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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Crib For Your Baby

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Do you care to know why you need a crib for your baby? Read on!

For the fact that a newborn baby is likely to spend more time asleep than awake, finding, a soft, cozy place for them to sleep can feel like a minefield.

Typically, an infant will sleep for around 16 hours in any 24 hours period. This sleep is usually taken in 3 to 4-hour blocks of time throughout the day and night.

By the age of 4 months, a baby should be settling into a routine which will include around 14 hours sleep in any 24 hour period, much of which will be taken at night-time. Even toddlers and children up to the age of 3 years will require a daytime nap.

You may well find yourself asking, so, where will my child sleep?

Well, that is why we wrote this article. Just take your time and read through our seven questions and answers on why you need a crib for your baby, and I’m sure you will find an answer to your question.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Crib For Your Baby

Below, you will find the few reasons why we think you should get a good crib for your newborn. Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section after reading the post.

1. Surely my baby can sleep in a bassinet for the first few weeks?

Of course, the answer is definitely yes. Many babies like to do this as they generally prefer to sleep in smaller spaces because it helps them to feel secure.

However, children outgrow bassinets quite quickly and will need a larger sleep area by the age of around 4 to 6 months. A crib will give them just that option.

However, the choice of cribs is enormous in the market; you can have a look at the selection here.

 2. So why do I need a crib when my baby is so small?

Although it’s not strictly necessary to purchase a crib for the first few months of your baby’s life. But, many parents prefer to buy and set up the crib before their baby arrives.

There’s so much going on, welcoming a new member to the family is not easy hence, the reason why you get prepared ahead of time, especially in the first few months of pregnancy. This will give parents lots of time to decide on which crib they want, have it delivered and set it all up.

 3. Does this mean the crib will just sit there empty until my baby is 4 months old?

Not really, many parents put their kids to sleep in their bassinets inside the crib until they are old enough to move to the crib itself.

This approach is said to introduce the baby to the crib right from day one. It will make it easier for them when it comes to sleeping in the crib full-time.

Furthermore, It will also make life easier for the parents of the baby. Once the child becomes familiar with its surroundings, he’s more likely to sleep soundly when spending his first few nights out of the bassinet, and this means a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

 4. I know that I want to co-sleep with my baby, I don’t need a crib

Co-sleeping is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn baby; however safety experts have identified risks when parents co-sleep. You can find out more by visiting the Kids Health website.

Many parents who support the idea of co-sleeping with their baby but are worried about the risks now purchase a crib with a drop-side or a convertible crib where one side can be removed completely.

The crib is pulled up close to the parent’s bed so that the baby can sleep alongside his parents in comfort and safety.

 5. Cribs are really expensive, are there any other options?

Buying a baby crib can seem like a big outlay of money. However, it is the safest and best choice for your precious newborn. Of course, as with everything, you can find cribs for every budget, from very expensive cribs.

A good example is the Oeuf Crib which is constructed from solid wood and converts to a toddler bed, to a more budget option such as the Dream On Me Classic convertible crib which is a beautifully crafted crib, available for a little over $100.

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Even an affordable crib can be enhanced easily by purchasing a slightly more expensive mattress such as this example from Naturepedic.

 6. My baby’s nursery is really small, I’m not sure a crib will fit alongside all the other furniture

The beauty of a baby crib is that there are so many models available, you are sure to find one which will fit into even the most confined space. Many modern cribs now come with clever space-saving solutions.

For example, the Athena Daphne crib is not only convertible from a crib up to a junior bed but features a storage unit and a changing table. This single piece of furniture will see your child from babyhood, through the toddler phase and beyond.

 7. What about safety?

Safety is, of course, critical when looking for a baby crib. As long as you are purchasing a new model, regulations insist that baby cribs must conform to rigorous testing and very high safety standards. The Million Dollar Baby Ashbury Convertible Crib, for example, conforms to JPMA standards and has a non-toxic coating to enhance its good looks.

You may choose to reuse a crib which has been in the family for a long time or has been gifted to you by a friend. It’s great to recycle furniture in this way; however, it is highly recommended that a thorough inspection is carried out once the crib is assembled.

Check all fixtures to make sure they are secure and do not protrude. If the crib is over 10-years old, the finish should be tested to ensure it is non-toxic. If there are any doubts what-so-ever, over safety, the crib should not be used.

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Similarly, It is absolutely critical, should you opt to use a second-hand crib, that a new mattress is purchased. Re-using an old mattress has serious safety implications, even if it was used for another child in the same family only six months ago.

New mattresses are simple to buy, and the choice is large. If money is tight, a simple foam mattress with a breathable and waterproof covering is perfectly acceptable. The LA Baby mattress is a great example.


When considering the items, you will need to buy for a new arrival to the family; a crib must surely come high on the list. With so many types, styles and budgets to choose from, we are sure you will have lots of fun shopping for the perfect crib for your baby.

If you have any questions regards this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask us via the comment section.

Also, do not forget to share this post with your friends, you might be helping someone.

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