your design is aiming at the sky, the simple side lighting will be okay for you at the edge of the stairs.

It will complement the beauty already in the brick wall design. So the rustic sight reaches to the sky loft.

The pro here is that the stair light will increase visibility. But it’s tough to install.

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13. Brooklyn Lighting Stair Lights

Brooklyn Lighting Stair Lights

This is a multi-drop lighting pendant that you can try and feel great. If your house stairway is designed just like the one here, the Brooklyn lighting will be excellent on your staircase. And the pendant will light up your stairway to make everything appear natural.

This is design can be very inviting regardless of your wall paint color and the flooring design. But the cleaning can be tasking. It can be costly to maintain, especially when a bulb replacement is needed.

14. Indoor Lighting Under Staircase Handrail

Indoor Lighting Under Staircase Handrail

If your indoor staircase has rails on both sides, installing the lightings under the rails may be another exotic idea. It could be lights on the wall or the rails depending on the design of the stair.

The natural color of the flooring and wall will come out if the area is a bit darker. Though white lights are portrayed here, any other color goes.

15. Stripped Staircase Lighting Ideas

Stripped Staircase Lighting Ideas

If your staircase design is not the common straight run stairs, you can borrow a leaf from the idea of stripped staircase lighting here.

You will need as many lights as the turns on the shape of your staircase. There are L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral, and winder staircases.

Some even use different colors of lighting on the same stairway to match the lightings on the adjoining areas of the house. These lightings are not too costly and can be installed on DIY bases. But maintenance may not be easy to carry out.

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16. Nautical Staircase Lighting Ideas

Nautical Staircase Lighting Ideas

What this idea emphasizes is creating fitting lighting for a staircase that is carpeted. The lighting should be installed so close to the carpet such that the texture and beauty of the carpet will be apparent.

This is common to the nautical house style where rugs are usually a part of the stairway. Just as it in the image here, you need to choose the lighting color that is supportive of the carpet color.

17. Stairway Lightings Under the Staircase

Stairway Lightings Under the Staircase

This is another carefully-planned lighting style for the staircase. While the lighting in the living room may already be covering the whole area, the staircase light comes explicitly from under the staircase.

The beauty of this can be seen on occasions when you desire some darkness in your living space but need just the light to take you through the stairway.

To make the color stand out, you need to take into account the colors and designs of the staircase, the stairway wall, and the main lighting of the area.

18. Lighting on the Staircase Steps

Lighting on the Staircase Steps

What about having the lighting installed right on the steps? This creates glamorous lighting from below upward. While the steps become shiny, the entire stretch of the staircase radiates this lighting.

19. Slender Lighting on the Staircase Steps

Slender Lighting on the Staircase Steps

Another creative way of having lightings directly on the staircase steps is installing slender lightings. These lightings may be on every other step for a pointed beauty and to give more rooms. Chances of blocking, hitting, or even stepping on the lighting are reduced.

20. Lighting Reflecting Under the Stairway

Lighting Reflecting Under the Stairway

For those who don’t want anything too bright on their stairway, this is an idea. The lighting illuminates that part of the U-Shaped staircase adjoining the living room under the staircase while the other section enjoys part of the illumination from upstairs. All that’s needed to light the staircase is the reflection.

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21. Multiple Lights Under Stairway Steps

Multiple Lights Under Stairway Steps

It won’t be out of the place to splash multiple energy-saving lights on the staircase. This will produce a party-like sensation. It radiates all ways if you don’t install them directly on the step but by the tread.

Staircase Lighting Options | Conclusion

From the 21 staircase lighting ideas above, you must have been inspired to come up with something extraordinary. You surely can now think of hundreds of lighting ideas for your staircase now by adding twists and variations to the exciting lighting staircase ideas here.

Now, we’ll also love to know if there’s any other lighting idea for a staircase that we didn’t mention here, we’ll love to learn from your own choices.

And if you enjoyed the post, please, kindly tweet and share it with your friends.

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